Three Mississippi women graced the Chart Room last night.

I walked in to find them sitting at the bar. They had arrived in Key West a couple of hours earlier.

John and I chatted with them. They were interested in where to go, what to do, etc. Three charming people readying themselves for a ladies night out that would last several days.

Sibyl the only one still working. A school teacher. Resides in Madison. Mother of 2 sons.

Jan and TA retired.

Jan from Brandon. Formerly worked with the telephone company. Mother of a daughter.

TA’s career as a social worker. Lives in Brook Haven. Mother of two boys.

First time staying at the Pier House. First time in Key West.

Their energies were up. Anxious to discover Key West.

Jimmy Buffett always comes into a conversation with tourists who visit the Chart Room. I was not aware that Jimmy Buffett had a Mississippi connection. He attended the University of Southern Mississippi.

The ladies were interested in good music. John and I suggested Smokin’ Tuna, Sloppy Joe’s and Irish Kevin’s.

They had a specific interest…..The Blues. Mississippi Blues. The ladies die hard fans.

They had done their home work. Read up on Key West before making the trip. They already were aware of some spots they wanted to hit.

Sibyl and I had a brief discussion re Mississippi being one of the 4 states with low vaccination numbers. Sibyl saw the blacks as the problem. They refused to be vaccinated. Feared the vaccine for a number of reasons.

Sibyl was proud to have been vaccinated. One of the first. Better safe than sorry.

Enjoy ladies!

One of the ocean’s most beloved creatures are manatees. They frequent Keys waters. Many spotted in Key West. Generally at a boat dock drinking fresh water from a hose someone is holding to their mouths. People rubbing their backs as they drink.

A recent study revealed manatees are dying in record numbers. More than at any other time in Florida’s recorded history. Primarily from starvation due to a loss of seagrass beds. A record number died in the first six months of this year. Eight hundred forty one.

Scientists believe there is a second cause of their deaths, also. Boat strikes. Manatees swim into marinas knowing humans will give them fresh water. Unfortunately, the manatees come into contact with moving boat propellers.

Many of Lincoln’s words were pearls of wisdom. Some befitting not only his time, but also the future. The following especially fitting today: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

We are in those destructive days. May we save the nation before it is too late.

A big day for the perpetrator/leader of our problems. Yesterday, Trump was interviewed by FOX New. Later in the day, he addressed the CPAC meeting in Dallas.

His words generally not comforting. Assuming you are not blind and can see what has been and is happening.

In the interview, Trump repeated there were a “million” people present who supported him on January 6. He added, you could feel “love” in the air.

I did not see the million or sense the love he referred to on TV that day or since.

Some interesting statements by Trump at the CPAC rally itself.

“I’ll never stop fighting for you.” When did he start? He only fights for himself.

He chidded the press for stating there was no “widespread evidence of election fraud.” Why then did judges in 62 separate cases throw out election fraud lawsuits?

Trump accused the “radical left” of cheating. What cheating? He who is without sin should cast the first stone.

Trump called the 2020 election “a disgrace to our nation.” Incorrect. It was Trump who was a disgrace in the 2020 election, not the election itself.

He and his lying arousing statement that the election was “rigged” and “stolen” from him was the issue that dominated part of his speech.

Trump is a believer in the Hitler/Goebbels’ line to the effect that if a lie is repeated over and over, the people will eventually believe it. Trump keeps repeating and repeating ad naseum: “There are now two sets of laws in this country – one for the left…..the rioters and rampagers. ….and another set…..for law abiding conservative Americans who happen to be Republicans, who simply want to speak their minds and exercise their rights to talk about the election.”

I wonder what Trump would be talking about today were it not for he and his followers made up claims concerning the election?

Coronavirus is on the rise in 42 states. Dr. Fauci says it’s “horrifying” to see people cheer lack of vaccinations.”

America owes a debt of gratitude to Richard Bronson and his successful flight to the edge of outer space yesterday. America will owe a similar debt of gratitude to Jeff Bezos next week when he rides a rocket space ship to the heavens.

Both of these men are zillionaires. No one compels them to spend huge sums of money to do these things. They do it because they want to and for the fun of it.

There is a third element involved. It has been some 50 years since America’s first flight into space. Man must continue the flights. Wonders are out there awaiting man’s discovery. The government does not have the type of money to put such programs forth in this day and age. Bronson and Bezos do and are willing to spend a part of their monies for a good cause.  They are to be congratulated. The men are patriots.

Enjoy your day!






  1. If you are from Mississippi and there is some kind of problem, any problem, it is always “the blacks” that are causing ‘the’ problem.

    At the CPAC convention in Texas over the weekend, they cheered when ever there was an “Anti-Vaccine” remark. And you know there was not a lot of “the” blacks around at that convention to do any cheering for anything!

  2. Reports are now showing that almost all recent deaths from Covid are with people who have NOT been vaccinated.

    It is also being reported that the hot spots are places like Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, and other southern “red” states.

    What is a matter with these people?

    Well, OK then.

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