I have been writing and saying from day one that Trump’s lawyers could not be doing what they were in court: Lying, making things up. Not the way the judicial system operates.

Sanctions could be imposed. Big dollar ones. My estimate as much as $100,000 to $500,000. To be paid by the attorneys themselves for doing what they were not supposed to doing. Disbarment a possibility also.

Many of the cases were in federal court. I admonished never piss off a federal district court judge. The most powerful person in the legal system.

The Kraken case took place in Detroit in Federal Court. Sidney Powell and a number of attorneys represented Trump in a fraudulent ballot case. The judge Linda Parker.

She threw Trump’s case out of court. Yesterday was the day of reckoning for the attorneys. Sanction, etc. hearings.

The attorneys were skewered by Judge Parker for making “fantastical” allegations of election fraud “in bad faith” and failing to do the most basic due diligence.

The open court hearing took 6 hours. Everyone shouting. The court reporter had to stop the attorneys. She could not get it all down.

The attorneys seeking the sanctions were those representing Detroit and Michigan. The attorney for Detroit said, “Imperiling democracy by perpetuating lies about the 2020 Presidential election warrants substantial punishment.”

The hearing not concluded. No question in my mind that most if not all of the attorneys will be severely punished by Judge Parker. Their licenses to practice law are in danger in addition to large payment sanctions.

Turmoil in the Texas legislature. Republicans who control intended to pass negative voting laws. A quorum required in order to do so.  In this instance, a certain number of legislators before a vote could be taken. Fewer required to pass the legislation.

The Democratic minority were needed to effect the quorum. Two weeks ago, they walked out before the vote could be taken. Ergo, no quorum.

The situation arose again.

The alternative yesterday was for them to leave the State. Go into hiding in effect. The reason being the Governor had the power to have them arrested and appear in the legislative chamber in order to have a quorum.

Sixty of sixty seven Democrat representatives flew on 2 charted planes to Washington, D.C. They intend to remain in Washington till the Governor’s power to call a new legislature had ended.

A question exists whether the Texas Rangers can travel to Washington, arrest the representatives there, and return them in custody to Texas.

The Texas situation is clear evidence that the Democrats and Republicans continue not being able to get along. I fear in due course these “election wars” can turn from vocal to physical. Actual fighting a probability rather than possibility.

What the Texas Democrats have done in legalese “break quorum.”

Not the first time “break quorum”has occurred in the U.S. There have been 10 noteworthy legislative walkouts since 1924.  The 1924 one in Rhode Island. Additionally, Oregon 2001, Texas 2003, Wisconsin 2011, Indiana 2011, Oregon 2019, 220 and 2021.

Note Oregon has experienced legislative walkouts 4 times.

January 6 was the radical right using force in their attack on the Capitol. There have been other examples in recent times.

Force must be met with force. The only solution. Negotiation will not dissuade the rabble in any way. They want to take over and control the U.S. government. The government must hit and destroy the terrorists groups before they accomplish the same result on existing government.

When the fray began, Trump led the groups. I believe the terrorist groups now lead Trump. They make him think he is charge when in reality they are the bosses.

At some point, Trump will be useless to them. He will be dropped like a hot potato.

The use of force has generally been successful against significant demonstrators and protesters inn the U.S. and elsewhere.

General MacArthur on horse with a large detachment of U.S. Army troops behind him attacked World War I veterans who were demonstrating in Washington, D.C., 7/28/32. MacArthur attacked them, burned down their tents and beat up the veterans. Veterans who were destitute because of the depression and wanted the payment of their “service bonuses” accelerated.

Time Magazine referred to the occurrence as the “Battle of Washington.”

Whatever, a superior force put down and drove away with use of excessive force the veterans.

Hungary 1956. Demonstrations turned into revolution. The event covered several days: 10/23/56 – 11/10/56.

Hungarians were merely aggravating the Russians at the beginning. Throwing stones and beer bottles at Russian troops. Then some one began shooting.  The situation accelerated, became serious. The Russians did not screw around. They sent the tanks in. The revolution ended.

Superior force again won the day.

Tienanmen Square in China another example. The time the night of 6/3/89 – 6/4/89.

The demonstrations were large. Never ending. The government saw it could possibly be toppled. It sent troops into central Beijing. The demonstrations in short course ended.

The use of force once again resulting in success/victory.

Iran a similar situation in 2019. Iran put down the massive crowds with excessive use of force.

The past several years have brought many demonstrations and protests throughout the U.S. The U.S. government never saw fit to using force in a powerful fashion. Ergo, the demonstrators/protesters never lost. Most certainly, the government never won.

Force! Force! Force! Do it. Get it done. While the U.S. is sitting on its ass, terrorists groups are gaining strength in membership, training and money.

I believe we are not dug in enough. Force must be met with superior force.

A profound Comment in the Comment Section of today’s Key West Lou blog: “Our lawmakers should be chosen by the voters and not the other way around.”

Tuesday again. My blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me at 9 my time. A lot to talk about and analyze this week. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

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  1. Weren’t the attorneys skewered by Judge Parker for “making “fantastical” allegations of election fraud “in bad faith” and failing to do the most basic due diligence” those same attorneys that several republicans claimed on your very blog, were “tough as nails” and very “smart” and not to be “messed with?”

    Didn’t that quack who called himself “Sandy Feet” actually say that if they were after him that he’d “flee to Russia?”

    Boy, republicans aren’t very smart are they!

  2. The Texas situation is clear evidence that the Democrats and Republicans continue not being able to get along.

    Trump is pleased, his four year effort is bearing fruit.

  3. If the situation on Jan 6 had been reversed, Trump would have demanded that the police open fire into the mob and the rest of the GOP would have backed him.

  4. The Texas Democrats are the pinnacle of hypocrisy. They are in effect filibustering while going to DC to protest the US senate use of filibuster. Ironic huh?.

    • Don Surber is a 1st Clazs Yellow journalist who wouldn’t (couldn’t?) tell the truth if his life depended in it!

      He runs his own blog which should be labeled TWIST AND SHOUT.

      He has a nasty habit of posting Bull Sh*t on this blog and often highjacks other peoples names and ideas.

      Don used to have a job with a newspaper in West Virginia, where instead of doing anything of value, wrote a right wing blog which he managed to fuk up so bad he got fired. He of all people has the gaul to lecture everybody else on he subject of hate.

      Apparently Don isn’t satisfied enough with preaching to the wacko choir and feels it’s amusing to invade decent people’s space with his dishonest garbage.

      FO you creep!

      • Well, the facts of the hypocrisy are hard to defend, hence your resulting to the hate and racist tantrum. Grab a drink will ya?

        • No Surber, you have had things so twisted for so long you have ZERO credibility among humans. I made no attempt to defend anything, if you read my post I was exposing your ineptness about honesty and truthfulness. You proved that by accusing me of something I didn’t even address.

          YOU have no business lecturing me or anyone else about HATE or HYPOCRISY. You couldn’t even keep a cushie job writing a right wing blog for a write wing newspaper, because of “hate speech.”

          Let me be clear – You are morally dishonest and without value to a decent society.

          Go back to bothering the gullible fools who will put up with your falsehoods and lies. Leave us alone.

        • OMG does this right wing freak really want to talk about DEMOCRAT hypocrisy ????

          Does he realize he is the emperor without any clothes?

  5. Trump lawyer told Detroit judge that it is ok for lawyers to lie in court. Did he just admit that they were lying about the election?

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