I have suffered pangs of guilt the past 24 hours.

I complain when Key West temperatures fall into the 60s and sometimes 50s. Long pants,  a sweater, etc. The heat turned on.

Yesterday, it was minus 28 degrees in my home town, Utica. Really cold!

Complain less, Louis.

I recall Utica winters. Horrendous. I miss them not at all.

There seemed to be a common occurrence during a minus day/night. The boiler or oil burner would break down. Seemed like everyone’s did at the same time. Meant a waiting period before heat was restored.

Good luck, Utica! Thaw out soon!

I wrote this week’s KONK Life column yesterday. It publishes wednesday. The title: Mightiest Pirate In the World…..A Woman. The Chinese lady Cheng I Sao.

I had researched the column saturday. Took me less than three hours. An unusually short time. The actual writing yesterday took me six hours.  An unusually long time.

I thought I was going to knock the column out in no time since the research had been less than normal. Obviously was not so. I suspect the reason was the more than normal detail and the many Chinese names. Whatever, it took forever.

You will enjoy the final product.

Valentine dinner last night at Hot Tin Roof. Fortunately, I made a reservation. My usual table was waiting for me in the bar area. A mob waiting for tables. Never saw so many people in the bar area.

Manager Joseph congenial through out it all. Accommodated every one with a smile.

Syracuse basketball yesterday afternoon. Syracuse beat Boston College 75-61. The victory expected. Never know, however.

The game was not televised in the Keys. A disappointment. Fortunate, also. It gave me two extra hours to work on the KONK column. Two hours I did not know I would need.

Today a significant one in U.S. and Key West history. The Battleship Maine blew up in Havana Harbor. Precipitated the Spanish-American War. Many of the Maine sailors killed rest in the Key West Cemetery.

Enjoy your day!

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