Antonin Scalia died yesterday. A Supreme Court jurist who did much to mold the thinking of the Court. In the wrong direction.

I never agreed with his manner of interpreting the Constitution. Nor other instruments such as the Federalist Papers that he relied on.

Never the less, Scalia succeeded over a period of thirty years in changing the Court’s thinking. Assuming a more liberal replacement, it will take another thirty years to undo the negative impact of Scalia’s decisions.

What is ahead?

Obama as President will nominate Scalia’s replacement. The Senate then comes into play. The Senate has the right to advise and consent to the nomination. Obama’s candidate will first have to get through the Republican controlled Judiciary Committee. Then receive a majority vote of the entire Senate.

The Senate situation creates a difficulty. It is Republican controlled.

The year ahead will be interesting.

My choice would be Joe Biden. Prior to becoming V ice-President, he was a U.S. Senator for thirty some odd years. Chairman at one time of the Judiciary Committee. He made friends on both sides of the aisle. An individual some Republicans would vote for.

Last night’s Republican debate a disgrace. As have been the previous ones. The candidates fight like mad dogs. With the exception of Kasich. Do we want one of the combatants as President?

Remember, crazy people do crazy things.

Happy Valentine’s Day! A day for lovers. Enjoy.

Was out on Duval yesterday at three. Stopped at Viva, the new bar. Nothing special. A drinking place.

Did Martin’s happy hour. A good deal. Atmosphere perfect. Food terrific. I enjoyed tiny lamb chops, brie and calamari.

Then to Louie’s Backyard. The perfect time of day to sit on the outside deck and watch the setting sun..

Syracuse plays Boston College at 1. Syracuse should win. An 11 point favorite. Boston College is having a bad year.

I completed the research for this week’s KONK Life column yesterday. I will write the column today. I am not sure of the title as yet. It will be the story of one of the fiercest pirates of all time. Cheng I Sao. A woman.

Theodore Roosevelt was a great man. One of our best President’s. He accomplished much in his lifetime. Always a smile on his face. A happy camper.

Not on February 14, 1884. His wife and mother died the same day. It took him several years to overcome the impact.

His mother died of typhoid. His wife of a kidney ailment.

Enjoy your Sunday! Enjoy St. Valentine’s Day!

6 comments on “ANTONIN SCALIA

  1. I hope that the R’s in the Senate prevent BHO44 from nominating a third LIBERAL LEFTIST judge to SCOTUS.

    I would be in favor of a Constitutional amendment to allow each President nominate one justice. It could bump the oldest if a vacancy doesn’t appear naturally.

  2. Antonin Scalia was a good jurist, most of his decisions correct. I can only imagine who obama will try and nominate.

    TR was a great man and maybe a good president. He was a Roosevelt through and through, so, he was no republican. He was quite the S.P. long before there was such a term.

  3. A couple of comments for today.

    First… I am a lover so I intend to make it a very, very good day, thank you very much.

    Next, the debates: the newest plank in the Republican platform will be the “Liar-Liar-Pants on Fire” plank.

    Next… I’ve heard a lot of talk (from Republicans) about President Obama shouldn’t nominate a successor to Scalia. Hummm… should a president in his last year not be able to nominate… perhaps we should make it the last 18 months… or maybe 2 years… or 3… or from the inauguration. Or if you are a Republican a Democratic president should never nominate. In this case, I’m afraid the Republicans will block any nomination. As it is, I’m hoping the leading Republican candidates don’t win. What would they do about the nomination if they don’t win the Presidency but still control the Senate? (I do still consider myself a Republican, but these folks are nuts. Hummmm… Kokomo Man for President)

    Last… more stuff on Pirates… arrrrgggggg. While they are indeed criminals, most have an interesting story.

    Your friend,

    Kokomo Man

  4. I’m up in syracuse for a funeral. It was 20 below yesterday. Decided to check into Lou’s column and take the bait on the Supreme Court. Scalia was one of the most brilliant legal minds of the 20th and 21st century. He was a great man, patriot and protector of the Constitution.

    Now back in July 2007, a year and a half before George Bush left office, NY Senator Charles E Schumer, a powerful member of the Democratic leadership, said the Senate should not confirm another U.S. Supreme Court nominee under President Bush ” except in extraordinary circumstances”.

    It would seem, then, that this is a settled matter. In fact, the “Schumer Rule”states that a president of the opposite party shall not get a Supreme Court nominee in his last two years in office.

    Of course Obama is going to nominate a left wing ideologue anyway, and he should it’s his right, but it’ll never get thru the Senate. Can you liberals say Robert Bork?


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