What could be better! An evening with Mike and Don. Drinks with Mike at the Chart Room. Dinner with Don at Hot Tin Roof.

I stopped into the Chart Room first last night. Mike of Mike and Tina fame was seated at the bar. A friend. He and Tina are starting to feel like family. We had an enjoyable time talking about everything. Everything includes parts of our Italian ancestry. Tina included in the stories. She is of Italian extraction, also.

I like Tina more than Mike. Who would not! The lovely lady is in Washington working on a special project. She returns to Key West tonight or tomorrow for the weekend. Then back to Washington.

Mike’s friend Nick Pontecorvo arrived. Mike is a pilot and co-owner of Key West Seaplanes. A cool job! Flies seaplanes all over Florida and occasionally into Georgia. His company has 4 seaplanes going soon to 5.

Nick occasionally pilots a party on a seaplane to Little Palm Island for lunch or dinner. What a way to travel to one of the world’s most exotic places!

After the Chart Room, I stopped in Don’s Place. Don was at the bar with John. Don and I chatted a while. Don said he was hungry and wanted to eat. Unusual for Don. He never eats!

I took him over to Hot Tin Roof. Don was the usual cheap date. A couple of drinks, a shrimp appetizer, and he was full.

Don is one of the best people in Key West. Friend to all. I am pleased to know him.

I spent the afternoon writing next week’s KONK Life COMMENTARY column. Titled it: Obama and Putin. An interesting piece.

Bocce tonight. Always a fun time. Hope we win.

This morning’s Key West Citizen has a front page picture of Stan Ellsworth. Stan is the host/star of the television show American Ride. He’s the guy who rides the Harley. Stan was in Key West yesterday filming his show at the Hemingway House.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Why would a pilot refrain from drinking. Most pilots I know are drinkers. I know because I are one, of both activities/professions. [ smiley face]

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