Jack Smith is a fast moving dynamo. Appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland as Special Counsel re two criminal matters the Department of Justice was investigating. The January 6 insurrection and the mishandling of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.

The final decision to prosecute lies not with Smith, however. Under the rules of the DOJ, Smith recommends to the Attorney General. It is Garland’s decision in the final analysis whether to indict.

Garland the wrong man to make that decision. He is not mentally equipped to make the decision from a prosecutorial point of view. His speed is that of a tortoise. His mind that of a long time Washington figure.

Garland does not understand the role his job entails. On a practical basis, his prosecutorial judgment is corrupted.

I have written several times re Garland as a prosecutor, his inability to do the job properly, etc. Two are repeated here. They express my concern right on.

The first set forth was published 9/8/21 and titled Is Merrick Garland Up To The Job? Incorporated in that blog is the first blog I wrote concerning Garland’s competency 4 months earlier on 5/13/21 as part of Morning Stew #48.

My concerns have not changed.

Merrick Garland has had a distinguished career. First as the lead investigator in securing the conviction of the Oklahoma City bomber 25 years ago. Followed by 20 years as a federal appellate judge.

Now he is Attorney General. Only a few months. Time waits for no man, however. As Biden’s plate is full, so is Garland’s.

He has to move his ass. He is working too slowly. His decision making is that of a judge. Deliberate and analytical. Yes or no must be answered with clarity when a judge. A prosecutor has more leeway.

Three things are not getting the attention they deserve. Some the Justice Department not even involved in, though they should be. The three are the new Texas voting law, the new Texas abortion law, and the January 6 investigation.

The January 6 investigation needs the power of the FBI in directing the investigation, issuing subpoenas, etc. Not to say the House will not do a good job. However the House can be played with politically during the course of its investigation. The FBI not.

Subpoenas would have already been issued. Doors knocked on at 5 in the morning with court orders for records, etc.

Speed is demanded in the three matters specified. Perhaps in others also.

I had a concern when Biden nominated Garland to be Attorney General. I shared it in my blog titled Morning Stew #48 published May 13, 2021. The comment short. I repeat it in its entirety. My concern today similar as back then.

“Merrick Garland was confirmed by the Senate Judiciary Committee this past week for the position of Attorney General. The Senate will confirm him, if it has not already done so.

Garland has been touted as ‘best’ for the job for two reasons.

First, he headed the Oklahoma investigation 25 years ago. Second, he has been a respected federal judge for more than 20 years.

Both experiences qualifying on their faces. However, I question such.

Twenty five years is a long time ago. No one can tell whether he is as good investigating wise today as he was then. A good judge does not necessarily make a good prosecutor. Especially after 20 years as a judge. The mind changes. In some instances, the drive also.

I hope Garland does well and I wish him well. However, he causes me concern.”

It would be a shame if Trump were not called upon to answer for his sins. No person is above the law. Not even a former President.



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