God bless Lynda Frechette!

Jimmy Olson complimented Lynda in a lengthy column in this week’s Key West Weekly: 2023 Aqua Idol Raises More Than $50K For Waterfront Playhouse.

Lynda has been organizing and running Aqua Idol for years. No easy task.

I knew she was successful. I did not know to what extent, however. This year $54,380.

Key West is fortunate Lynda and Bob opted to settle here many years ago.

You are the best!

House Republicans have failed thus far. Though in control of the House, they have accomplished nothing. In Shakespeare’s words, they are “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Washington columnist Dana Milbank wrote a combined humorous and sad column today titled: Finally, Republicans Tackle The No. 1 Issue in Washington.

The item she zeroed in on and some others mentioned. Note each is what Republican House members have been arguing.

The biggest is decriminalization of public urination in Washington, D.C. The City has created a Criminal Code Revision Committee. The Committee wants to reduce public urination from a crime to a civil violation. House Republicans are opposed.

Much time has been spent by House Republicans on what is now being referred to as the Great Public Piss Debate of 2023.

At the same time, House Republicans have decided the near daily mass shootings in the U.S. are not to be handled by them. Their position “we’re not gonna fix it.” Peeing on the streets apparently is more important than children being killed in schools.

House Republicans also held 3 hearings on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Additionally important to them, a “crisis” hearing re the “threat” of an invasion by Canada.

Important matters the House Republicans have failed to effectively address include legislation on the border and drafting a budget.

Query: Are Congressional Republicans f–ked up? Only way to describe how they’re running the House.

Biden is in Ireland for four days. Home of his ancestry. All news reports are he is happy to be there and is enjoying his ancestorial visit.

Good for him!

Pete Rose is 82 years old today. 

It is time to reverse his ejection from all things involving professional baseball. He has paid his dues. Time for him to be accepted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

One of the saddest days in American history. On this day in 1865, Abraham Lincoln was shot and mortally wounded.

Another sad event occurred on this day. The year 1912.

The British liner Titanic struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic. Within 2 hours 40 minutes the ship sunk. Loss of lives 1,514.

The Blue Angels. Their air spectacular saturday and sunday. They began practicing yesterday (thursday). Flew over the golf course several times. I was on my porch. They came over low. So close, I thought I could reach up and touch them. I was speaking with my neighbor Connie at the time. Impossible to hear each other when they swept over. 

I understand they flew sky high over Duval. Not on Stock Island. Almost rooftop high. Exciting!

An increasing comment by locals appeared in the Citizens’ Voice this morning. Intimating a feeling expressed by many long term locals: “We bought our house in Old Town 24 years ago. Recently we seem to like the vibe in town less and less. We just shopped for homes in Old San Juan and it feels so better just walking around town. Might be time for a change.”

Enjoy your day!




  1. I agree with you Lou, Republicans just don’t govern.

    But I disagree with you that they have accomplished nothing. Unlike Democrats, who govern for the benefit of the people, Republicans operate for the benefit of themselves. To that end they are doing fine and time will show how what they have allowed (or repressed) will enrich them personally or get them reelected. The American system and the ordinary American people be damned.

    Americans deserve better leadership and less play acting and nonsense

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