In recent days, it has been revealed that Supreme Court Justice Thomas and his wife have received free trips over the years from his “friend” Harlan Crow. A jet/super yacht trip to Indonesia costing $500,000 one of the trips. It has also recently come to light that in 2009, Crow provided $500,000 to the political advocacy group Liberty Control founded by Ginni Thomas.

Crow might be described as a “collector” of sorts. He collects judges, politicians, and as recently revealed also Nazi memorabilia.

Bess Levin published an article 4/10/23 in Vanity Fair titled: Clarence Thomas Curiously Silent About His Vacation Buddy’s Nazi Fetish. The article spelled out Crow’s “thing” for collecting Nazi memorabilia. Included are 2 paintings by Hitler, a copy of Mein Kampf signed by Hitler, and a roomful of other items. The article also stated Crow has garden statues of Lenin, Stalin and various other persons of questionable character.

Levin published an article the next day 4/11/23 involving Alvin Bragg and Jim Jordan: Alvin Bragg’s Office Tells Jim Jordan to Take a Road Trip to Ohio If He Wants to Talk About Violent Crime. 

Levin wrote re Jordan’s planned stunt event scheduled for next week: “In the most polite manner, they’ve told the lawmaker from Ohio that he can start his hearing where the sun don’t shine.”

Later yesterday, Bragg initiated a lawsuit to compel Jordan to cease and desist his “intimidation” attempts.

The Tennessee House of Representatives is proving the ancient axiom that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

House Speaker Cameron Sexton may feel the wrath of his actions in leading the fight in removing black Representatives Jones and Pearson. It has been discovered and revealed that Sexton may not live in the district he is representing. He and his family live in Nashville, a 2 hour drive from his purported district Crosville home. The Crosville residence is a small condo. One he has not paid taxes on in 2 years.

Proving what goes around comes around.

Needless to say, there are Washington Senators and Representatives that are whacks. Those who talk without thinking.

Two examples.

Texas Senator Cruz. He has introduced a new bill: Securing Our Children’s Schools Act. On March 30, he spoke on the Senate floor in support of his bill. One item was to have armed police or guards in schools. He advised that banks have armed police officers/guards and no shootings take place. His message simple. More armed guards in schools, as in banks, and shooters will not dare attempt anything.

A few days later, the Nashville bank shooting where 5 were killed and 9 others injured.

Cruz has been silent regarding the issue since.

Then there is the Mexican fentanyl issue. A gigantic problem also. Senator Cotton and Representatives Crenshaw and Waltz recommend bombing Mexico. They’re serious! Cotton for doing it even without Mexico’s permission.

While in New York City for Trump’s arraignment, Marjorie Taylor Greene likened Donald Trump to Nelson Mandela and Jesus Christ.

Is she mentally stable? Keep in mind this woman is considered the #2 power in the House of Representatives.

A live and learn item. Man is the only “animal” with a chin. Not even chimpanzees and apes have chins.

No one knows why.

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‘s thing for collecting

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