An elephant in the room! A sad story involving the tiny town of Erwin, Tennessee. The town hung Mary, an adult circus elephant.

The time the Fall. The year 1916. A circus came to Kingsport, Tennessee. The circus’ star attraction a 5 ton elephant named Mary. During the circus parade through town, Mary suddenly stopped to feast on a pile of watermelon rinds on the side of the street.

Riding on Mary was a new trainer who had been a hotel bellhop only a few days before. He hit Mary in the head with a large metal hook. Much to Mary’s dislike. She immediately wrapped her trunk around the man and threw him into a drink stand. Mary then stepped on his head.

So much for the trainer.

One man shot at Mary. The bullets would not penetrate her hide. People yelled, “Kill the elephant!”

The circus’ next stop was Erwin. Mary’s reputation preceded her. She was now known as “Murderous Mary.” The people wanted blood. Mary’s. It was decided to hang her in Erwin’s rail yard where there was a 100 ton derrick car with a crane strong enough to hang an elephant.

Thousands gathered to watch the execution. A chain was wrapped around her neck. Did not work. Snapped. Another chain used. Worked. Mary died hanging 15-16 feet off the ground.

Someone took a photo of the dead hanging Mary. The photo traveled far beyond Erwin. A town few had ever heard of became known as the town that hung an elephant.

As I sat down to write this blog, I turned on the TV set. While in the middle of Mary’s story, a 1933 Popeye cartoon came on. Title: Popeye and the Elephinks. Would you believe! Popeye and Olive Oyl were washed up on an island inhabited by wild animals. The power a group of elephants.

The cartoon only 8 minutes. One other interesting feature. Popeye and Olive Oyl were on a raft wind blown. The sail was Olive Oyl’s bloomers.

A tropical wave will continue to approach central Florida. It’s effects will be felt from late thursday through friday. Heavy rainfall. The rain will then pass to northeast Florida, eastern Georgia and eastern South Carolina..

Supreme Court Justice Alito is worrying about “massive resistance” to Supreme Court decisions. 

What else could be expected? He and some of his fellow Justices have brought shame on themselves by their contrary decisions on top of years of behaving poorly otherwise in their conduct of accepting gifts, trips and relationships with non Court persons who directly or indirectly had business before the Court.

In a nutshell, “the clean” have come up “dirty.” Their decisions and conduct non caring for the American people. No less than shitting in effect on the American public.

The cancer medical offices on North Roosevelt Boulevard are being closed. Anyone know whether someone or group will be replacing the present operation? Could be a problem if no one does. People will have to go to Miami for treatment.

Beware of dead and dying sea birds! A beach warning.

In the United Kingdom, the government has warned people to avoid touching dead or infected birds. Also have recommended dogs should be kept from picking them up.

The danger: Asian flu.

In the U.S., infected birds include aquatic ones, commercial poultry and backyard hobby flocks. The degree of infection in the U.S. through mid July includes 47 states, 449 counties, 836 outbreaks. Total number of birds infected 58,789,501.

Human infections are rare. However, they can occur if there is contact with an infected bird. At present, risk to the general public is low.

Keys reefs are taking a beating from the heat. Most, if not all, could end up dead.

Citizens’ Voice today: “Those attempting to change the history of slavery are now arguing that the Holocaust and slavery are similar in that both provided ‘benefits’ derived from being  worked to exhaustion. This false contention is that endless labor will allow the incarcerated, if released, to become valuable members of society. Unbelievable!”

Another Citizens’ Voice comment re the slavery history issue: “There are 191 individual items in the Florida slavery curriculum. One says slaves sometimes learned skills they later used for personal benefit. That’s true and evidence of resilience, tenacity and fortitude. To say that people were sometimes able to utilize skills while enslaved does not justify or celebrate slavery.”

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