Me thinks Donald Trump protestith too much. He reminded a crowd of Iowa voters over the weekend that he is “not into golden showers.” Purportedly in an attempt to rally Republicans to vote for him in the caucuses. Wonderful! Just what Iowa voters wanted to hear!

Why does Trump bring it up periodically? The “topic” goes back to June 2016 and what may have occurred in a Russian hotel suite in Moscow. The claim is he had prostitutes urinate on the bed. A bed that the Obamas had slept in. It is believed the Russians have a tape of the event. Now referred to as the “pee tape.”

Trump has mentioned the event several times over the years. Again, why? His repetitions would appear to give weight to the story.

Lord Action said: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Though his observation is old in years, it applies to Trump today. He has power. Seeks more. Wants the absolute power a next Presidency will give him.

Lord Action’s words are well known. Referred to constantly. Little is known of Lord Action, however. He is described as “the magistrate of history.” One of the great personalities of the 19th century and is universally considered to have been the most learned Englishman of his time.

Big news!

Israel and Hamas have agreed to a brief cease fire and a hostage release.

The deal cannot be enacted till thursday at the earliest to allow time for judicial approval at the Israeli end.

The release is limited to 50 hostages. Women and children. A certain number of Palestinians will be released also.

The pause will be for four days. The deal as set forth is reportedly a “first phase.”

Christian nationalists recently partied at Mar-a-Lago and warned of God’s wrath if Trump lost again. The group believes their religious faith should have dominion over American government. They openly fantasized of returning to power and crushing their foes. God on the march!

Their plea simply to create a theocracy in the United States. Trump on their side.

The MAGA pastor Jim Garlow is one of the group’s leaders. He recently prayed with now House Speaker Mike Johnson to save a “depraved” America from the “judgment that we clearly deserve.”

Podcast time.




Today a sad day in American history. On this day in 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Camelot came to an end.

Angela Merkel became Chancellor of Germany this day in 2005. She became one of the strongest forces in European politics over the next decade.

I recall an experience involving her on one of my Greece visits. I was in Athens staying at the Gran Britannia Hotel. Directly across the street was the Greek Parliament. A large building in the center surrounded by an even larger piece of land covered in concrete.

I woke to screams and yells. Went out on the balcony and saw thousands of people carrying signs and protesting in Greek about something. Whatever it was, I did not want to miss it first hand. Threw on some clothes and ran out to join the mob.

I understood nothing of the Greek language. As the saying goes, it was all Greek to me! One thing was clear however. These people hated Merkel. Every time a speaker mentioned her name, they spit.

Greece was suffering deep woes economically at the time and they were blaming it on Merkel. They were upset with the way she had handled and was handling Greece’s economic involvement in the European Union.

Syracuse lost again yesterday in the Maui Invitational in Hawaii. Gonzaga embarrassed Syracuse 76-57. Syracuse’s shooting, foul shooting included, sucked. Forget making 3 pointers. Syracuse could not find the basket.

A tough season ahead.

Enjoyed happy hour at The Grand yesterday with Steve and Cindy.

Tonight dinner at Brady’s Irish Pub with Tom and Fran. They have never been and want to see what excites me so much about the place.

Enjoy your day!


  1. We went to Brady’s once, although it wasn’t called Brady’s back then.

    It reminded us of every other Irish Pup we’d ever bend to, but nothing to do with Key West, at all!

    There’s one down on Front street that is just as Irish, only in a far more Key West way.

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