I had a physical problem the past two days. I danced around it on the blog. The facts were not all in. Now they are and I share what could have been a disaster with you.

I had difficulty sleeping tuesday night. It was around one in the morning and I was sitting up in bed watching TV. The lights were off.

All of a sudden, I saw a shadow moving across the floor. Knew right away what it was. A cockroach. Key West is built on a bed of cockroaches.

Flipped on the light, put on my crocs and went after it.

We arrived at the same time in the door jam between the bedroom and bathroom. I lifted my right foot and came down hard. When I did, I fell hard to the right. My head hit the door jam, the TV, 2 tables and the tile floor.

I had other problems which have now developed into heavy purple bruises.

As is typical with older persons, I could not get up. Took me a half hour.

Looked at the roach. Dead! I got him!

Once I got on the bed, I slept well the rest of the night.

I woke in the morning with a head that felt I had drunk too much the night before. Could not be. I do not drink any more.

I take a water pill every day. I have heart problems and the water pill keeps my blood thin.

Ten year ago when I started the blood thinner pill, I was told if I ever banged my head hard, I should see a doctor immediately and get a cat scan of my head. If there was a bleed in the brain, surgery is immediate.

My primary told me to go directly to Urgent Care and get a complete work up. I did.

Cat scan of my head done.

Doctor returned with the result. The scan had been sent out to a radiologist.

The report indicated there might be a problem. The problem to be feared is a brain blood leak. There was something the radiologist saw but could not identify.

The doctor caring for me in Urgent Care scared the hell out of me. She immediately leaped into there is no neurosurgeon in Key West, looks like surgery is required, helicopter will get you to Miami in 1 hour 15 minutes, etc.

I could not believe what she was telling me. I had her explain again simply and directly. Her impression was I had a leak and had to deal with it.

I looked at the radiologist’s report. Looked fine, except he saw something he could not identify. He suggested a cat scan the next day.

I told to schedule the cat scan for tomorrow. The last thing I wanted or needed was brain surgery.

Returned at 8 yesterday morning for the additional brain scan. The result was I was fine in effect: “No acute intercranial hemorrhage, midline shift or mass effect.”

I was immediately relieved. Frankly, I was scared I was going to need brain surgery for the bleeding. I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from me.

I had a different doctor the second day. The one who had given me the “bad news” the day before was off.

I got home and realized I was exhausted. The affect on me mentally must have been terrific. The exhaustion was total.

The only humorous event was the second day when a nurse was taking my blood pressure, etc. I had said when I first came in the day before that I fell stomping on a cockroach and killing it. The whole office knew my story by the second day. Apparently they considered it humorous. I did not.

Anyhow, she said something I did find humorous. She said…..It’s karma.

If anyone is interested, I did kill the cockroach.

Could be the last day of the Impeachment trial in Washington. It is the defense’s day.

The Democrats did an excellent job of presenting their case. Trump’s lawyers blew it the first day.

Today might be described as the lawyers/Republicans day. And the trial will be over. The Senate vote could take place today.

The exceptional job performed by the Democratic managers was unfortunately to no avail.

The Republicans are too scared to oppose Trump. They fear Trump and his terrorist insurrectionist friends. Not only would many lose their positions in the next assured to occur primary, I suspect they fear for their lives and the lives of their families.

Trump and his followers had no reservation about killing Pence and Pelosi.

I spent yesterday afternoon flipping from one channel to another. The Pebble Beach golf tournament and the Impeachment trial.

Hole 7 was shown on the screen many times. A tough par 3 downhill into wind and ocean. The only hole I excelled on when I played the course.

Pebble Beach looked magnificent. Fairways and greens perfect. Flowers and foliage likewise.

Everyone wants to play Pebble Beach. Lousy golfers like me and and better ones also. The operators let everyone play 10 months per year. Pack foursomes close on the course. During those 10 months, I doubt they keep the course up as they should.

However in the two months before the tournament, the course is closed down. No one can play. The course is brought back during those two months.

Today, February 12. A day of some historical importance. More than normal.

Joseph “Bum” Farto was the Fire Chief of Key West back in the early 1970s. In addition to his fire duties, he ran drugs and operated a prostitution ring.

Those were the days in Key West!

Farto was caught and tried in federal court. Found guilty of 3 drug violations. Sentenced to 31 years in jail.

In the federal system, one sentenced to jail has a period following the sentencing before actually being jailed. The government feels such a person should have time to put his affairs in order.

On the day Farto was to check in to begin his 31 years, he disappeared. Backed out of his driveway and disappeared. There was and still is talk that a truck and car blocked his vehicle.

Farto has never been seen since. Some refer to him as the Jimmy Hoffa of Key West.

It was on this day in 1976 that Farto was sentenced.

Today appears to be the day Trump will be found guilty or not guilty. A significant day in history also involving another President.

On this day in 1999, Clinton was acquitted by the Senate in his Impeachment trial.

Abraham Lincoln was born on this day in 1809. He was born in  poverty in a one room rural cabin, the son of a farmer.

One more. Coincidental?

On the same day in 1809 that Lincoln was born, the National Association of Colored People was founded. The helper and the helped born the same day.

DAY 17…..Greece the First Time

Posted on June 13, 2012 by Key West Lou

Goodbye Santorini!

Hello Mykonos!

I shall miss Santorini. I truly enjoyed it. I must return.

It was a big fast speed boat ride to Mykonos. About 250 people on board. Comfortable, large, air conditioned, food available, etc. Two and one half hours with three stops before reaching Mykonos.

Mykonos lovely. The same as Santorini. Except no cave homes.

I seem to be into God this trip. The flavor of Mykonos is such that I expect to see Jesus Christ walking around. The buildings, rocks and foliage produced, for me at least, that feeling.

The hotel so so. But very nice people running the place. Greeks seem generally nice. For example, I just arrived and I am sitting behind the admission desk using the personal computer of one of the employees. She became aware I needed one and offered it.

Something new.

You cannot put toilet paper in the toilet. It will plug the system. You must put it in the waste basket.


This was a problem for some in Santorini. But not where I was staying.

It is definitely going to be a problem here. Not just new, different.

The reason for no toilet paper down the toilet is twofold. I made an investigation.

First, the sewage system is ancient. Not back to Christ, but apparently not far removed. Old pipes. Small pipes diameter wise.

The second reason makes sense also. All sewage on the island goes into one huge receptacle. It is in effect a lake of the material. Once there, it is chemicalized, etc. Toilet paper screws up the process. Makes the sewage too thick to properly treat.

The toilet paper problem is something most of us did not know. I know I did not. Now we are all aware of it and why.

Tonight, I am going into downtown Mykonos. The back alleys and by ways. I need some serious drinking, music, and hell raising. Something not available on Santorini.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. It was reported this morning that some of the jurors (all GOP Senators) in this impeachment trial, met with Trumps defense lawyers. This the day before those lawyers were to present their case.


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