Mitt Romney announced yesterday he will not be a candidate for reelection next year. A loss to the Senate and American people. An honest statesman not soon to be replaced.

I always admired the man. Never voted for him, however. We are philosophically too far apart. He first attracted my attention when he saved the 2002 Winter Olympics from disaster. An impossible task accomplished.

Romney has been Governor of Massachusetts, U.S. Senator representing Utah and failed Republican Presidential candidate against then incumbent Obama.

Romney is the one Republican candidate who speaks freely of his opposition to Trump. The only Republican Senator who voted to impeach Trump in his first impeachment trial. He also voted to impeach Trump in his second impeachment trial.

Although opposed to Trump, Romney has disappointed me in recent years by his failure to openly take stands in the Senate clearly opposed to his fellow Republicans who were pushing a pro-Trump agenda. He has been continuously short of a “Profile in Courage.”

It is not the Senate that will miss him. It is the American people. Although he came up short in many instances in my opinion, he still was the Senate’s most independent voice. A voice heard in opposition to the diehards. His problem, he did not speak out enough.

Romney is 76. His voice will still be heard. Hopefully more often.

Dinner last night at Brady’s Irish Pub. Fish and chips. Two Beefeaters. Baklava for desert. An Irish meal! Ho ho!

Carola bartending. An exceptional person. Brady’s is like most Key West bars.. Does not have Beefeaters. The reason simple. Their liquor distributor does not carry it. Carola went out and bought a bottle of Beefeaters…..For me! Could I ask for more? Could I ask for a better bartender?

Ric said hello as I came in. I have known Ric for more than 20 years. Irish. We were members of the Sons of Italy together. He also was “my” Santa Claus.

He was Robert and Ally’s Santa Claus for years. Did Santa well. Ric looks likes Santa. Pudgy. A white beard all year long.

Ric still plays the role. Last night when I walked into Brady’s, he started telling me all about all the things “Santa” was doing to get ready for Christmas. While stone sober!

Ric is a spectacular cook. Last night he brought with him to Brady’s baklava. I love baklava! A hangover from my Greece visiting days. A rich pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with honey. Sweet definitely! Rich sweet!

Carola gave me a piece. Gave me a second to take home. It sits in the refrigerator. Desert at lunchtime.

I complimented Ric on the baklava. He learned how to make it when he lived in Corfu.

The Keys worry about COVID. In the 1860’s and 1890’s, it was yellow fever. It’s always something!

Sylvester Stallone wanted a new dog. His wife wouldn’t let him get a new dog. He bought a new dog. His wife filed for divorce.

Stallone had a large tattoo portrait of his wife on his right shoulder. He covered it with a tattoo of his new dog. Before and after photos appeared with the article.

The Social Security COLA prediction has risen based on inflation predictions. From 3.0 to 3.2 percent.

Today the day. Actually at midnight. The United Auto Workers may be on strike against 3 auto companies: Stellantis, Ford and General Motors. Let’s hope not.

The Unions want, among other things, a 40 percent increase. The automakers have offered 20 percent. Plus, the workers want a 32 hour work week.

The Ryder Cup Marco Simone course 10 miles outside Rome is hilly. Zach Johnson views it as challenging. Together with anticipated heat, it will tire players out.

Play begins in two weeks.

Enjoy your day!




  1. It is interesting how many democrats talk about the past traditional PJ O’Rourke Republicans like they were the good ‘ol days now that the current Republicans have gone full tilt right. In a way, they have been successful bringing the whole country right of center in the past 6 or 7 years. Even the latte liberals are acting like right wing lunatics these daze (days).

  2. No, the latte liberals are NOT acting like right wing lunatics these days, not even close!

    Typical republican nonsense and misinformation. Total BS

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