I am neither doctor nor psychiatrist. However I can recognize a person who is in trouble mentally. We all can.

I just finished watching Joe Manchin on Morning Joe. Ten minutes. I am mentally exhausted. His words like rapid gun fire. His thoughts jumbled. He quickly moved from one topic to another to support his position on the social infrastructure bill. Many not involved with the bill. It was hard to keep up with him.

I saw a man who has painted himself into a corner and does not know how to get out. His argumentative disposition and attempts at dominance in the interview scary.

He is one of many running our country. Thank God he is only one.

The problem is he holds all the cards. He controls the domestic life of the American people.

The interview and how he has been handling the most critical legislation of the day reminded me of one of the final scenes in the the movie The Bridge on the River Kwai.

A handful of British commando types had just blown up a railroad bridge that British prisoners of war had spent months building. An expected train of Japanese big shots had arrived. The bridge blew as the train was going over. The train ended up in the river. All but one of the commandos lay dead in or about the river.

Standing on a small hillside watching the event was the British doctor who had been caring for the prisoners. He spoke simple words that that accurately described the scene: “Insanity. Pure insanity.”

That is how I felt after watching Manchin. From the looks on the faces of those interviewing him, I sense they thought likewise.

My blog this morning was not intended to be a Manchin one. I have been working on a Chernobyl article that I intended to finish and publish this morning. It will have to wait another day. Manchin took precedence.

Enjoy your day!

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