Wow! Glorious victory turns into abject defeat one year later.

Democrats one year ago. One year later, the Republicans significant winners.

The 2022 elections are now a year away. The tide can turn again. Democrats must learn from their mistakes and pull off another 2020. It can be done.

A few of my thoughts.

Virginia. First time I saw Youngkins speak at any length was last night in his victory speech. An engaging speaker. The tongue of an orator.

One problem. He spoke Trumpism, yet in a different way. He flowered up Trump’s words. Made them sound acceptable.

He engaged his thoughts well. He spoke in phrases. He made MAGNA concepts appealing. The problem from my perspective is that most people would not pick up on the fact that he was mouthing Trump banalities only with a different dressing.

The people of Virginia bought the deception.

His words re education and police sounded good. Acceptable. Who can deny parents should have some say in how their children are educated. From mask wearing to what books should be read. As to police, he was not for defunding. Rather fund the police better, train them better. His saleable point that police are needed to protect us. Nothing about police indiscriminately killing blacks.

He spoke about Virginia. The man a master in discussing his State. He sounded like a candidate for President. As if his election would “save the nation,” rather than Virginia alone. He even made Virginia sound as if it were in bad shape. I was not aware till I heard him speak last night.

Beware. Watch him closely. He is 2024 Presidential timber.

His talent showed in another area. Though he spoke Trump thoughts, he refused to allied himself with Trump. Even refused to appear publicly with him.

A devil in disguise, Youngkins speaks with a forked tongue.

As to McAuliffe, he was not alone in losing. There were other notable Democratic losses.

He proved you can’t run against Trump alone. People are more concerned with their everyday personal problems. The economy, education, etc.

Democrats have to get their act together. Failure to do so will result in the Democrats resurrecting the dying Republican Party.

The Democrats beat themselves. Washington did not help. Merely reflected perhaps that the Democrats could not govern. Washington Democrats governed this past year as if it were their first rodeo.

New Jersey shocked me. I thought Murphy was an easy far and away winner. This morning the New Jersey race not yet decided. The two candidates are neck and neck. Very close. How close does not appear certain. One news source said the Republican Ciattarelli was ahead by 1,200 votes. Another, 61.

The Democratic losses in general are not determinative for the 2022 elections. Democrats will study why they lost, correct their errors, and be ready to meet the enemy the next time around.

I assume they will. If not, I fear our Nation may fall into the abyss I have several times mentioned in the past.

Manchin and Sinema contributed to a degree to the Democratic losses. Their stubborness made it appear Democrats could not govern.

Where do the Washington Democrats go from here?

Sinema appears to now be on board re the social infrastructure bill. The pharma drug issue turned her around.

That leaves Manchin out there fighting against the “hordes” of his own Party. What a hero he must think he is. Reminds me of the bad Queen in Snow White. Recall she would look in the mirror and ask: Who is the fairest of them all? Manchin probably looks in the mirror and asks: Who is the smartest of them all?

Manchin keeps slugging. He does not relent. If he keeps it up, he’s going to knock himself out with one of his own punches.

Filming for The Rose Tattoo in Key West began this day in 1954.

Most of the movie was filmed in a house on Duncan Street. Two doors from Tennessee William’s home. Two blocks from Lisa’s home.

The house still stands.

The film starred the Italian actress Anna Magnani and Burt Lancaster. Magnani won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance. Lancaster spent most of his time while filming as a guest in Tennessee Williams’ home.

I returned to self-quarantine 3-4 months ago when things began turning bad again. I have reached the end of the road as a recluse. Saturday will mark 2 weeks since my booster shot. Doctor says the shot requires two weeks to take effect. I return to the outside world saturday night!

Due to my fanaticism re good health, I missed Fantasy Fest. One item received considerable attention.

Nudity. In all its grandeur! More than ever before.

I am a voyeur at heart. I am sure I would have enjoyed the scene.

Maybe next year.

Enjoy your day!





One comment on “AS THE TIDE TURNS

  1. Who you kidding Lou, you lost because you didn’t cheat this time. We know what to say to win and we won big. Now we can do what ever we want and let me tell you we won’t be taking any prisoners. A year from now we’ll do it again and we’ll have both parts of congress and we won’t have to worry about anything. Too bad, so sad, it’s our turn now, get out of the way.

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