Robert’s day yesterday! He was at the Miami Marlins game with all the frills. He got to play on the field before the game, received a hat and jersey, met the players, etc. A big night for Robert.

His appearance at the Marlins game came about strangely. I have told the story before. It would be remiss not to tell it again.

Robert was born with cancer. Cancer of the liver. Babies are not supposed to be born with cancer. It is an after birth acquired illness. Only .007 per cent of new births come into the world with cancer.

Unfortunately, Robert was one of them.

In the first eight days of his life, Robert had two major surgeries to remove the cancer. He spent many days in the hospital. The hospital was Miami Childrens Hospital.

I was there as this terrible tragedy played itself out. Fortunately, everything turned out well.

Miami Childrens is one fantastic place. Big like a collefge campus. Many building. Thousands of people daily moving about. The best doctors in the world for kids. Miami Childrens tries to/does cure many illnesses.

I believe Miami Childrens Hospital and God saved Robert.

Robert is now 8. Maturing well. Healthy.

Miami Childrens started something last year which has been continued this year. A one week trip for the children they treated who now are cancer survivors. It is a big trip. Robert not only attended last night’s Marlins game first class, he also will visit Disney World, swim with the dolphions and do many other wonderful things.

Miami Childrens says the reason they do this is to celebrate the lives of those they have saved. The comment is further to the effect…..we treat so many and so many do not survive.

That is why Robert was at the Marlins game last night. I am glad he was there. Thrilled. More because he is alive and well and could do it.

My morning yesterday started with foolishness. Cracked me up.

I had showered and dried off. Went to deodorize. I had purchased deodorant in Italy. Figured I would use it. A big can. Had anti-arrossamento printed on it. I assumed that had something with deodorizing.

Lifted my arm and gave it a shot. It was not deodorant. It was shaving cream. All over my arm, side of my body and beyond. The beyond was the the glass enclosure of the shower and the floor. A mess.

I looked in the mirror. Smiled. And said aloud…..You asshole!

The trip helped. I am physically in better shape that when I left. Much better shape. It was the hills and steps. I want to improve on my condition, if I can. Walking big time is my goal. I did yesgterday. Walked twice the distance I normally would when I did walk. In the mid day sun. Other than being soaking wet at the conclusion, I was A-OK.

Stopped at Coffee Plantation on Caroline afterwards. Had a late lunch. A toasted bagel with cream cheese and a bottle of water.

Owner Diane was there. She came over to say hello and welcome back. She reads this blog and my weekly column in KONK Life. A nice person. We chatted a bit about the trip. She and her husband Theo hope to make a trip to Italy some time soon.

Sloan due here later in the morning. We are going to work on the Epilogue to my trip. Over 600 pictures to be organized and shown very soon.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Try the Stairmaster at the gym to keep the cardio fitness. The walking will help but with the lack of elevation change in Key West you will notice your stamina fall off quickly.

    Glad to hear you are feeling well, hope you are able keep it up!

    Looking forward to the pictures to cap off the epic trip.

  2. I’m glad you included the story about the shave creme, because it got a little dusty in here while I was reading about Robert and the Miami Children’s Hospital.

    I hope he has a swell time this week.

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