No question, the Republican Party is burning Liz Cheney at a political stake. Her execution demanded because she spoke truth to power. She voted to impeach Trump and has spoken openly that she does not believe Trump’s Big Lie that he won the election.

Charles Blow in a recent Opinion piece in the New York Times wrote re Liz Cheney: “Chilling, a Joan of Arc willing to be burned at a political stake and become a martyr for conviction and moral clarity.”

Former Senator Jeff Flake was sent back home when he opposed Trump two years ago. He understands martyrdom.

Flake wrote in an Opinion piece in the Washington Post yesterday: “In today’s Republican Party, there is no greater offense than honesty.”

George Orwell back when in one of his works wrote: “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.”

Thomas Jefferson as we all recall wrote: “We hold these truths to be self-evident.” Evidencing that from the very beginning of America, our freedom has been predicated on truth.

Truth to power sometimes difficult. It takes courage. Especially where Trump is concerned. Trump slaughters everyone who opposes him.

If these were the days of Nero and Trump were Nero, he would have those who oppose him fed to the lions.

Those who follow Trump fail to recognize democracy cannot last without truth.

What is happening indicates the time we live in could mark the end of the Republican Party. Unless people of courage stand and form a new party.

It was announced over the weekend that 100 former Republican officials have joined together and threaten to break away and form a third party.

Liz Cheney represents the final straw. She is the spark that will ignite the division. She is the strength that could make a new party successful.

Not initially. Definitely not in 2022. A new party split would cause some members of the new party to be elected to the House and Senate. The margins in the 2 chambers are close. The Democrats have something like an 8 vote plurality in the House. The Senate is equally divided between Democrats and Republicans.

Were the new party members to vote with the Democrats, the following 2 years would be great for America. The nation must be brought back. Its people made to understated. Only Biden and a Democratic plurality in both Houses can do it.

Kathleen Post in today’s Washington Post wrote a right on piece re people returning to work titled “Can We All Just Get Vaccinated And Get Back To Work?” Post wrote: “The U.S. isn’t suffering a job shortage so much as it is suffering a shortage of people willing to work.”

Montana and South Carolina recognize that staying at home and receiving the new federal dole outs is financially more feasible than working for $8.65 an hour. Both states have decided to refrain from taking federal dollars in the $300 and $600 per week program the stimulus provides.

The two states recognize how their citizens think. More bucks for staying home rather than returning to work.

Montana’s goal is to get people back to work. It is a different form of “free” money. Workers will receive state funded bonuses between $600 and $1,200 for returning to work and staying in the work force for one month.


As Parker wrote, “The gentle caress of the benevolent hand of Big Government becomes the grip of dependence.”

Post closes her article: “The governors (Montana and South Dakota) recognize what the economists are only just sensing. Economic incentive is what drives human beings. What began as a helping hand now looks like an incentive to take a nap. For the economy’s sake, lets get vaccinated and back to work.”

Sometimes it takes a while for the evil that men do to manifest itself. I refer in this instance to what is happening with the NRA.

The NRA has been rebuked. By a Bankruptcy Court judge in Dallas.

Hard to believe. Owe a dollar and a Bankruptcy Court will care for the bankrupt like a new born baby. Not in this instance.

The NRA filed its Petition in Bankruptcy in January. Why? New York’s Attorney General Latita James was pursuing a regulatory action to shut down the NRA amid a corruption investigation.

The NRA and its Executive Director Wayne La Pierre thought by filing for bankruptcy and doing it far from New York would avoid the criminal justice hand of New York.

Was the NRA and La Pierre wrong!

Attorney General James challenged the legitimacy of the bankruptcy. She said it was a sham. An attempt to avoid big time criminal prosecution in Nw York.

The Bankruptcy judge agreed. He wrote the NRA’s problem was not a financial one. It was a regulatory enforcement problem.

The judge also noted the sneakiness of the Bankruptcy filing. The filing was a secretive one. Why file in far away Dallas rather than New York? His other concern was the NRA’s Board of Directors knew nothing about the filing.

A something stinks in Denmark situation.

The Key West Citizen has been Key West’s daily for many years. A good little newspaper. Burdened with insufficient funds, it does not always print all the news. Never the less, it is a mainstay respected in the community.

The Citizen began business in 1876, One hundred forty five years ago. It has hung in there all those years faithfully continuing to serve Key West.

Two recent Citizens’ Voice comments of interest.

The first, there still remains two Confederate flags flying atop a building in Key West. There was mention made in Comment that the person flying the two Confederate flags might perhaps be an Old Mississippi graduate.

A new Comment this morning addressing last week’s Comment and the issue. Today’s Comment: : “In November 2020, Mississippi voted overwhelmingly to remove its existing state flag because it had become a symbol of slavery and oppression in the Black community.”

This morning’s Citizens’ Voice printed a Comment re Florida’s new voting restrictions: “The new voting restriction to ‘eliminate fraud’ are fraud per se.”

That’s it for now my friends.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I never thought that I would ever root for a Cheney, especially one who voted for all of Trump’s proposals.
    Businesses in Key West have faded “Now Hiring” signs that have been out in front for years, long before the current stimulus programs.
    They say that when once in a blue moon someone comes in, they can’t read the application.

    • Joe Biden did what America needed him to do, remove Trump from office and bring stability out of chaos. He has a lot on his plate and time will tell if he succeeds in his agenda.

    • Surely you jest. The people behind Biden are running things, Biden is still trying to relearn tying his own shoelaces.

    • You are either a little over caffeinated or some sort of ‘bait’ troll.

      Sure he’s doing a good job, so far, and seems destined to be a good president, but greatest ever? Stop the BS

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