The pharmaceutical houses have performed exceptionally in coming up with a vaccine for COVID-19. Especially Pfizer and Moderna.

Their contribution in saving many of us from sickness and death cannot be denied.

What happens if the present vaccine does not completely wipe the virus out? As with the flu for example, annual booster shots may be required.

Cost now becomes an issue. Pharmaceutical houses will charge more. It is the nature of their business. It is the capitalistic way.

The vaccine presently costs $19.50 a dose.

There is a term in the industry “durability of the franchise.” Means the need for the vaccine will become a long term one. Such will be the case with the COVID vaccines if booster shots are required. It is projected the cost per dose will be in the $150-175 range.

Forever! When was the last time you heard the flu shot was no longer required on an annual basis?

The increased cost will in some fashion find its way into the consumer’s pocket. By increased cost if consumer not insured. By way of increased cost for drug insurance if the consumer has it. Or if the government picks up the tab, the cost will be passed on to the consumer by an increase in taxes.

Nothing is for nothing.

India is being overwhelmed with COVID-19. New infections each day 300,000-400-000.

Some find the India surge difficult to understand. Many have been telling us the virus is just like a cold. Will go away on its own. No need for masks or vaccines. Ergo, India and the rest of the world should stop reacting.

California has been getting knocked around in recent years. Politically and otherwise.

Everything cannot be that bad. Its budget was recently announced. There is a $75 billion surplus. At a time when states are suffering the most severe budget crunge in American history.

Mass shootings have become almost a daily thing in the U.S. The most recent in Colorado where six were shot at a party.

In total, there were 9 mass shootings over the weekend.

The shootings have to stop. The Second Amendment was not intended to be a license to kill.

More people have to care.

Trump always finds a way to get away with things. The newest teflon man!

He took up residence at Mar-a-Lago. His Palm Beach residents did not want him living there. Many yeas ago, there was a written agreement between Palm Beach and Trump as to how Mara-Lago was to be run.

One portion concerned permanent residents. Permitted only on a limited basis. An exception were employees.

Trump has become an “employee” of Mar-a-Lago. The Palm Beach attorney said: As a “totally official employee…..a bona fide employee,” Trump has a right to make the club his main address.

Entertainers have been having it difficult this year in Key West to find paying work because of the pandemic. At some point things will have to turn around.

Perhaps it is.

Terri has not had a “paying” gig since Christmas. Only tips were available if she wanted to work. As man cannot survive on bread alone, an entertainer cannot on tips.

Terri has 2 gigs coming up. You might want to visit and enjoy her singing.

The first is sunday 3-5 at Marylin’s. Marylin’s is the former Finnegan’s Wake. She will be at Marylin’s again on May 19 when she will be performing with Larry Baeder 5-8 pm.

Tonight, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me at 9 my time. So much to discuss. All interesting.

Enjoy your day!



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