The Colonial Pipeline gas line gets hacked. The Atlantic seaboard in danger of running out.

In the lower Keys, stations already have the plastic bags on the pump handles. Many stations still with gasoline have long lines of cars waiting to fill up.

Most Key West stations closed down last night or failed to open this morning.

One thing bothers me. Key West, the Keys as a whole, and all of Florida should not have a gasoline shortage problem. Florida only receives 10 percent of its gasoline through the Colonial Pipeline. The remaining 90 percent (no small number) flows from cargo ships in state ports and then trucked to gas stations.

Meaning Florida has access to plenty of gasoline. Why then the shortage? To an extent topping. I have to believe however that those trucks supposed to be shipping the 90 percent are intentionally being held up so prices can be raised at the stations.

Called greed!

Staying with the Colonial Pipeline hacking, why has the U.S. not yet retaliated? We supposedly know the company in Russia responsible. Something significant must be done to discourage similar activity in other areas.

No reason to have to cross border lines into Russia to punish/get even. The company responsible must have offices elsewhere in the world. Knock off a few at one time. The whole world will understand the lesson: Don’t screw with the U.S.!

The Executive Order Biden signed yesterday has nothing to do with getting even, teaching a lesson.

Normalcy returning to Key West! The Hemingway Look-Alike Contest will be held 7/22-7/24. Last year the contest was cancelled. Coronavirus the problem.

Per custom, the event will be headquartered at Sloppy Joe’s. The best part of the weekend for me is the Running of the Bulls. Always exciting!

Biden and 4 Congressional leaders met in the White House yesterday. To discuss further the proposed infrastructure bill.

Following the meeting, McConnell and McCarthy made statements.

McConnell said the 2017 tax cut is not on the table. The red line drawn in the sand if Biden insists on it.

McCarthy’s statements equally negative. Even worse the fundraising letter he sent out after the meeting seeking money to fight Biden and the rest of the Democrats. The funding for his personal political coffers.

The letter bothered me. McCarthy labeled Biden with some disparaging term. I have only heard it on TV. I was unable to find it mentioned on the internet this morning. How can 2 opponents make a deal if one calls the other names?

Biden has cancelled one of Trump’s worst moves. Recall when Trump transferred billions out of the military budget and sent it to the border wall? Trump did not use anywhere near all of it. Fortunately. The monies remaining have now been returned to the military budget.

The pictures available of the portions of the wall new or renovated by the Trump transferred funds show many portions already in ruin.

Good job, Donald!

Yesterday’s news indicates Matt Gaetz’s alleged underage girl friend may soon be cooperating with the Feds.

It has already been reported that Gaetz’s friend Joel Greenberg is. Greenberg is facing 33 charges. The court has given him till saturday to make a deal or go to trial soon thereafter.

Regarding girl friends, it was also reported there is an alleged second 17 year old girl that Gaetz was involved with.

Netanyahu has changed during  his 10 years in office. He has become an authoritarian. He, Putin and Trump birds of a feather. Netanyahu is dropping bombs and killing people. He is encouraging a war that could lead to a larger and more devastating one.

Penn State is a state owned and operated university. Its employees are part of the Pennsylvania Pension Plan.

The Plan has a “forfeiture ” portion. Public employees convicted of job related claims lose their pensions.

Recall the Jerry Sandusky case and sexual assaults on athletes. Sandusky doing 30 plus years for his wrongdoings.

Those who knew but did not report Sandusky were also charged. Some plead or were convicted. Some did jail time. Some still under some type confinement such as home confinement.

Gary Schultz one of those persons. A Sr. Vice-President, he knew but did not report Sandusky. In 2017, he pled guilty to endangering the welfare of a child and was sentenced to 6-23 months in jail. Served only 2 months. He was released to home arrest and probation.

Schultz is receiving a Pennsylvania state pension to the tune of $330,699 a year. Big money!

Authorities claim “Schultz’s crime fell between the cracks.”

What now? We have to wait and see.

Enjoy your day!



  1. McConnell said the 2017 tax cut is not on the table.

    To be more precise the tax cut for the wealthy and Corps. The average American got SCAMMED. Trump ordered the IRS to change the withholding schedule to give a kind of advance in the pocket– until you file your taxes and find a larger balance due than any year preceding the plan change. It remains so to this day.

    • What are you talking about? The tax cut lowers the amount TAKEN from your paycheck. So you get to keep and use your own money. Of course your refund is less…they took less of your money. Glad you are not my money manager.

      • But the tax cut was only for the RICH, who will do fine with out it, whereas those with lower income are the ones who struggle.

        Seems to me that YOU would make a lousy money manager as you don’t even understand the basics.

        • The tax cut was for those who pay taxes. I know math hurts. Please enlighten us on how much income tax is paid by the lower half of people in this country. I’ll help, since Math hurts you…it has a zero in it.

      • What I’m talking about is exactly what I posted.

        Extra paycheck dollars in the pocket was due to lower withholdings from federal income tax rate schedule that were put in place. The tax cut didn’t lower the amount taken from your check, the rescheduling of the withholding schedule did. Now, at the end of the year, the miniscule “reduction” (for most) under the Trump plan factored against the changes in deductions and exemption allowed is the ONLY true test to the tax plan being a benefit or not to the tax payer. I couldn’t find ONE taxpayer who was happy with the end result when all was said and done. Not even the Trump supporters. Fact.

        • Do you even hear yourself when you’re typing. The amount of money withheld from your check was reduced based on the new tax rate schedule. This meant that the total amount withheld over the year, was less…reflected in a lower refund.
          Did you learn “new Math”? in school? Is that what your problem is with understanding basic arithmetic.

          I’ll break it down for you. Johnny’s employer takes $125 from his check each week for income taxes.
          His total tax withholding for the year is $6500 ($125 x 52weeks).

          If Johnny’s salary is $26500, his take home pay after tax withholding is $20,000.
          At the end of the year, his tax return shows that he owes $6000. So he gets a $500 refund, because he already paid in $6500.
          Total spendable income is $20,000 + $500 refund = $20500

          The govt. changes the tax law so Johnny now will owe $5200 in taxes.
          The tax rates are changed so that Johnny doesn’t over pay his taxes for the new year.
          Johnny’s employer only deducts $100 from each check. At the end of the year, Johnny’s total tax withholding from his paychecks is $5200 ($100 x 52 weeks).
          Johnny’s salary is still $26,500 (to keep it simple)
          At the end of the new tax year, Johnny doesn’t get a refund because he has met his tax obligation through his paycheck withholding, in the amount of $5200,
          Johnny’s take home pay is $26500 – $5200 = $21,300

          As you can see, the tax cut left Johnny with more money in his pocket and he didn’t have to wait for a refund.

  2. If Biden does not act and act hard and fast on this hacking incident he will spend the rest of his time in office viewed as a patsy. If Trump taught us one lesson it is this — twisted people — either in the Oval or in the employ of our enemies will grow bolder if you don’t cut them down to size swiftly and firmly when they step over the line.

  3. … or at least try. These hackers are Russians and Republicans, especially Mitch McConnell, are in bed with the Russians. They call him “Moscow Mitch” for a reason. We must, as a nation, not let Republicans block this need too.

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