Ho, ho, ho! Who do I describe as Liars Incorporated? The Republican Party, of course.

Most illicit groups pick up a nickname along the way. During Prohibition, it was Murder Incorporated, the Purple Gang, etc.

They are all birds of a feather. except the mobsters of yesterday used guns whereas those of today lie.

Everyone is aware Trump lies. He’s the best.

A prominent follower is Kevin McCarthy. Over the weekend, he was whining that the Democrats are using the Capitol riot as a “partisan political weapon” to “divide our country.”

McCarthy is lacking in every decent component. His  twisted tongue hangs out in his quest to become Speaker.

His complicity in January 6? Time will tell.

A recent Vanity Fair article provided an apt description of Joe Manchin: “The grinch that stole the Democrats’ Christmas.”

Numbers are generally reliable. A new set has been reported. Statistics hard to believe.

One America is an Indiana Life Insurance Company. One America claims the death rate is up 40 percent from pre-pandemic levels among working age people. Working age people are those 18-64.

CEO Scott Davison said, “We are seeing…..the highest death rates in the history of this business – not just One America…..The data is consistent across every player in the business…..40 percent is just unheard of.”

Pictures of the Colorado wildfire are appearing with frequency. The wildfire aftermath unbelievable. The area appears to be as if a Category 5 hurricane had passed over.

One thousand homes destroyed. Thousands fled their homes and return with no home left to live in. Commercial complexes similarly destroyed.

Deaths uncertain. Yesterday the first number. Three. Injuries light, also. Seven.

The cause an extreme drought. Little rain in and since summer. Snow should be on the ground. Ironically, no snow till the day after the fire was out. The ground has been dry. Fallen foliage dry also as a result.

All an invitation to a successful wildfire.

Strong winds accompanied the wildfire. Downed power lines, overturned large rigs. Many residents were unable to open their garage doors to flee because power was unavailable. Literally had to run for the lives feet ahead of the encroaching fire.

The question: Global warming involved? Some experts are expounding the disaster would not have been as great were it not for global warming.

I don’t know. I recognize global warming and the impending doom it brings. However let’s be careful not to label all disasters the result of global warming till accurate data is available.

I have begun to do a daily COVid update.

Israel reports the first case of “flurona.” Flurona is a double infection. COVID and the flu at the same time.

Terrific! Things will continue to get worse before better.

There are many unhappy with vaccine mandates. An Australian has demonstrated his feeling in an exceptionally dramatic fashion. The Melbourne man set himself and his car on fire. He was in the car at the time. Poured gasoline on himself first.

Fortunately, his life was saved by the quick action of 5 police officers and some bystanders. Police were able to pour water on the individual while removing him from the car.

His injuries are described as “life threatening.”

The pandemic continues to be out of control in Florida. Floridians continue to ask where are you Governor DeSantis? What are you doing to help?

Governor, come home to Kew. It’s lilac time.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Lou, things are getting better, COVID wise. Check out the www . sorryantivaxxer . com website. lot’s of people dying – thinning our the obstructionist and deniers every day.

    At this rate we’ll reach impunity from that heard in no time.

      • The herd of antivaxxers is dying off in significant numbers because of Covid. Leaving the rest of us eventually exempt from punishment of the injurious consequences of their actions.

        Or put differently (and ironically) our best chance of reaching herd immunity is eliminating those who are keeping it from happening naturally!

        Heard that?

  2. I agree with you Lou, about nicknames, as were Murder Incorporated, the Purple Gang, etc., during the mob years. Liars, Inc., is good, by why all the fuss. Why not just call them “Republicans?”

    After all, Republicans have been habitual liars for many many years. Let’s not forget that Republicans have been making thing up for years. Don’t forget that Hillary Clinton actually shot Vince Foster in the back of the head. Or Kerry was “unfit for Command,” Obama “wasn’t born in America” Nixon “I’m not a crook” and on and on and on.

    To qualify as a Republican you have to lie a lot. Why not just call them that – “Republicans” – Everybody would “get” that!

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