One of Key West’s most famous landmarks is the Southernmost Point. Sits on the end of South Street immediately on the ocean facing Cuba.

Two vandals set fire to the edifice. Damage extensive. Between 3 and 3:30 New Year’s Eve morning.

I consider their act personally offensive. I am sure most Key Westers feel the same.

The culprits should be burned at the stake. A just punishment for a hideous crime.

The two will be caught. They were videoed on a nearby webcam as they approached, started the fire by burning a Xmas tree they laid on the side of the monument, and then walked away.

Nothing less than a severe jail term befits the crime.

Pics popping up on the internet of the New Year’s Eve celebration in Key West. Most pics of the four droppings.

Pics outside Sloppy Joe’s and Bourbon Street. The streets were packed in every direction.

The last time I did a Sushi dropping at Bourbon Street was about 10 years ago. Crowded then. Significantly more crowded today.

Not one mask was visible in any of the pics. Failure to wear a mask like drinking the kool-aide. Kill yourself!

Benjamin Franklin wrote proverbs galore. Most he published in Poor Richard’s Almanac. Some published were from an earlier time and still popular when Franklin was publishing his own.

The proverbs are described as “witty aphorisms and printed proverbs.”

Amazing is the fact that most are part of our discourse today.

Examples: “Fish and visitors stink in three days” / “No gains without pains” / “Haste makes waste” / “He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals” / “Beware of little expenses: A small leak will sink a great ship” / “Glass, china, and reputation, are easily crashed, and never well mended” / “He that lies down with dogs, shall rise up with fleas.”

Respectfully, DeSantis lies. He and Trump birds of a feather in that regard.

After yesterday’s blog was published, I read a news item that appeared to be an attempt to explain DeSantis’ disappearance from public view since December 17.

FOX and the Daily Mail carried the explanation.

Mrs. DeSantis had cancer and the Governor was with his wife as she underwent chemotherapy treatments. One news item said he was with her on the December 19, the other December 29. Neither article listed more than one chemo visit attended by the Governor.

As I would not believe DeSantis and Trump on a stack of Bibles, I do not trust that reported by FOX and the Daily Mail.

Someone reported at the same time DeSantis was seen at the Orange Bowl New Year’s eve.

Had the information been available to me when I published, I would have said what I write now. Has to be a lie! Not denying the wife’s cancer. Her treatment times, yes. She would have been undergoing chemo beginning back in October when first diagnosed.

A pic was also run of DeSantis at a bagel shop in Ocala. At first suggested, looked like the Governor was in Ocala on December 17. Not true. Later in the, day it was reported the photo was taken earlier.

This morning’s news clearly reveals DeSantis’ deception. Shocks me he would use his wife’s cancer to cover his ass. Similar to what Ted Cruz did when he ran off to the islands following Texas’ disastrous storm. Cruz said he went for his daughters. Indicating their concern and he wanted to be the good father and with them.

Today’s news releases suggest DeSantis was in West Kendall. New Year’s Eve he was at a Christian concert in Miami which his wife attended with him.

No one yet knows where DeSantis was those other days between December 17 and New Year’s Eve.

Note that the COVID surge in Florida over the past 2 weeks has been horrible. Surging with no stop. Not once has DeSantis issued or appeared anywhere to tell the people Florida not to be concerned, he was on top of the problem, etc. At a time when one day alone last week the surging numbers of new cases were in the 75,000 area.

DeSantis did mention at the Christian concert friday night that Florida was the “freest state” as far as taking steps to impede the virus. A virus DeSantis denies exists and so does little or nothing to combat it.

The Governor is guilty of “nonfeasance.” Nonfeasance is guilt by having done nothing.

Senator Rubio is another “Florida winner” where COVID is concerned. He almost as wacky as DeSantis.

On friday, Rubio criticized the “irrational hysteria” over the surge in coronavirus cases due to the omicron strain. He attributed whatever was going on as mostly “sore throats.”

What would the good Senator say if his wife or one of his children became infected and died? It was a sore throat?

Omicron is the enemy as we enter the new year. The highly contagious variant is racing across the country. The U.S. is averaging 386,000 new cases a day. Experts suggest the number is unreliable. It is more. Vast undercounting is going on.

Puerto Rico has had a 4,600 percent increase in new cases in recent weeks.

Medical experts say omicron may peak around January 9 at 2.5 million new cases per week. They further indicate the number could be as high as 5.4 million.

Omicron is different from the first coronavirus strike and the Delta variant. It is more dangerous. Hospital beds will be in even worse supply. Unavailable. Medical staff shortages will be the worst yet as doctors and nurses get the virus and cannot work.

The problem has spread to all areas of our our daily lives. Lack of pilots a perfect example.

I close on a sad note. Not that what has come before is not sad. I add the straw that breaks my back. Syracuse basketball.

Syracuse lost again yesterday. To Virginia, 74-69. Syracuse’s record now is something like 7-6.

I have reached the point where I have stopped watching the games. Can’t handle it.

I have said and continue to believe this is Syracuse’s best team talent wise in 30 years. Great players. Play well. Can’t win.

The fabled zone defense is not holding up. Not the only reason. But, what else? There has to be more. I can’t see what though.


Enjoy your day!





  2. Lou posted “Nothing less than a severe jail term befits the crime”

    While these vandals need to be held accountable I consider this far less the crime than the death of Charles Eimers at the hands of the KW police. Even with taser audio of the police using very disturbing language bragging of the event, not one was held accountable. That is worthy of anger.

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