Wowie! What a backup on I-95 in Virginia!

Major snow storm. Cars backed up 17 miles. No one moving, going anywhere for 7 hours. During the night. Some cars running out of fuel which meant no heat.

Snow fall was not actually bad. Seven to twelve inches. Expected. No surprise.

Not a global warming problem. Man’s fault. Virginia has had snow before. The State failed to handle it well.

I lived 70 plus years in upstate New York. A real snow belt. Whether a major thruway or highway, the plows were out. Running over the same areas for hours till there was no more snow falling.

Sometimes things got to be too much. Cars were made to get into rest areas for a couple of hours.

Some interesting stories may come out of this. Like a baby or two being born. Hopefully no calamities.

Two days to January 6. A day that will go down in history similarly to Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

Two things we know will occur this year. Trump is making a speech. The rabble rouser from hell. Steve Bannon may also have his hand in some skullduggery. He has been promising things would happen for 2 weeks.

There may be a third impetus. People themselves who have given up on Trump. If so, they will be out doing their own dastardly deeds.

For whatever reason, talk of a civil war has been in the limelight a bit the past two weeks. I have been predicting one might come even before the January 6 insurrection.

Are we ready for the anticipated conflict? How many think there will really be one?

The North was not ready for the Civil War. They thought the South was all talk. Even as Fort Sumter was being attacked, they were not convinced what was to follow would be a civil war.

The North was surprised it was for real. The North won for the same reason the U.S. defeated Japan and Germany. We had the plants and manpower to operate them. Tied into American ingenuity in converting the plants into facilities for the making of weapons of war.

If there will be a civil war, I do not see it happening till 2024. Ergo, our government has more than sufficient time to destroy the people and things that seek the civil war.

Will we do it? I consider progress extremely slow so far. The enemy of the U.S. must be destroyed now. Not 2 years from now when it may be too late.

Repairs have begun on the Southernmost Point Buoy. They began saturday. Three or four more days required to complete.

The police advise they now have identified the criminals. Though no arrests have been made. The police would provide no further information claiming they “did not want to compromise the investigation.”

How stupid! They have the webcam video. They know the names of the villains.

Does not make sense to me.

Today’s COVID update.

Experts have described omicron as: “The fastest spreading virus in history.”

Makes sense. Look at the numbers. Recollect also that today is barely a month after omicron’s first case was detected in southern Africa.

Those refusing to get vaccinated are playing Russian roulette.

Florida. Hospitalizations this past weekend have resulted from 6,000 new cases. Deaths now 85,707.

Florida’s schools will remain open in spite of omicron concerns. DeSantis says, “Just let the kids be kids.”


Children’s hospitals across the country are reporting pandemic high numbers. The most ever. Unvaccinated the reason. Note children have not all received the ok to receive vaccines.

The FDA friday approved the Pfizer booster shot for 12-15 year olds.

I learned this morning a hospital somewhere in the U.S. has closed down its maternity ward. Insufficient staff available to care for the birthing mothers and baby.

School teachers are becoming a problem. Actually, all industries and businesses. The head of the Syracuse Teachers Association announced a Syracuse school had been closed because there were not enough teachers to staff the school.

Learned something new re teachers. The union head said fewer young people are entering the teaching profession and this was a contributing factor.

It was reported this morning that yesterday there were 1 million new cases in the U.S. Today expected to exceed that number.

Omicron acquirable from sex? Yes. First time I have seen it reported. Omicron reported to be more contagious than any STD.

The variant spreads from droplets in the air when persons are less than 6 feet apart. Makes sense. Sex requires a closer connection. Experts advise also that omicron spreads by mere touching of a surface recently touched by a person who has COVID-19.

Spoke with Donna this morning. On the mend. Returning to work tomorrow. Terri came down with the virus also. She is on the mend.

Tuesday again. Tonight by blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. A fast moving half hour where I hit hard calling them as I see them.

Join me.

Enjoy your day!

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