Trump’s actions this past week against the Post Office have been swift and decisive. He moved like a thief in the night to remove mail boxes, speed mail sorting machines, and delaying any monies needed.

Except, Trump did not make the moves in the dark of the night. He had them performed in the light of day.

Like screw you! I am the King! Oops, the President!

Trump moved openly and swiftly. Brought to mind Hitler’s blitzkrieg when he invaded Poland. Also similar,  the Night of the Long Knives when Hitler attacked Germany’s Catholic Church.

Trump is desperate to win and does not care what the American people think as to how he accomplishes his goal. I believe he errs this time. The people do care. Democrats and Republicans. Farmers. The elderly.

The first thing Trump’s Post Office actions accomplished was to give the Democrats an additional campaign issue. The American people consider Trump’s moves an assault on the needs of citizens who rely on daily deliveries.

Trump tells us all type things are wrong with the Post Office. If so, the American people were neither aware nor experiencing any deficiencies. Pew Research in an April study reported 91 percent approved the work of the Post Office.

Removing mail boxes a simple move that my mind however fails to understand. I have always believed there are not enough mail boxes. Whether I was living in Utica or Key West. Better to use the Post Office itself. In most instances also meant a 24 hour improvement in delivery time.

Trump hit Oregon, Montana, Indiana and Manhattan in the first round of mail box removals. Yesterday, it was announced Trump had put a stop to the removals.

Trump also has had speed mail sorting machines removed. These machines routinely process millions of pieces of mail a day. His obvious game to slow down mail processing which would cause havoc with mail in ballots.

The man destroys. Hopefully in this instance, the clamor of the American people will stop him.

Today another important one in American history. It was on this day in 1969 that legendary Woodstock opened in Bethel, New York.

Two prominent Key West musical talents were there. Fifty one years ago.  Larry Smith and Christine Cordone. What an experience it had to have been!

Ernest Hemingway had that special touch of genius. He could see what others could not. He was able to convey his observations in writing.

Following is a yesterday Hemingway quote that fits Trump today. Recognizes a difference between the two men: “I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.”

Consider these words…..Kamala Harris is the future, so Mike Pence may well be history.

Respectfully, the President is a whore. A manipulator. He is stacking his briefings.

Reporters very favorable to him are invited to attend the briefings. The President knows they are there, who they are, and what questions they will ask. The reporters are from media outlets most have never heard. Far right publications. Like One America Hears and The Epoch Times.

Reporters who throw “softball questions” to the President.

May Johnson does not let grass grow under her feet!

May wrote on her diary pages for 8/15/1856 and 8/16/1856 her dancing with many boys at La Brisa. Almost a daily thing.

May has a boy friend. Ernesto, I think. He works in Miami. Rarely visits Key West. The two keep in contact by letter writing. The problem being the letters are few and far between. Though May writes to Ernesto a bit more than he responds.

I assume Ernesto is dancing with the ladies in Miami. Apparently an “understanding” exists between the two.

Enjoy your Sunday!


10 comments on “LIKE A THIEF IN THE NIGHT

  1. I remember just a couple of days ago when John Galt was trying to obfuscate any issue with the postoffice, with a post on your blog where he was gaslighting about how it was fully funded for now and how “Donald Trump’s opposition to mail-in ballots is not going to have much effect on the USPS, at least not this year” and then pretend he had no idea what anybody was talking about when called on such nonsense.

    Why does anyone think they can still cover for Trump when it’s almost a certainty that he’ll do something to prove you wrong and make you look stupid.

    JG, tell us again why we should believe anything you want to post about Trump, or even anything about HIS government.

    • I’m sorry, Dear. John has gone out to the pool with a pitcher of margaritas. He was shaking his head and saying he has no time for ignorance and foolishness today. I’ll tell him of your message.

      • John Galt get’s caught trying to manipulate the good people on Lou’s blog with a distorted cover story to protect Trump and rather than own up, he sends his mother to cover for him. Here’s a guy, who wants to call himself John Galt, of all things, and can’t himself take responsibility for his own actions. That’s a number one reason never to trust a phony libertarian.

  2. For whatever it’s worth, the USPS has announced it will not remove high-speed mail sorting machines or mailboxes between now and Election Day. Beyond that there will have to be a substantial belt tightening. The USPS is losing $5B per year. Their delivery fleet is more than 20 years old on average. If you were the Director, what would you do beyond asking Congress for more money.

    As to their ability to deliver ballots, my $1200 stimulus check was delivered to me promptly by the post office. How did you get yours?

  3. Now that the train has left the station, the post office has announced they’ll stop the destruction of operating equipment essential to handling mail in voting. Too late, so that worked!

    BTW – My $1200 check never came. One person in my office got hers by direct deposit, but her husband’s didn’t come either. Almost no one I know got that check.

  4. The Post Office has been in financial trouble for a long time. It’s odd how Trump picked the few months before the election to enact “cost savings” measures like eliminating overtime pay for the workers. This reminds me of a long time ago when he bragged that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and nobody would do anything about it.

    • Come on Serge, you have ZERO credibility posting here after all the dishonest and misleading posts you have made in the past. I’m pretty sure no one want’s to know what you ‘heard’ or even what you think.

      • You sound like my sister. She always called me a dummy when we were growing up. But then the married a guy who delivers donuts to seven-eleven stores. Who’s the dummy now, huh? Who’s the dummy now?

  5. Are you feeling guilty or something about your sister? What does that have to do with ANYTHING anyone has brought up about you or your posts? Or are you just confessing some deep dark secret no one wants to hear either. I’m sorry you are some sort of mess, but I don’t see why you need to share any of that with Lou or anyone else on Lou’s blog. Only speaking for myself, of course, but please leave us alone with your troubles.

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