First my blog talk radio show from last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Never happened.

The show operates over my land line. My land line was dead! Called Comcast. They could not fix it. A repair man is scheduled for 5 this afternoon.

Such is life.

Wow, Laura is surprising everyone.

Five days ago it was a developing tropical storm. The cone was heading for the Keys.

Laura became a tropical storm. Weather experts said don’t worry, a nothing. Not forming well. Will probably dissipate before it hits landfall.

The cone started moving. No longer over Key West. The cone made it appear Laura would merely brush Key West. No big deal.

Suddenly, Laura was a Category 1. Moved south. Florida out of it completely. Hit Cuba and Puerto Rico hard, however.

Laura appeared to be gaining strength. Was now in the Gulf heading for Louisiana. Might be a Category 2.

Last night, it was a Category 3 and heading for Texas and Louisiana.

This morning it is in the process of becoming a Category 4. It will hit Texas and Louisiana as a 3 or 4.

All this happening in 5 days.

Hurricanes are fickle. This the most fickle I have observed.

Started off as a nothing and now a Category 4.

I was watching some Texas and Louisiana residents on TV this morning. Most are staying. Too late to get out they feel. One said he did not want to deal with the bumper to bumper traffic.

Irma was a 4. Irma did significant damage in the Keys when it became a 4. Irma was supposed to hit Key West right on as a 5. Moved a bit to the left and went over Key West as a 1. Turned slightly right again and was on a direct path over the Keys.

Cudjoe Key is 16 miles north of Key West. Irma was a 4 when it hit.

If you read Irma and Me, I described the damage I saw upon returning to Key West a week later. Terrible!

I got out of “Dodge” 5 days before Irma arrived. At that time, it was projected Irma would hit Key West as a Category 5. Scared me.

A tough night ahead for those still in Texas and Louisiana when Laura hits. A prayer is in order.

Dodge, again.

I read last night an article describing Key West as an “open city.” All I could think of was Dodge.

Why the open city description? TV channels 10, the Weather Channel and CNN showed scenes of Duval and tourists up and down Duval. Note that locals rarely go down to Duval in the day time.

Less than 10 percent of the revelers on Duval were wearing masks and social distancing.

Key West has mask and social distancing orders. Problem is they are not being enforced. Rules are of no value in combating coronavirus unless enforced.

Yesterday’s blog contained the story of the 20 year old young lady who had a heart attack. The paramedics and emergency room doctor declared her dead.

Her body was sent to a funeral parlor. As the funeral director was about to begin the embalming process, her eyes opened and she began breathing.

Last I knew, she was in the hospital in critical condition.

John Galt is a loyal blog reader. Comments frequently.

He suggested that historically being buried alive was not uncommon. “Safety coffins” were devised to help the supposed dead when they became aware they had been buried.

The time the 17th and 18th centuries.

The living became aware of the problem by the voices of those buried. Digging up the body not always timely. Bodies were found in or partially out of coffins. Hands generally in rough shape from digging attempts to get out.

Buried when alive was a concern of George Washington. He ordered that he not be buried for 3 days. Alfred Noble ordered his arteries be cut open. Frederic Chopin ordered his heart be cut out.

A serious problem.

The safety coffin was invented. A rope was attached inside the coffin. The other end was above ground attached to a pole or tombstone. It had a bell hanging on it. If the person buried should not have been, the “deceased” would ring the bell and hopefully someone would hear it.

The term “saved by the bell” came into being. Fitting.

Most view saved by the bell as a fighting term. It is. However a number of historians attribute the term’s origin to the safety coffin.

Thank you, John Galt.

Last evening was the second night of the Republican Convention. Failed to turn me on. Not because I dislike Trump. Rather I expected more and better from the show man.

The show in general went after Biden. He was referred to as a “swamp creature, communist dictator, and not being a nice guy.”

Lies were abundant. I cannot understand how Trump’s guests spouted the lies they did. What could they hope to gain?

Impossible for Trump to be reelected. His track record in office the worst ever for a President.

If I am wrong, the U.S. will not be a place I would want to spend my last few years. I have been looking. Portugal appealing.

The mighty fall.

Exxon a gas and oil giant for almost a century. For 92 years, it has been part of the Dow Jones Average. It will no longer be as of September 1.

Exxon will still be in business.  Profitable, though not as profitable as in past years.

New type companies are responsible for Exxon and other long term companies dropping down status wise. New kids on the block. Companies like Amazon.

Coronavirus a contributing factor to Exxon’s problems, also.

Hackley’s diary entry for this date 1855 contained the following: “The baby had a fever again.”

The baby has been sick for months. I worry.

Enjoy your day!



23 comments on “LAURA A BIGGIE

    • Yeah, I can only imaging of Irma hitting here at night when we couldn’t have seen the destruction from where ever we had fled to, during the forced evacuation. That would have been much worse.

  1. The latest Zogby poll has Trump’s approval rating at 52%. What is interesting is he has a 36% approval among African Americans, 37% among Hispanic Americans and 35% approval among Asian Americans.

      • Don’t worry, the Zogby poll is one of those polls that is not well respected at all. It is widely thought to be a biased and phony Republican poll. The kind of thing Trump backs, but no one else believes, except the the wacko press .

        Anyone who would reference this on Lou’s blog is just trying to mess with him, or maybe with his readers.

  2. The mayhem and shootings in Wisconsin last night was done by a 17 year old kid from Illinois with an asault rifle. Like Portland and Seattle, and just about everywhere else, he was part of a right wing group, walking the streets, until he stumbled and fell on his own (there’s video), immediately started shooting as he got up, unprovoked.

    Trump has now sent in the National Guard, do you think they will quell these right wing groups who come here just to provoke this, or will they provoke the rightful protestors?

    • I guess I saw a different video. In the one I saw the kid was still on the ground as at least six thugs moved in on him. One of them was holding a handgun. The first was already on top of him, trying to beat on him. The kid, from a seated position shot the one on top of him, and then shot the other two as they approached. The others backed off with their hands up.

      Let’s be clear. The 17 year old kid shouldn’t have been there at all. And he shouldn’t have been armed with a semi-auto rifle. But if I was ever being threatened by BLM thugs, I wouldn’t mind having this kid back me up.

      One good thing about all this. Jacob Blake won’t be committing any more sexual crimes against women.

      The National Guard was requested by the Governor.

      • From the tone of your post I’m guessing you are less bothered by Trumps self professed sexual crimes against women.

    • As Democrats riot and loot cities, I thank them for giving Americans a preview of their rule. Democrats are willing to ruin the country to take it over.

  3. The political benefits of state-sanctioned rioting for Communists are obvious. By destroying Democrat-run cities, the Communists destroy the small businesses that are the backbone of the middle cla$$, which is the base of Capitalism.

  4. The Dems have got to find a way to shut down this rioting, burning, intimidation stuff. Sure, there are some right wing militias in the mix. But the biggest problem is BLM radicals and antifa thugs. Voters are paying attention, and they blame the democrats. It needs to stop now!

    • Fear is powerful. Democrats misunderstood it. They thought they could bully people into voting for Basement Biden. But burning buildings and looting stores leads to a backlash. Mocking the McCloskeys is the last thing Democrats should do because if a rich person is vulnerable to these mobs, how the heck can the rest of us protect ourselves?

  5. Serge, you need to get a grip. You and your pseudonym alter ego don’t know what you are talking about (as usual). Get your facts straight, before you open your mouth. Kyle Rittenhouse, that 17 year old vigilante from Illinois has been arrested on 1st degree murder charges.

  6. Serge/Sandy, Don, whoever you are today, you need to stop trying to stir up trouble on Lou’s blog with your lies and distortions. According to AP reporting: “Witness accounts and video indicate the gunman first shot someone at a car lot just before midnight, then jogged away, fell in the street, and opened fire again as members of the crowd closed in on him.”

    • Karen, I saw those reports, too. But it’s confusing because police are not reporting any additional shootings at or near the car lot. And Rittenhouse has not been charged with shooting anyone else. Maybe there will be more info later.

      • Yeah, and maybe you should have waited, or reported what WAS printed and not the BS you chose lie about. The video of him running down the street alone, then falling THEN shooting was available from the beginning

  7. Yes, he has. But the sequence of events in the videos don’t support that. 1st degree murder requires proof of premeditation. The kid was on the ground and being attacked. Hard to prove that he was on that street with the premeditated intention to kill victim one and victim two.

    I’ll wait now while you list all the facts that I got wrong in my post.

    • Yes they do, and you have a long reputation on this blog for listing pure Bull Sh*t, under several different names. You outright lie at the drop of a hat and attempt to distort everybody elses post when ever possible. You have ZERO credibility for many factually incorrect past posts and can’t seem to stay on any topic within even your own posts.

      It is not up to us to correct your posts anymore, you laugh and change the subject every time you get caught anyhow. a 17 year old kid crossed state lines with an azzualt rifle and shot someone for which he has been charged with 1st degree murder. Stop wasting our time trying to throw cover on this BS and start telling the truth for a change, before someone calls you a scumbag and you have to start crying about that.

      • There Name are Anthony Huber 26, from Silver Lake, WI -dead
        Joseph Rosembaum 36, Kenoosha, WI, dead
        Gaige Grosskreutz 26, West Allis, WI, shot in the arm.

        Serge and Done Serge, yiu pieces of sh*t

    • Maybe he’ll have his sentence reduced to some lesser type of murder, and then your simple mind and deviant personality can claim a victory to your perversions and you can spike the ball. Two kids were killed, and apparently another wounded, all by a 17 year old out of state kid with an azzualt rifle and you want to twist this into something just OK, What an azzhole

    • I think that the American public knows that armed right wing vigilante groups walking around in our public places is not what they want. I also think people know that these groups are in a large part responsible for the violent part of these protests.

      Yes Republicans are sanctimonious outraged when black people protest in any way and will NOT vote for any Democrats because of this bias, but there are an awful lot of BLM people and their sympathizers that are going to vote this time just so Trump and his fascist republican followers don’t win.

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