The arguments for opening or not opening schools understandable. Merit on both sides. More merit however on the side of keeping them closed at the present time.

The well being of children always a first priority.

Many disagree. One reason is they want a return to normalcy. Don’t we all? The other it will free Mom up to return to work. Important as well.

However standing on the mountain top way above those considerations is the health of children.

A Florida judge saw it this way in a decision last week. He temporarily blocked Governor DeSantis’ from forcing public schools to reopen brick and mortar classrooms amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The judge ruled the State’s order “arbitrarily disregards safety.”

Amazing how hurricanes fly! Never know where they are going to end up.

Laura initially was supposed to broadside Key West. Then was going to miss it. However, Key West would have wind and rain.

Laura was supposedly weak. A tropical storm when first reported. Some weather experts thought it would dissipate and bother no one.

That story began 4 days ago.

This morning it is reported Laura is in the Gulf Coast. Expected to hit Louisiana and Texas. As a Category 3. Wow! From a nothing tropical storm to a big hurricane.

Never came near Key West.

Nature has its own way.

Sea weed. We all know what is sea weed is. The stinking green stuff thrown up on beaches.

There is another “sea weed.” Marijuana.

A family was fishing 30 miles off the Middle Keys. They caught a duffel bag. A duffel bag filled with 10-15 bundles of marijuana. Which reportedly “smelled phenomenal.”

A return to “square grouper” days!

Hackley wrote in his diary for this day in 1855 that the baby had a fever for several hours. It would not go away. Hackley rubbed the baby with water on the baby’s head and stomach. Called the doctor. Doctor said keep rubbing the baby down with water. If fever returned, use a little Ipecas on the skin.

Matilda still suffering.

The boil on her left breast broke. The one on the right remains and is “very painful.”

The pain must have been awful. Matilda went buggy riding with a friend in the afternoon.

The first evening of the Republican Convention was last night. It was reported this morning that the “first night of the Republican National Convention featured more lies than the four nights of the DNC.”

Excerpts from 3 comments by blog readers: A Trump “be very afraid” show. “Doom and gloom.”

The other indicated Trump was going to fix our problems. Ones he’s created. Good luck! A leopard never changes his spots.

Another found the evening “weird.”

Personally, I thought most of the speakers were crazy. Who yelled, who threw her arms ever upward, etc. Weirdos all.

One thing that especially bothered me were the blacks he had speaking on his behalf. It’s a free country. You can be whatever political persuasion you desire. Never the less, I viewed them as traitors to their own people. Trump could care less about black people. He hates them.

We are all sinners. Some less than others. Some, more.

Hypocrisy enters the picture on occasion. Like a religious who sins to an extreme. Catholic priests and young boys for example.

There have been many individual clerics who were found wanting. Many who became involved in sexual wrongdoings.

The most recent is the Rev. Jerry Falwell Jr. Son of Jerry Falwell. President of Liberty University.

When it rains, it pours. He got hit big time!

He posted a picture of himself on Instagram. Not very bright. His trousers were unzipped and he had his arm around a woman not his wife.

The door was open. Another story came out.

A former business partner claims he had a sexual relationship with Falwell and his wife Becki for 6 years. Becki and the friend would have sex while Falwell sat on a chair in the corner watching.

Falwell appears to have thrown his wife under the wheels of a bus. He claims only she had sex.

Falwell initially resigned as President and a Board member of Liberty University. Then withdrew both and took a leave of absence instead.

Falwell is not the first cleric to fall. I recall Jim Baker some 40-50 years ago. A very popular TV pastor.

His downfall arose out of some sex involving he and his wife. It opened the door to his organization’s books. Baker did some time in prison.

Then there was another major TV cleric some 30 years ago. He was involved in homosexual activity. He went down.

There were many more.

Illicit sex is one of man’s greatest weaknesses.

Note that I condemn not. I fully subscribe to Jesus’ words: “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” We are all sinners to some degree.

Where is the second major stimulus package? The House passed theirs more than 3 months ago. The Senate has never acted on the House bill nor countered with one of their own. Trump claims he will veto the House bill if it reaches his desk.

In the meantime, America’s millions out of work are having all kinds of financial difficulties. From not being able to put food on the table to the impending mortgage foreclosures.

Watched parts of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s testimony yesterday before a Congressional committee.

Without a doubt, an absolutely lousy witness. He was not cute or trying to be evasive. He just knew nothing. And you could see he was telling the truth in that regard.

A Trump tool.

Housing prices hit a record high. The purchases must be by the very rich. No one has any money. Tie it to the mortgage foreclosures that will start in September or October involving the less financially secure who will not be able to meet their mortgage payments.

Economic experts believe the real estate market bubble is about to burst. So do I. Never forget that what goes up, must go down.

What I am about to relate is relatively common. I wrote an article on the problem several years ago. It happens.

People who are not dead yet declared dead.

Timisha Beauchamp is a 20 year old young lady who sunday suffered a heart attack. The paramedics gave her CPR for 30 minutes before declaring her dead. An emergency room doctor confirmed the prognosis.

Timisha’s body was delivered to a funeral home. The funeral home was about to begin the embalming process when Timisha opened her eyes and began breathing.

At the moment she remains alive in a hospital in critical condition. Since she was without medical care for a period of time, the doctors are not sure how her life will be if she lives.

Tonight Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Oh, so much to talk about!

Join me at 9 my time for a quick moving and interesting half hour.

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  1. Floating weed, ha ha, wink wink. People not for legalizing all drugs are responsible for the overcrowded prisons and the street crime violence.

  2. Lou, I was interested in your story about Timisha Beauchamp and her apparent “death”. As you know, many people throughout history lived in fear of being buried alive. The psychological term is taphophobia. It did happen from time to time. There were numerous known cases in the 1700s and 1800s before the arrival of modern medicine. George Washington requested that his body be laid out for three days before burial. Alfred Nobel asked that his arteries be cut open, and Frederic Chopin even requested that his heart be cut out.

    In response, inventors came up with “safety coffins” that supposedly allowed a buried person to signal those above that he was alive. One design included a bell that could be rung by the buried person. This is believed by some to be the origin of the expression “saved by the bell”, although it is also boxing slang. There’s no evidence to show that anyone was ever actually saved by these safety coffins or even that they were ever put to use.

  3. Once again, this time with regards to opening schools during an infectious and deadly virus pandemic that easily spreads with close human contact. This shouldn’t be about should we open them or keep them closed, as some people want the argument to be, but rather should they and can they be opened in ANY responsible and sensible way, rather then just throwing the doors wide open without any restrictions, as was being done in Georgia, with wild abandon. Many states are doing a school reopening with caution and in responsible ways. We can manage this so much better without a stupid and dangerous all or nothing, black and white, Republican vs Responsible kind of way.

    This issue of a deadly virus pandemic is NOT a hoax people, we can manage this better than we are doing, way better. Our lives and the lives of our children are depending on us to do the right thing.

    • And the teachers, and the janitors, and the School Bus drivers and the police a**+
      igned to schools, and the crossing guards, the lunch room ladies, and don’t forget the parents with whom those sick school children have to live.

      We’re in for a bigger disaster with this than we’re prepared for.

  4. I agree with you Lou, the contrast between the Democrat Convention and the Republican Convention is like night and day. The Democrats were so much more upbeat and hopeful and the Republicans just plain hateful and dark. Four more years of that kind of Making America Great Again will kill all of us.

  5. Did it finally sink in that nobody believes him when he says that the Democrats are going to confiscate all the guns and that saying it only makes him sound even dumber?

    • But his supporters will believe that. They don’t want to take a chance of participating in Black Lives Matter, or any other protest marches or any riots without guns.

  6. “At the moment she remains alive in a hospital in critical condition. Since she was without medical care for a period of time, the doctors are not sure how her life will be if she lives”

    I bet her attorneys are certain how her bank account will look after the lawsuit.

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