It was the modem. Ten years old. Died. Replaced and I was back in business about 5.

Insanity prevails!

Trump wants Biden drug tested. Trump will submit to a drug test also.

Makes me wonder what Trump snorts.

The reason for the requested drug test is that Biden showed great improvement during the primary debate season. Other than his opinion, Trump offered no evidence of Biden’s purported drug use. His request based on mere speculation.

Trump made a similar request prior to the second Presidential debate in 2016. Trump thought Hillary Clinton should be drug tested.

Pence was Pence last night.

Noted Trump would bring safety and order to the U.S.

A typical Trump line reiterated by his #2. I find it amusing. Trump causes the problems and then says he will correct them. The inference being the opposition began the muckraking.

Another Pence statement: “You won’t be satisfied in Biden’s America.” Many Americans are not satisfied in Trump’s America!

Back when I was in the 8th grade, I gave a speech from a fire truck during Fire Prevention Week. The privilege the result of a composition I wrote.

I concluded the speech with “A match has a head but no brain.” Trump has a head but no brain.

Pam Bondi. Former Florida Attorney General. She spoke last night at the Republican Convention.

One of Bondi’s clients these days is the nation of Qatar. She is a registered lobbyist for Qatar. Qatar is one of the richest nations in the world.

I thought her actions while Attorney General were a bit far out. Her thought process appears not to have changed.

She charged Biden with being engaged in self-dealing and nepotism as regards the Ukraine, Hunter and Biden himself.

The accusations have long been debunked. Several times. Nevertheless, Bondi resurfaced them.

A cheap shot.

Bondi has achieved success. Good for her! One way or another, she “owes her soul to the company store.”

Laura hit land as a Category 4 last night. Swiftly became a 3. Expected to be a 2 as it moves inland.

The surge was expected to be deadly. Something like 15-20 feet. Fortunately, it did not arrive in populated areas. It made its way through swamp areas.

Initial damage not yet known. Obviously will be bad. Very bad. However would have been much worse had the surge come over the cities.

Hackley’s diary entry today much longer than normal. More than half concerned the baby. Constant high fever, sweat and no sweat.

The baby is one tough infant. Hope she survives.

May’s diary entry indicated she went to La Brisa with Charlie. Wonder if her mother knew.

Do not understand May’s relationship with her purported lover Ernesto. While he is out of town working, she is out with many different men.

Is this a when the cat is away the mice will play situation? I am beginning to wonder.

Doctor vist later in the morning. Hope I get definitive information re my purported kidney problem. It has been a month since discovery and no one is sure yet what and why.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Republicans know the election benefit of appearing tough on crime and specifically tough on rioting. They have been spending a lot of time on stocking this issue actually causing problems they themselves, then taking the credit for cracking down. This Kenosha thing is just one more example of right wing groups interfering in what can only be described as an encouraged stunt to create mayhem, just like the documented interferences by right wing operators in Seattle, Portland and even the original problem in Minneapolis, all documented. Don’t be fooled, we’re being punked.

    • Yea. Those right wing militias in Portland are still stirring up trouble after 92 nights of peaceful, non-violent gatherings by protesters. Hard to believe, isn’t it? I’m not sure why it would be the right-wingers who are intent on burning government buildings. But, hey, if you say so, it must be true.

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