Change in plans last night. Reardon could not make the Syracuse game till the second half. I do not like watching a game without another fan. Decided therefore to stay home and watch Syracuse/Florida State and the Democrat debate from the comfort of my recliner chair and bed.

Best basketball game Syracuse has played this year. Shot 63 percent in beating Florida State 85-72. Go Orange!

I am afraid to get enthused.

The Democrat debate interesting. I could discern a winner. Both were good.

Hillary continues to disappoint me. She talks with a forked tongue. Whatever she did yesterday is changed today. Her positions slide from one position to another. People sense this.

My only outside activity was the anti-gravity treadmill in the morning. Cold out. I wore a leather jacket to ward off the cold when I left Body Owners. I am sweating profusely at that time.

Jenny’s mother in law in St. Augustine is in a bad way. Jenny and her husband are with her.

The outstanding female author of modern times has to be Judy Blume. Young girls read all her books. She guided the young ladies through their formative years.

Blume is still writing these days. This time for the older generation. Many of whom were part of the younger generation who previously read her.

Today is Judy’s birthday. Happy birthday, Judy! Born this day in 1938.

One of Key West’s most popular places is known to locals only. Unfortunately. Everyone should know about Dion’s so all can enjoy the place.

Dion’s is a gas station and convenience store. Dion’s prepares fried chicken. Every day. The best! Perhaps too oily. Artery clogging. That is what makes it so good!

It was announced yesterday that Dion’s is being sold. After 68 years as a family business. I hope the new owners continue selling the tasty chicken.

This week’s KONK Life column  Joe Btfspik of Li’l Abner Fame appears today in E-News Blast.

Bum Farto, where are you?

Joseph “Bum” Farto was Key West’s Fire Chief. He was accused of being involved in the selling of drugs. Arrested. Tried. Convicted. In 1976, sentenced to 31 years.

A couple of days following the sentencing, he disappeared. Some say from the front of his house. Two cars pulled up and took him away. Whether abducted or simply disappeared on his own is not known to this day.

Farto disappeared never to return. The Jimmy Hoffa of Key West.

Enjoy your day!


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