Arrogance knows no bounds. Stupidity, also. Two things have come to my attention that should be shared with you. Thus far, the media has failed to discuss either.

Flint, Michigan. Lead in the water. The world shocked. Authorities knew and failed to warn its citizens. The Governor himself complicit.

General Motors has a factory in Flint. Soon after the change over to Flint River water, GM noticed car parts were becoming corroded when washed with water on the assembly line. GM complained to the Governor.

The Governor saw to it that GM’s water line was reconnected from the Flint River to Lake Huron. Immediately. At a cost of $440,000. The $440,000 to be paid by the State.

This was during the time the Governor and other authorities were aware of the lead problem and failed to make the citizens aware.

The other involves the Tamir Rice estate. Tamir was the 12 year old black boy shot and killed by a Cleveland police officer. Cleveland is the operative word.

EMTs who were at the scene tried to help Tamir. They also removed his body from the scene. They too were Cleveland employees. The EMT operation part and parcel of Cleveland government.

There is a $500 bill for the EMT services. Cleveland has filed a Creditor’s Claim against Tamir’s estate. They want his heirs, his parents, to pay the bill.

Yesterday morning turned out to be special. For whatever reason, my mind and hands worked well together. I wrote much. All good. I was happy with the final product.

Decided to party. Went to Square Grouper for lunch. Even had a drink to celebrate.

I had never been to Square Grouper before. Excellent!

Decided on a late dinner. Tried Tavern ‘n Town and Hot Tin Roof. No room at the inn. Key West overloaded with tourists. People standing around waiting for tables.

Ended up at Ibis. A good choice, even if my third one. Enjoyed stone crabs. My favorite food.

Birth control and to some extent abortion are issues with a long history. More than a 100 years. Let me take you back to 1916.

Emma Goldman was a crusader for women’s rights and social justice. She was arrested for lecturing and distributing birth control materials.

Goldman was a mentor to Margaret Sanger. In the same year, Sanger opened America’s first birth control clinic in Brooklyn. The police shut down the clinic after ten days.

Why is it that things having to do with women are decided in the first instance by men?

Had to fill the gas tank yesterday. $2.01 a gallon. Lowest I have paid in years. Can’t wait for it to drop below $2.00.

Syracuse basketball tonight. Syracuse playing Florida State at 7.

Dan Reardon, lets watch the game together at Jack Flats. My guest Barbara will be with me. Will need an extra seat.

Confirm by e-mail that we will be together.

My sort of Li’l Abner tale was linked to my Key West Lou website this morning. The title: Joe Btfspik of Li’l Abner Fame.

Enjoy your day!



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