Landlords suffering from high tenant rents. Truly paranoia! Delusional! Bullshit pure and simple!

Yet on 12/9/22,  the British newspaper The Telegraph ran an article titled: Landlords Face Crisis As Tenants’ Rent Burden Reaches 10 Year High.

Landlords feeling the crisis???  Whether in Britain or the U.S., who is kidding who? The article’s title has to have been poor writing. An editing failure. Impossible to be believable.

Amazon announced yesterday it is laying off 18,000. Claims it needs to cut costs.

The cuts will primarily hit the corporate workforce. Warehouse workers will not be affected.

Amazon had recently announced the firing would be 10,000. However decided yesterday to increase it to 18,000.

As large as 18,000 sounds, it amounts to just a little more than one percent of Amazon’s 1.5 million employees.

What will today bring in the house Speakers vote? Will McCarthy survive another day?

The two sides fight each other. A group of 20 holding off the will of 201. Issues have nothing to do with anything that involves the good of the country.

McCarthy continues to give up Speaker power to win. If he succeeds, he will be powerless. An empty victory. One of no value. History will recognize it as such.

Bess Levin at it again. Recognizing what is bad. She published on 1/3, “Greene, Boebert, Gaetz: The Worst People You Know Are Having A Fight.”

She wrote: “There are a lot of awful people in the United States Congress, but it wouldn’t be hard to make the case that Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, and Matt Gaetz are among the very worst of the worst. Their awfulness usually binds them, but at present, the worst people in Washington are in a fight.” Greene is supporting McCarthy, Boebert and Gaetz are against him.

Must be McCarthy promised more to Greene that he could Boebert and Gaetz.

How the mighty fall! I refer to Rudy Giuliani. His world continues to collapse.

A New York woman has filed a sexual harassment claim against him. The accuser Nicolle Dunphy. She claims “Giuliani is a sexist sexual predator and abuser.”

The case was filed via a Summons in New York Supreme Court yesterday. It relates to activities which allegedly occurred from 2019-2021. She seeks $3.1 million.

Dunphy is representing herself. Strange in and of itself.

Next a report concerning a recent “article” in the Andy Borowitz Report. I know! It’s a satire! A spoof! I only err once. Worth reporting. A little humor never hurts.

Its title “Kari Lake Furious That  Some Liars Like George Santos, Got To Win And She Didn’t.”

With tongue in cheek, Borowitz wrote that Lake said, “Totally unfair” a liar such as George Santos got to win and she did not. “Shows that not all liars are treated equally in the U.S.” Further, “I spread some perfectly normal lies about my election being stolen, and I go down in flames.” Santos “claims he did everything but walk on the moon and invent the i.Phone, and he sails to victory. I don’t want to live in an America like that.”

The Boat Bar existed on Duval back in the 1970’s. It was across the street from Sloppy Joe’s. Steve’s Taco Stand stood next door to the Boat Bar.

Steve Thompson shares his recollections of the place.

The Boat Bar on Duval was well known in the seventies. The Taco Stand had to deal with their hookers and junkies. The Key West topless bar was on our other side. They all used our restrooms when they wanted to hide. Syringes and paper towels all over the place. The cleanup crew said it was disgusting to face.

There were fights almost every night.

Everyone came to the Taco Stand for a bite. We had a good crew and they handled it just fine. It was by far the best store of mine.

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