Today is January 6. Two years ago today, the attack on the Capitol occurred. A day of consequence in American history. To be remembered and recalled at the least every January 6.

As should December 7.

Nothing less than front page news.

Unfortunately, out local newspaper the Keys Citizen does not appear to agree.

This past December 7, no front page article re Pearl Harbor. Two or four lines in The History section on page 2. A lengthy article buried deep in the paper. Something like page 8, though I cannot recall accurately the page number.

On this January 6, the insurrectionist attack on the Capitol has been similarly ignored on the Citizen’s front page. The Today in History portion on page 2 devoted several lines to the event. I could not find anything else, though an article might have been found deeper in its 20 odd pages. The Citizen is confusing once one gets through its first 3-4 pages.

Why does the Citizen ignore the presentation of major American events?

I do not believe it is because the powers to be do not care. Rather I suspect it is money. Key West has roughly 4 employees stationed here. The rest of the Citizen is put together up north somewhere.

Money should not be an excuse. How hard is it to write an historical piece. The facts are the same. Rarely change, unless there is a new development.

Today’s Citizen had 4 articles front page. Means they were considered the most important. They were that 427 Cuban migrants had completed processing at Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas, the photos and biographies of 2 of the several City Manager candidates, and the Mayor’s State of the City Address.

With the exception of the Mayor’s State of the City, the others could have been printed anywhere else. None of the 3 necessarily front page news. Room was available if those in control wanted to prepare and publish a piece involving January 6.

Keys Citizen: Time to get your act together! Do your job correctly! Stop cheating your customers!

Kevin McCarthy is doing well. He has gotten his ass beat 3 days in a row, Eleven votes and he lost all 11. How many more votes till he sees the handwriting on the wall. He does not have nor ever will have sufficient votes to win. He should withdraw and let the business of the people move on.

Embarrassed he will be. No question. However, he brought the pain upon himself.

Damar Hamlin is America’s newest hero. God bless him! The Lord must be watching over him. He has begun a slow recovery.

A class act. His first question when he came to: Did we win?

His football playing days are over. Should be. If he continues, he’s crazy. He can still enjoy his chosen profession as a coach. He will rise through the ranks rapidly.

I screwed up the Steve Thompson story about the Boat Bar yesterday. Sorry Steve, sorry one and all. In defense, Steve’s early years in Key West were exciting and successful. I got his successes muddled.

In the 1970’s, Steve had 3 taco stands in Key West. All successful. He was making money.

The Boat Bar was not next to the taco stand he owned across the street from Sloppy Joe’s. My mistake. It was located at 503 Duval. Across the street from the Kress building which became the home for years of Fast Buck Freddie’s. Next door at 501 Duval was the location of Steve’s taco stand I wrote about yesterday. It sat on the corner of Duval and Fleming. Today the home of Banana Republic.

Around the corner on Fleming was the West Key Bar. Yes, the West Key Bar. Not the Key West Bar.

I think I have it correct finally. Hopefully. It’s not always easy folks!

There is a great white shark swimming around the Seven Mile Bridge.

A lot known about the great white. Her name Sable. She was tagged last year by Ocreach. Ergo, she “pings.”

The last time Sable’s presence was noted was November. She was swimming off Cape Cod. She is now in the Keys having traveled down seeking warm waters.

Sable is 10 1/2 feet and weighs 800 pounds.

Syracuse/Virginia basketball tomorrow night at 5 pm. Virginia ranked #11, Syracuse unranked. Syracuse however has won 7 of its last 8 games. A Syracuse victory would place them in the top 25.

Too bad Dr. McIvor passed on. He was a Virginia grad. We would have been talking about the game this week.

Blood tests at the hospital yesterday afternoon. The Tampa doctor who performed the parathyroid surgery on me in July is doing some follow up work. Two calcium blood tests.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Seems to me that while you can read about the January 6th riots on numerous sources, the profiles for candidates for Key West manager are not available any other place so the Citizen is using good judgment in putting them on front page.

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