Open today with some Keys information.

Keys sense of humor as reflected in today’s Citizens’ Voice: “The Chinese balloon has now drifted over Cudjoe Key. It’s been up there all day spying on secret lobster pots. Where is the Conch Republic Air Force when needed?”

The Monroe County Sheriff operates an animal farm: The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Animal Farm.

The Sheriff is having an open house Sunday 2/12 from 1-3 pm at 5525 College Road beneath the headquarters of the Sheriff’s Office. The event is free and open to the public.

Today a significant one in the history of North Roosevelt Boulevard development. On this day in 1964, ground was broken for the 20 acre $1 million Sears Shopping Town Center.

How time changes things! The Sears portion has been closed and empty for a couple of years. There is talk of adding a floor and turning that area of the shopping center into affordable housing.

At one time, Key West was a very busy point of entry in the U.S. Third busiest in 1930 with 38,391 passengers. Only New York and Boston had more arrivals.

A Ben Harrison play opens February 15 and will run through February 25 at the Fringe Theater on White Street. The play is titled El Isleno 1921, The Untold Key West Story. Rumored to be excellent.

Following is what could happen in the U.S. if Trump is President again or some one like DeSantis becomes President.

On this day in 1936, the German Nazi Reichstag passed a law investing the Gestapo secret police with absolute authority, exempt from any legal review.

Florida’s menstruation controversy did not last long. Shot down!!!

The Florida High School Athletic Association’s 16 member Board of Directors held an emergency meeting yesterday (2/9) to discuss the proposal requiring female high school athletes to disclose information about their menstrual history. The Board voted 14-2 to scrap the controversial proposal. The Board voted instead to require students to submit a one page doctor signed paper to indicate whether the young lady was healthy enough to compete.

This one page document is a joke! The Board is covering their ass in effect by saying we took something away, but are substituting the one page doctor’s report. For what? The doctor is going to require a physical before he writes even a minimal report. He will charge for it. Who pays? Mom and Pop?

I do not know if everyone is expected to have insurance or there is insurance for minors in Florida to cover the report.

A disgraceful conclusion to a stupid idea.

Again, the proposal did not last long. Everyone was up in arms. Students, parents, doctors and others buried the Board with their thoughts: “It is a gross and an extreme sexist invasion of privacy…..Hey, what in the world are you thinking?…..Get this off your agenda and issue a press release to say you’re sorry…..The question does not have any bearing on a female being able to perform tasks. Its simple purpose: To shame and degrade females from participating in sports…..The standards do not apply equally to when a boy begins to masturbate…..Information about male students’ ejaculations also should be collected.”

The Turkey/Syria earthquake deaths are reaching 23,000. Only 5 percent of areas involved have been searched for survivors/bodies so far. Means deaths will exceed 100,000.

I watched on TV a 5 year old boy who had ben buried for 100 hours being recovered. He was alive. Thank God. Others were dead. The sadness of it all.

Love Marjorie Taylor Greene! Everything she has done to rehabilitate her image has failed.

The woman is a born loser!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hey Lou, I read this on line and thought you’d get a kick out of it:

    Republican superstar Marjorie Taylor Greene is nothing more than Tonya Harding, in a fur coat!

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