There was a time in ancient history when naked young woman were beaten with animal hides by equally naked men and had sex with certain of them over a 3 day period from February 13-15. Both sexes drunk from alcohol consumption.

Their play pagan frolicking. Known as Lupercalia. Consider by some as the beginning of Valentine’s Day.

Then there was Roman Emperor Claudius II. He gets to claim a part of the supposed history of Valentine’s Day because he ordered the execution of two separate men by the name of Valentine during different eras of his reign. Both were later canonized and became St. Valentines.

The two considerations mentioned both valid considerations. However only peripheral.

The valid question is when and why did Valentine’s Day become the romantic lovey-dovey day it is.

The Valentine’s Day as we know it had its beginnings in the Middle Ages. We have the poet Geoffrey Chaucer to thank. Especially two of his 14th century works: The Parliament of Fowls and The Complaint of Mars.

In The Parliament of Fowls, he wrote: “Where every fowl comes there his mate to take.”

The basis for February 14 in Chaucer’s writings was the 14th was the first day of spring, the air in Britain was fresh, birds began to mate, it was the beginning of love season for birds. Stated in today’s vernacular, “It was the birds!”

Then came Shakespeare with amorous associations in his writings.

Love letter writing was next in line to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The mid-1800’s marked the beginning of many of the commercialized Valentine’s Day traditions. Flower sending, one. Richard Cadbury created the first heart shaped box of chocolates. A confectionary company began stamping out an early version of Conversation Hearts.

By the early 1910’s, an American company that one day would become Hallmark began distributing “Valentine’s Day cards.”

The rest is history.

Cupid is important in the development process. Cupid is a symbol of the love filled holiday. Easy to understand why.

In Roman mythology, Cupid was the son of Venus, goddess of love and beauty. He was known to shoot arrows at both gods and humans, causing them to fall in love instantly with one another.

A late afternoon manicure with Tammy yesterday. What a business she and husband Rick have. Endless cash flow. God bless them!

Wanted to have a drink. Gave a call to Steve Thompson. He and Cindy agreed to meet me in the Chart Room at 5:30.

I arrived at 5:20. The Chart Room opens at 5. Normally empty till 6. Not last night. Packed like sardines when I arrived. Noisy as hell.

Called Cindy and told her to meet me at the Pier House Beach Bar.

I walked back and found it was no different. Not a chair at the bar empty. Only one table, which fortunately I grabbed.

Not normal. I suspect it was the early crowd for the Jimmy Buffett show at the Amphitheater.

I enjoyed 2 hours with Steve and Cindy. Wonderful people.

A Bob walked by. Stopped as he was passing. Said to Steve he knew him. Steve did not recall. Bob said they met a few years earlier in the Chart Room where he began reading some of Steve’s writings of the 1970’s Key West. Then Bob recalled me. We had never met. He used to watch my podcasts. I have not done one in several years. Nice of him to recall, however.

The three of us had an interesting chat. Bob is from Ohio. Some town where alcohol is prohibited.

The “object” shot down onto the ice off shore to Alaska. No certainty yet to whom it belongs. Smaller than the balloon shot down in the Atlantic a few days ago.

The big question is who does the “object” belong to. TV media says could be Russia or China. I do not agree. Putin has enough on his hands now. No way is he going to add to his aggravations. China would not have the “balls” to send out anther balloon/object.

My guess. North Korea. Kim Jung Un is stupid enough to pull such a stunt. Recall also, Biden and Kim Jung Un do not exchange “love letters” as Trump did with the North Korea leader.

Enjoy your day!





  1. Hey Lou, do you think that Trump’s newly discovered laptop has any “dick pics”?

    I think it does, his repair man tech guy says it does!

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