Biden names Republicans seeking changes to Social Security and Medicare.

In the State of the Union Address, Biden said some Republicans wanted to target Social Security and Medicare. Republicans in the audience jeered and decried his statements.

Yesterday in Wisconsin, Biden identified specifically some of the Republicans he was talking about tuesday night.

Note Marjorie Taylor Greene, together with others, shouted: “Liar, liar” when Biden made the representation.

Biden yesterday named Senator Rick Scott who in a printed brochure said Social Security and Medicare were “sunset” and merely required votes every five years in order to continue the programs.

Senator Ron Johnson suggested in his reelection campaign last August that Social Security and Medicare be eliminated. He claimed the programs would require annual approval by Congress as discretionary spending.

Senator Mike Lee. Biden quoted from a 2020 video that his plan was to “phase out Social Security…..and that Medicare and Medicaid…..need to be pulled up” by the roots.

Lee also told a group of voters on 2/23/2010 that he was about to “tell you one thing you probably never heard from a politician. It will be my objective to phase out Social Security, to pull it up from the roots and get rid of it.”

Trump has begun taking DeSantis serious. He has resorted to name calling, lying. Trump has begun pushing “DeSantis is a pedophile” stuff.

As mush as I dislike DeSantis, Trump’s attack is sickening. Typical of the liar he is and has been.

If DeSantis had any pedophilic tendencies, the media would have been on it long ago.

The devastation continues to mount in Turkey and Syria. Deaths now exceed 17,000. Injuries 65,000. Property damage similar to that in a war zone.

Beside human and material help being needed, prayers are in order.

Dinner at La Te Da last night. Meal and company outstanding. Joined by Fred, David, Bunny and Guy. Guy of Guy deBoer fame. He will soon be returning to the Canary Islands to pick up his repaired boat and sail it back to the U.S. He is planning another world race to begin in the fall. I love Guy, but think he’s crazy. He survived one wreck. Now, he wants to place his life in harm’s way a second time.

Chatted with Tom Luna briefly. A Key West icon. He is managing La Te Da’s restaurant and two bars.

The time has finally arrived. Ukraine’s Zelensky has been hinting and even in a half assed fashion asked for fighter jets.

The U.S. has emphatically been saying “No!” Yesterday, Zelensky asked Euro Union leaders for fighter jets. His argument: To defend Europe from Russia.

Eventually, he will get the planes. Even from the U.S.

The problem is the concern Zelensky will use them in due course to attack Russia itself from the air. Tit for tat warfare.

It may be the only way to end the war. The Russian people themselves must suffer as the Ukraines have. Such will push them to force Putin to end the war or even overthrow him.

A Key West duel 1829 style.

The duel was fought between Charles Hawkins of the Mexican Navy and William McRea the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida.

Four shots were exchanged. Hawkins was wounded in the wrist, McRea hit in the thigh.

Reason for the duel: Hawkins saw McRea leaving his wife’s bedroom via the window.

During dinner last night, Fred kept us up to date re the Syracuse/Florida State game. Fred, Bunny and I are Syracuse grads. The game had not ended when dinner was over. I caught the end on TV at home.

Syracuse won 76-67. Syracuse was behind at half time 35-29.

Need to move fast this morning. A noon haircut appointment with Lori.

Enjoy your day!



  1. I see where Disney is laying off 7,000 people, here in Florida. We have our Governor to thank for that. I think Trump was right (never thought I’d say that), DeSantis is an idiot.

    • Larry, you need to research a little more before making broad comments about what a company is doing!! Disney cuts are mostly in media and entertainment division NOT parks division and have very little to do with FLorida.

      • George, eat your words. I was an employee at Disney and work directly with the Florida Parks division, nothing to do with entertainment or the media. Our entire department has been eliminated.

        Stop with the spin BS. DeSantis doesn’t pay you enough to sell your corrupt sole.

      • Nonsense. Responsible news outlets (does not include FOX news and other Rupert Murdock outlets) are reporting that over 60% on the layoffs at Disney are specifically in Florida.

        Many NOT responsible news outlets (like FOX news and other Rupert Murdock outlets) are reporting that Disney’s recent business losses are due to their “embracing Liberal and progressive messaging,” and NOTHING to do with Covid.

        George – you need to stop reading trash news. It is corrupt at the core.

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