No way in hell Key West is racist! The farthest thing from the truth. However there is a person who has ranted the words. Zohar Alon of the Orogold cosmetic shop on Duval.

He said regarding Key West: “They are a racist people. The whole city, it’s a racist city.”

To the City Commissioners and others involved I say…..Get this problem resolved and soon! It is not healthy for our city and its residents. Nor representative. We are the farthest thing from racist. We ARE One Human Family.

The police should be involved. Somewhere along the line I recall being told the problem was contractual and therefore a civil matter. Not criminal. Wrong thinking! Fraud is the essence of the matter.

Tennessee Williams spoke well of Key West and its effect on him. He was a Key West resident 34 years. He said, “I work everywhere but I work best here.”

The sunscreen ban is now law in Key West. Though it does not go into effect till January 1, 2021.

The City Commission voted 6-1 to ban the sale and use of sunscreens containing oxybenz and octinoxate in. The claim was those 2 ingredients are harmful to our reef(s).

The Commission has chosen, though I believe erroneously. Only 2 other places have instituted such a ban. Hawaii and an island named something like Palau. Key West has the distinction of being third.

A race to judgment. I believe the Commission found an increase in sun cancer desirable in order to make some contribution to saving the reefs.

The reefs began dying 50 years ago. The sunscreen ingredients disparaged only came out 25 years ago. Authorities exist claiming each side of the issue correct.This has been a race to judgment on the part of the Commission.

The Catholic Church! My Catholic Church! First, it was the priests abusing boys. Now it is priests and bishops sexually abusing nuns. Pope Francis recently announced the same. He has begun dealing with the problem.

Turns out many nuns have been subjected to abortions or giving birth to children fathered by priests.

The Associated Press claims the situation is “global and pervasive.”

My last night totally screwed up. Too much I wanted to do. Something had to give.

It was Syracuse/Florida State. Probably better that I did not get to watch the game. Syracuse lost 80-62.

I had a conflict at 9. My Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou podcast and the President’s State of the Union Address.

My obligation was clear. The podcast. I would miss the first half hour of the State of the Union.

The podcast went well as usual. Interesting topics. At 9:30, I ran to the TV set. I was able to catch the final hour of Trump’s address.

The State of the Union! More aptly described as the State of Donald Trump.

The State of the Union is made for Trump. Pure theater. His years in television would make him look good to those not listening to the words spoken.

The Republican Senators and Congress persons had their marching orders. Jump up and clap enthusiastically at every opportunity. They were too much. They ended up cheering many of Trump’s remarks that did not warrant their enthusiasm.

One commentator reflected that the Republicans jumping up and down and clapping reminded him of a Jack in the Box.

The hour I heard did not impress me. The same tripe heard last year and during his time in office. At one point I thought why am I watching this! I heard most of it before.

There was also the problem of truth. Lacking in many of Trump’s statements.

The President dizzily moved from one topic to another. Moved fast!

I sensed that last night was the beginning of the 2020 campaign.

A new campaign issue arose. I did not expect it. He found it. Created it. Socialism. Trump warned of the rise in socialism and that he was not going to permit our country to fall into it. He compared the U.S. to Venezuela in that regard

I suspect he had Bernie Sanders and the new Congress woman from New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in mind.

He made it clear he intended to end U.S. involvement in wars. Going to be a major campaign issue. He attached the war problem to investigations. It gave Trump his Nixonian moment when he said the U.S. could not maintain the success it has achieved under his leadership, especially economically, if we have wars and investigations. Stated with a bright smile on his face.

The immigration issue haunting him. He must erect some type wall.

His lies were most prevalent when discussing the wall and immigration. All kinds of bad things were and would be occurring because of the caravans coming north to the U.S., he claimed.

Difficult for me to accept as fact. Studies have clearly indicated that the number of illegals entering the U.S. today is the lowest since 1972. Dramatically so.

He claimed also that El Paso had been a community buried under criminality brought over the border by illegals. Until the wall was built. Now, the problem is way down. Criminality almost non-existent.

Another lie.

The Sheriff of El Paso issued a statement following Trump’s address that El Paso did not have a criminal problem before or after the wall was built. The President’s comments were erroneous.

Now that which I find hard to believe, but accept as true. Never the less cause me great concern.

CNN took a poll. Fifty nine percent of those questioned had a “very positive reaction” to Trump’s speech. CBS News, 76 percent.

I rose at 5 to begin today’s blog. Apparently a screw or something involved with my implant has gone astray. My teeth are moving. Dentist appointment later this morning.

Enjoy your day!




9 comments on “KEY WEST RACIST?

  1. Key West may not be racist, but Governor Northam sure is. But, at least he didn’t face-rape a women at the 2004 DNC like Lt. Gov. Fairfax did. However, he didn’t have the cojones to come out ahead of the pic of him in blackface as AG Mark Herring did.

  2. Nor was he as bad as Kavanagh, or King, or Duke, all of who defied criticism. Probably mean Republicans will defend Northam too.

  3. “Mr. Fairfax put his hand behind my neck and forcefully pushed my head towards his crotch. Only then did I realize that he had unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and taken out his penis. He then forced his penis into my mouth.’

    ‘Utterly shocked and terrified, I tried to move my head away, but could not because his hand was holding down my neck and he was much stronger than me. As I cried and gagged, Mr. Fairfax forced me to perform oral sex on him.“ – Vanessa Tyson, rape survivor

    • Obviously Republicans, one and all, will soon come to Justin Fairfax’s rescue and quickly label this accuser as a liar, just trying to make a name for herself, right? After all her claim was for an incident that happened 14 years ago, why didn’t she come forward back them? Republicans always defend this sort of thing. This has always been their ballgame, surely they’ll be on this too, right?

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