I was curious. How did Tennessee Williams get the Tennessee first name? Research proved interesting.

Tennessee Williams real name was Thomas Lanier Williams. He changed his name to Tennessee Williams when he moved to New Orleans at age 28. He selected Tennessee because his father had been born in Tennessee.

A strange decision. Tennessee and his Dad did not get along. His father overbearing, demanding, more concerned with work than being a father.

Tennessee in later years would create Big Daddy in Cat on a Hot Tin  Roof based on his father. Interesting in how Big Daddy’s relationship with his son was portrayed in the film. The son’s homosexuality quietly existing in the background.

Williams subtly combined his father and himself into main characters in the story.

A dentist visit began my day yesterday. I have implants. I suspected a screw change required. So too did the dentist.

Such was not the case.

Spent an hour in the chair while the dentist tried to match the screws up. They would not click. Pain and discomfort. Not supposed to be a problem when one has implants. Turned out not to be the case.

Problem hopefully resolved. Everything fits at the moment.

Last week, the disc problem came upon me. Much better. A shot of pain infrequently. I hope to avoid surgery.

I feel like I am falling apart all at once. Hell, I’m only 83. These things should not be happening!

The Chart Room first last night. Tammy bartending.

Tammy works at the Bull. Generally, the second floor. Occasionally, the roof top Garden of Eden. Clothing optional for customers at the Garden.

Tammy’s girl friend who also works at the Bull was at the bar. Chatted with her a while. Her regular job is tending bar at the Garden.

Our chit-chat was interesting.

Stopped next at Blue Macaw. Terri singing. Donna and Sally at the bar. Sat with them.

Sally a terrific woman! Friendly. Kind. When Donna recently was in New York for several days, Sally walked Bear, took Terri out, etc.

A good friend.

Mary showed up. Enjoyed a drink with her.

On the way home, stopped at Publix. Needed cold cuts. I had stopped the day before. Five ahead of me at the deli counter. I hate the waiting. Left without cold cuts.

Nine thirty in the evening a better time for deli shopping. No one at the deli. Prompt assistance.

A busy day ahead. Haircut at noon. A quick lunch. Heart doctor at 1:30. Radio show with Laurie at 4.

Trump in for an MRI. Of his finances. By Congressman Schiff’s House Committee.

Seems that in the 10 years prior to becoming President, Trump spent $400 million in “cash” transactions in purchasing real estate. Fourteen of the transactions were paid in full.

Realtors such as Trump rarely use their own money to buy or build. Borrow. Use the bank’s money. Why cash here and where did the cash come from?

Money laundering?

Son Eric said their company had good cash flow and used their own assets to complete the transactions.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. If there was money laundering, nobody would have ever noticed or cared about it had Trump not become President, a scenario he never saw coming at the time.

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