Plato’s Atlantis sank because of an earthquake. Key West will not die a similar death. If anything, it will be because of an overload of people.

Two recent Citizens’ Voice comments and the cruise ship referendums reflect the thinking of the Key West citizenry.

One comment: “The mayor of Maui is pleading with airlines to stop ‘over tourism.’ There needs to be a balance between the tourist economy and the locals. Seems applicable here too.”

The other comment: “The town is already overrun by too many tourists from the pent-up demands from the pandemic. Now there are some who want to add thousands more daily from the cruise ships? Insane.”

In November, the people of Key West spoke re the cruise ship problem. The three referendums clearly revealed the feelings of the people: Limit the size of the cruise ships and number of passengers.

The vote meant nothing to the Governor, State Legislature, and certain monied persons. The State passed a bill and the Governor happily signed it into law prohibiting local ballot initiatives or referendums from limiting size, number of passengers, etc.

The people of Key West lost! The result of political shenanigans. The Governor and State slapped Key West in the face. More accurately, spit in Key West’s eye.

Fortunately, whoever drafted the new law withdrawing the power of a municipality to control its own waters may have erred in the drafting of the law. There may be a drafting screw up whereby the City Commission could take a different route whereby the people can be heard.

A meeting is scheduled for monday night where the Mayor and City Commission will review the matter and hopefully arrive at a decision consistent with what the people of Key West want.

Esteemed and respected Key West citizen Joseph Lyles called the other night. Joseph and I have been friends for many years.

The last time we were together was at a monday night Dueling Bartenders. Some time before the pandemic became a problem. Which means Joseph and I have not communicated in more than 2 years.

It was a joy hearing from him.

Joseph for years was a waiter at The Hot Tin Roof. Then manager for an additional number of years. Following which he was the concierge at the Reach. He presently is involved with the sale of legal marijuana at a Dual Street location.

Sounds like Joseph jumped from one job to another. Not correct. He is on in his years and been around long enough to have had several occupations. In addition to which he has spent many years involved with St. Paul’s Church.

Joseph reached the cane stage earlier than I. I recall when he graduated from a cane to a staff. A rough pole about 5 feet tall.  He reminded me of John the Baptist.

We agreed it had been too long since last we were together. We will be meeting for lunch at Louie’s Backyard.

Mosquitoes are a bit earlier and a bit more this year. The increase in rain thought to be the cause.

Mosquitoes are always a Keys concern. Some years can be extremely bad.

Last summer, there were 67 reported cases of dengue fever in Key Largo. Unusual.

Two nights ago, I had difficulty sleeping. At 3 in the morning, I turned on the TV set. Saw an enjoyable war movie. A submarine one. Starred Matthew McConaughey.

The movie was titled U-571.

In the Citizen’s Historical Section yesterday, mention was made of a vessel whose last name was Cueno. On July 9, 1942, it was sunk 66 miles southwest of Key West. Sunk by the German submarine U-571.

Any relationship between the movie and submarine that sank the Cueno?

There was a German submarine U-571 that worked the waters off the Keys. Actually several other submarines also. I did some further digging. Could not however find any relationship between the sinking of Cueno and U-571.

Joe Biden has a heavy plate. So far, so good. However, he has to move swiftly on a couple of matters. Certain things can only be permitted to sit too long.

The cyberattacks are one. Biden spoke with Putin for one hour in a telephone call this week. Drew the line in the sand. Time now for action. One more ransom situation and he must move. He has the capacity to destroy one of the cyber attacking facilities. Or maybe blow up one of Russia’s pipelines. The pipeline a step too far? I don’t know.

One thing is certain. Putin does not want a war. He is aware he is not the leader of the Soviet Republic. He heads the tiny entity called Russia. Except for his nuclear arsenal left over from World War II, he is no threat to the U.S.

Putin has major unrest in Russia. He is not the power person he was even 5 years ago. Russia cannot afford a war. It is hurting financially. Ergo, he can be pushed.

Biden’s other problem is getting legislation through Congress. The bottom line remains the same since he took office. Get rid of the filibuster. If he could and did, by the time of the 2022 elections he will have achieved great success. He could easily pass infrastructure as he wants it, get new voting laws in place, and whatever else he desires.

Manchin and Sinema are his problems. Their bipartisanship efforts have proved naught. They are being played by the Republicans and seem blind to it. They are glorying however in their 15 minutes in the sun.

Biden has to get them on board or get two Republicans to vote for ending the filibuster and supporting some Democratic programs. May not be as difficult as it sounds.

Failure to get sufficient legislation passed wills result in Republicans taking over the Senate and House in 2022. I have to believe Biden is not lacking in awareness of this fact. He has to move and do so this summer.

Remember the Scopes trial. Also known as the Monkey Trial. The trial began this day in 1925 in Rhea County, Tennessee.

The issue evolution in violation of a Tennessee criminal law. Scopes was a high school teacher who taught evolution in violation of the law.

The trial a big deal! Clarence Darrow represented Scopes. William Jennings Brian the prosecution.

Scopes was convicted. Tennessee’s Supreme Court ultimately overturned the conviction.

The trial turned out to have been a fraud. A joke. Not for real.

The Rhea County merchants wanted to bring business to their area. They concluded a big time trial would place their area on the map.  They rigged the whole thing. Everyone bought it at the time. Except the merchants and Scopes who were in on the phoniness.

I doubt the judge and counsel were aware.

It is amazing how people to this day believe the trial was for real.

The house without air conditioning for 3 hours plus yesterday was difficult to handle. I decided on a leisurely lunch at Geiger Key. Most enjoyable. By the time I got home, the air was running and the house cool.

Enjoy your day!



13 comments on “KEY WEST PLATO’S ATLANTIS?

  1. The actions of the Florida legislature and governor is an excelentt example of the autocratic type government that the gop aspires to ! To hell with what the “people” want !!!!!!!

    • So true, they claim to be for small government but in reality, they love power and control. I wonder how many people believed Trumps inauguration speech when he said he was giving America back to the people. That will NEVER happen in the GOP.

      • Yeah, Small Government AND Law and Order, the twin pillars of Republican self-righteousness.

        Until they are NOT

        “NOT” happened overnight when they elected Trump, built the biggest government we’ve ever had, and abandoned both law and order.

        In it’s place became Lies and Chaos.

        • It looks like the GOP State legislators want to be able to overturn elections if they don’t like the results.

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