No blog yesterday. Sorry. Blame Comcast. Internet and TV down from 3 am to 3 pm. Mid afternoon too late to do the blog and have it read by the usual number. I can’t complain, it was nice to have a day off.

I have been to Marylin’s 3 times. The most recent wednesday night. I have complimented the new restaurant each time..

A winner!

I’v already told you the food is excellent. Not fancy. Yummy, however. And financially reasonable.

Wednesday night, I got to watch a whole evening of entertainment. Terrific!

Additionally, no cover or extra charge.

I went to listen to Terri and Larry Baeder from 5-7. I was also to be Terri’s ride home. Donna had to be somewhere else and asked me.

Many tourists. Most went up to Terri afterwards with tips, drinks and compliments. I doubt anyone knew she is blind. When I mentioned it to a couple at the bar, they were shocked. Hard to believe. Terri handles herself well.

I sat with Sally at the bar.

The follow-up show featured all kinds of interesting things.

Charlii is a lovely Black woman. Early 20’s. Thin. A singer and dancer. Her voice spectacular.

Several people mentioned Charlii was a transsexual. I never would have known.

Heather Mae from Dueling Bartenders did a number with Charlii and another person and did one alone, also. I have always known Heather as a singer. Discovered she also dances. Talented!

There was a third in the group who performed alone also. I do not recall his name. A well built young man. His specialty was pole dancing. Like the young ladies do in a gentlemen’s club. He stripped to his skivvies. What a performance! He danced through the room a few times. The ladies were excited. Stuffed money in his drawers.

The show ended with a large Black female entertainer. A combination singer and comedian. Also terrific.

Drove Terri home. Always good company. Totally blind. At one point she told me I had made a wrong turn. She was correct. How she does it, I don’t know.

Before the pandemic, Donna asked me to take Terri grocery shopping at Publix.  I asked Donna how do I do it? Who pushes the cart? Donna told me not to worry. Terri would explain it all to me.

The cart was my primary concern. Who would push it? Terri explained the rules to me when we arrived at Publix. She would push.  How do you know where you’re going? Easy. You will stand in front and actually pull the cart and listen to my instructions re turn, stop and go.

What a trip! Actually amazing!

Terri had the store and where she wanted to go down to a science. Even a shopping list she held as if she were reading it.

At one point, she told me I had made a wrong turn. Went left when I should have gone right. How did you know? Easy. There is a cooler on the left and none where I wanted you to go. I could feel the cold.

Gets even better.

She knew which row, shelf and exactly where on the shelf what she wanted was located. Like top shelf, third product in from the left, can colored red and green.

I went to pay the bill. She sensed it. She took her money out. Payed in cash. She had a special wallet. Every bill she placed on the counter was the correct one.

Then the ride home. I don’t know whee my mind was. I missed a turn. She immediately said, “You missed the turn. You have to go back.”

Who said the blind cannot see?

Yesterday morning, I could not do the blog because of the Comcast foul up. I decided to go to Harpoon Harry’s for breakfast. Sat at the counter. Enjoyed eggs benedict and hash browns.

The place was busy. A waiting line. In the summer! Ten years ago, it would not have been so.

Enjoyed an extra cup of coffee and people watched. A good place to do it.

Stopped at the shirt laundry on the way home. It is across the street on Truman from Don’s Bar. Parked in Don’s lot.

David came over. We chatted about Don. Getting chemo and radiation. So far, so good.

Yesterday was the day after Elsa. Like nothing had happened the day before. Temperature 88. Sun shining, blue shy, scattered white clouds. Hot and humid as it is supposed to be this time of the year.

I need help. Hope one of you can help me. My cell phone needs attention. I have been doing business for years with Verizon. The locals, not the thieves who came in from Miami.

The Verizon I went to was a small store in the Winn-Dixie Plaza. Great people. No price gouging.

I stopped the other day. The store empty. A sign indicating they had to leave for some reason they apparently were not comfortable with.

Help! Does anyone know if they have relocated and where? I hope so. Let me know.

I have much more to write. Not going to be able to finish. The electric company just knocked on my door. All power in the neighborhood will be off for 3 hours. A transformer has to be fixed.

I can’t win! First Comcast, now the power company.

Will finish tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I go to the one here on Hoosick Rd, in Troy. It’s kind of in this little plaza. Great service and good people. You should try them.

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