This morning’s Citizens’ Voice printed an interesting comment re the number of people presently in Key West. The thrust being too many. Basically, the writer commented….. how many people can fit in Key West?…..the island is too crowded…..traffic a mess.

Quite frankly, I have had the same thoughts several times since the first of the year. Long traffic lines at lights, cars moving at a snail’s pace, tourists walking every which way when crossing a street, bicyclists driving every which way. Where are we going to put all these people if the upward trend continues?

The thought occurred that maybe no cars in Key West might help. Have parking lots on US 1. Figure out how to get everyone into Key West. Also, close down Duval and make it a walking thoroughfare with outside tables, etc.

Neither of my solutions bears merit nor would either fly. Never the less, something has to be done. Otherwise, we will not have to wait for higher water levels to bury Key West. The sheer weight of people on the Island will do it!

One solution that would help is to build more parking garages in convenient places, The City Commission thinks and builds everything. Rarely taking parking into consideration. Parking has become a horrendous problem, especially since the new parking regulation which only permits permitted Key West residents to park on the streets.

Stopped by Pier 1 yesterday to pick up the two lamps I bought the other day. They had to be ordered. I found the staff at Pier 1 very congenial and helpful.

Spent a good amount of time at the Chart Room last night.

Met Mary Jo and Greg. They are from someplace in Indiana. Snowbirds. Though Mary Jo considers herself half a Conch. They bought a home on Eagle Street four years ago and spend six months a year here.

Mary Jo was a cardiac operating nurse in her other life. Now retired. Her job was to travel where ever to pick up hearts and lungs for transplants. Then rush back to the operating room. A heavy responsibility.

Greg still works. A police officer, he is Chief of Detectives. He and I talked long about police issues facing us today. It was interesting to hear from the other side. There is a reason for everything.

David joined us. Then lovely Charlotte. Charlotte from North Carolina. She visits Key West about six times a year. She works for United Health Care. I am always on her re the screwed up drug program they provide.  To no avail, of course. Charlotte is also a marathon runner. All over the country.

David, Charlotte and I went to dinner together afterwards at Hot Tin Roof. A good time!

My weight is stalemated again. At 31-32 pounds. Spoke to a doctor friend about it. I was told my body is in starvation mode. It stores everything I eat. Admittedly, I eat little. To get the metabolism working properly again, I have to increase my physical activity. Should be easy. Means starting at zero. I have gotten lazy in my old age. Also, I should increase my caloric intake a bit.

We shall see.

Syracuse/Pitt at 4. Pitt a 3 point favorite. I will probably watch the game from home. I have Sloan in earlier and Keith and Jennifer at some point.

Enjoy your day!

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