Two of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are in Key West this weekend. Death and famine.

It is the Labor Day weekend. Key West has been quiet since the July 4th weekend. Bars and restaurants not making money. Hotels hurting big time.

This weekend is make up time!

From what I have gathered, the town is full of tourists. Partying like they have not in a while. Bars and restaurants packed. Hotels full.

Most of the revelers are young. Perhaps those older have more sense and are more cautious.

I’ve given thought to the young who have been and are partying in recent weeks. They are old enough to vote, old enough to join the military, old enough to drive a car. All require a sense of responsibility.

If they are old enough to do the above, why not do what is necessary to beat coronavirus?

Responsibility begins at the top. The President. A man who has no sense of responsibility. His actions speak for themselves. He has conducted himself in a very non-responsible manner since day 1. The virus is not for real, will be gone in a few weeks, will not wear a mask, does not social distance.

I can see the young adults thinking Trump is President. He must know what he is doing. I can act accordingly.

They believe they are immune from the virus which does not exist. They even have parties the sole purpose of which is to break the rules and then see in a couple of weeks who first comes down with coronavirus. That person the winner. The winner of what? Disease and possible death!


In Key West, the bars, restaurants, merchants and hotels have weighed in on the City Commission to loosen the rules. The Commission capitulated. The Commission will be as responsible for the virus surge to come as the bar owners, etc.

In the end, definitely sickness. Perhaps death. Those who sought the lifting of certain rules and those enjoying the “benefits” thereof this weekend responsible.

Responsibility the big word here. Responsible to themselves and others.

The hotels are cheap this weekend. A rarity in Key West. Generally expensive to the extreme. One internet advertised a hotel room as low as $19. Never mentioned the specific hotel, however.

Others advertised discounts as high as 75 percent.

I reviewed the ads. Even the major hotels were significantly cheaper than normal.

Which of course encouraged people to come to Key West for the weekend.

Businesses like the trolley tours and Furycat had their own ads inviting tourists for the weekend.

Apparently this is Brewfest Weekend. Brewfest a bigger deal than I thought. Seven different ads advertising the event.

From what I could gather, many visiting not those who normally travel. Which added to the rowdiness. One person described it to me as “running around crazy.”

Guaranteed there will be a rise in coronavirus cases in 2 or 3 weeks in Key West. Also in the home towns where the tourists came from. They will bring the bug home with them.

Do I sound disturbed? You bet I am! We are never going to win the war against coronavirus unless we follow the rules. Wear masks, social distance, wash your hands. Simple basics. And the bars, etc should stop complaining. They are not the only ones losing money. Think of all those out of work.

We must kill the virus or it will kill us.

The numbers are interesting.

June 1 a significant date. The day U.S. 1 was reopened. A mistake in and of itself.

Since June 1, Key West has experienced 798 confirmed cases. On June 1, the number was only 41.

Since June 1, Monroe County as a whole (including Key West) has experienced 1,764 cases. On June 1, the number was only 109.

Note that today’s Key  West 798 cases is roughly 40 percent of all of Monroe County’s cases.

Florida as a State has done poorly. Governor De Santis primarily responsible. He is Trump’s lap dog and does whatever the President suggests. As a result, Trump refers to him as the best governor in America.

Yesterday, Florida passed 12,000 for the number of deaths. Overall, Florida has had 646,431 confirmed cases.

Number of people permitted to attend a wedding reception has become an issue in some states.

New York’s Governor Cuomo said no more than 50 at a wedding reception. His order was taken to court. A federal judge said Cuomo could not do it. New York has appealed the case.

Maine has a 50 percent limit. The Maine story occurred after the New York problem.

The place Alfred, Maine. Sixty five attended a wedding reception that was supposed to be limited to 50. The fall out speaks for itself.

Tracking has been done. One hundred twenty three confirmed cases came out of the wedding reception.

One was an employee of the York County Jail. He was responsible for the virus being spread to 18 other staff members at the jail, 7 family members of staff, and 46 inmates.

What is going to come of the Key West Labor day Weekend? Many many more cases than 123. The Maine situation also clearly shows how easily the virus spreads.

Take heed.

Another guest was a nursing home employee. The person infected 15. Eight residents of the nursing home and 7 staff members.

Such is life as we are experiencing it these days. The days will continue ad infinitum till Key West and the rest of the country do what is necessary to defeat the enemy.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I think younger people are more fearless AND more foolish and more willing to take chances. With covid however it’s a loosing gamble.

    There have been a few stories about how survivors are sometimes left with permanent lung ans or heart damage. That’s scary and something our leadership probably doesn’t want talked about.

    Not to worry it’ll be blamed on Biden or maybe Kamala (the new Hilary)

  2. It is being widely reported that Covid 19 has caused more police officer deaths in 2020 than all other causes combined. Combined! This would kinda put a hole in the boat that the police are serious targets of anything else nowadays and that Trump’s very poor handling of the pandemic is responsible, at least in part, of the most serious threat to police deaths in this country right now.

  3. Did Trump actually say “I can’t believe all these people died just to make me look bad” while visiting the cemetery of dead soldiers in France?

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