I was trying to find the final round of the Fed Ex Tournament on TV yesterday. Not sure of the channel, I was jumping around with the remote control. Suddenly an Ellen DeGeneres show popped up on the screen.

I had never seen Ellen’s show. Decided to watch it a bit to see what makes her so popular.

The show was a last year one. Sometime early November.

One of he first things was someone being picked at random from the audience to participate in a sketch on stage with Ellen.

The lucky person was a lovely, bouncy, excited 17 year old young lady. In her high school senior year.

Ellen took her to a table. A map, phone book and dial phone were on the table.

The young lady’s instructions were to identify each. She was able to do so.

Then she had to unfold the map and refold it. Those of you who can recall, the maps were big and difficult to return to their original position after unfolding.

The phone book was a thick one. White and yellow pages. She was to look up the number for Gold Mufflers.

The telephone was the old type black dial phone. One which would sit on a table. She was given a number to call.

My generation could have done all. I will concede refolding the map was always a problem for me.

The 17 year old indicated no sweat. However, she failed with regard to all 3.

Absolutely no way she could refold the map. Finally gave up.

She did not know how to use a phone book. Gold Muffler probably could easily have been found under Muffler and then Gold Muffler. The poor kid went to Car Parts and then Cars. She failed.

Ellen moved her over to the telephone. She had been given a number to call. She never lifted the receiver. Left it sitting on the phone.

Instead went immediately to dialing. A finger in the number. Moved it slowly around with the finger and then with the same finger moved it slowly back in place. Obviously no connection.

Everyone laughed, including the young lady. It was funny. She was not embarrassed. And should not have been.

The reason for her failure was she had never used any of the 3 items in her lifetime. They were from a generation or two back. Similar to a person my age trying to use a cell phone or computer for the first time today.

Trump is a white supremacist.

He views BLM and other Democratic or liberal groups terrorists.

He is campaigning on law and order. He is going to rid our streets of the thugs he depicts as terrorists. The good guys.

Typical Trump strategy. He takes something he does or thinks which is bad and relabels it as having been done by the opposition.

I am not sure how he will handle this one.

It was revealed friday that the Department of Homeland Security as part of its annual report intends to label white supremacists as the most serious threat in the U.S. One which the DHS considers more significant than the immediate danger from foreign terrorists.

The American people will continue suffering re a further stimulus package.

Congress has returned and will be in session this week. Then home till after the election. Good job!

The word is the stimulus package will not be completed. Insufficient time the excuse.

Fault of the Republicans? Fault of the Democrats? Fault of both?

Whatever, the stimulus dollars the people have been expecting and which are long over due may be agreed upon in late November or December.

A lousy way to run a government! Governments are no different than a business. Operating as Washington does, it would soon be out of business if it were in the business world.

Today or tomorrow could be significant days for China and North Korea. Even the U.S.

China already has long range missiles that can be shot from somewhere in the South China Sea. Missiles with nuclear warheads that are capable of reaching U.S. shores.

North Korea close.

A test of a missile somewhat comparable to China’s scheduled for today or tomorrow. If successful, North Korea will have a major ballistic missile also with capability to hit the U.S.

Trump keeps pissing off China. North Korea long ago gave up on the U.S.

Trump has us in a position where we can literally be killed because of his inept ways of governing. U.S. defensive and retaliatory power is not as significant.

Trump has a terrific talent in picking people to work with him at high levels in Washington. Many crooks. So far 8 have been convicted of various crimes and many are in jail.

Trump wanted to destroy the Post Office. All over the mail in ballot issue which he created and which has no basis in fact.

He brings in Louis DeJoy to be Postmaster General.

No experience with mail. He acquiesces to Trump’s ideas of how to bring the Post Office down.

DeJoy testified before a Congressional committee last week. He lied big time. Under oath, no less.

Seems he would have his employee contribute to the Republican Party or Republican candidates and then reimburse them with a bonus what they had contributed.

A no no. Against the law.

Federal charges may not be available because of statute of limitation problems.

DeJoy is a resident of North Carolina. His business is in North Carolina. North Carolina has statutes forbidding what he did which are still good.

Me thinks DeJoy is in trouble. Another of Trump’s employees will fall.

You are known by the company you keep. Trumps appointees do not help his reputation.

College football has arrived! Unless coronavirus interferes, saturday afternoons are going to be fun.

Syracuse opens its season this saturday against North Carolina. Syracuse a 22 point underdog. Nothing new. Nevertheless, it will be exciting to watch my Syracuse play.

Tonight my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. A quick moving half hour show. Join me. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I’m not sure your Ellen DeGeneres show stunt means all that much, or was all that fair either. Interesting perhaps of people our age, but not necessarily very meaning full.

    Nobody today can use a telephone book, they don’t exist any more and probably never will again. A teenager who can’t use one is not at any disadvantage and probably never saw one before, never will.

    I had trouble folding up a map too, a probably still would, at least a large one. My wife, also a geezer, never could and always handed it to me when the occasion arose for need.

    I suppose the olds style phone is something a 17 year old might need to learn, but give her a break, she may never have used one. Both of our adult children with kids in the house do not have old style phones in their houses and their kids, our grand kids, may not know how to use one either.

    Ellen’s stunt was just that, a stunt. I’m in my 70’s and wouldn’t know how to use a chainsaw, you?

    • Sure. Ellen’s stunt was intended to give the audience a laugh, which I’m sure it did. I hope the young lady wasn’t upset. I find it interesting when people talk about new technologies, and how some skills are lost along the way. I don’t know the first thing about spinning cotton, or making soap, or repairing a wagon wheel. But my West Texas great grandmother could do all of those things.

      To me, the most fascinating thing about new technologies is how quickly they are developed and then become commonplace. Did you know that Chuck Yeager, the first man to break the sound barrier once met and shared lunch with Wilber Wright? It all happens so fast!

    • I’m a 52 year old women and know how to use everything, it’s called culturing yourself , I listen to stories of old timers and know how to use tools and of course a chain saw. Listening to your elders gives a person common sense, learn from their mistakes . That is how I got ahead in life.

  2. I never got the first stimulus check and neither did at least 2 other people where I work. Seems to me that program was handled rather poorly. Talk about the gang that can’t shoot straight.

  3. Trump is now claiming to be the “Environmental President.”

    To make that work, he’ll have to reverse just about everything having to do with the environment HE HIMSELF put in place.

    You couldn’t make this sh*t up, if you tried

  4. another police execution. This time an unarmed 13 year ld kid with autism.

    There IS a problem with the police and only one people doing anything about it

    No Justice – No peace.

  5. Her lawsuit is for having disparaged her character. Their wiggle is that he did so while he was president, therefore the government gets to defend him. Barr’s argument will have to be that he was acting in his capacity as president while doing so.

    Talk about making America Great again?

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