The story I am about to share you will not believe.

Tonawanda is a city near Buffalo. Typical suburban America. Conservative leaning. Population 73,000.

The city has a high crime rate.

The Tonawanda City Commission at a meeting 2 weeks ago began entertaining proposed legislation to allow police officers to receive “sexual gratuities” while on duty.

The proposed legislation has an excellent chance of passing.

The sexual favors considered by some to be “tipping cops” for favors received.

Due to what has been ongoing in the U.S. in recent years, some Tonawanda citizens believe such legislation would, among other things, help “boost” police morale.”

Consider a simple situation. A woman is stopped for speeding. She says to the officer I’d like to blow you. He gets blown. She does not get a ticket.

Someone has to be crazy here! Like you, I could not believe such was possible. Police sexual misconduct legal. A Pandora’s box opening. What next?

Even more shocking, such legislation is already in force in 34 States. Would you believe!

New York City had such a law till April of this year. New York City police officers could have sex with persons “in custody.” The only requirement was it had to be “consensual.”

An officer arrests a hooker. In the paddy wagon on the way to the station, the lady knowing of the law asks the officer if he would like to get laid. Knowing full well, she may be let go before arriving at the station or receive a lesser charge when booked than she might have.

The laws in the 34 states cover everything from “groping to intercourse.”

Police develop an above the law attitude. The right to do as they see fit sexually as long as everything is “consensual.”

The proposed Tonawanda legislation has two conditions. The sex act must be completed within 15 minutes. Apparently Tonawanda allows its officers 2 fifteen minute breaks during a shift. He must also decline to take his next 15 minute break.

The other is that the sex must be a “gratuity.” The police officer cannot ask for it. The act must be offered.

Tonawanda a strange town. In addition to a citizen considering the “gratuity” a morale booster, a local group has been formed called the Coalition of Suburban Women Voters.”

The group not only wants the legislation passed in Tonawanda, they want it to apply on the State level to New York State Troopers.

Everyone wants to get into the act! Get a piece of the action! Tonawanda’s paramedics want to be included in the proposed new law.

Why not? Don’t forget the fire department, dog catcher, code enforcer, etc. What is good for one should be good for all!

My sense is that police officers after having been able to kill blacks with impunity over the years, now believe it is their right to enjoy sexually those who could be arrested or already have been.

Forget the “swamp” in Washington. A bigger one has been developing over the years with police departments across the U.S.

Less I forget, Happy Labor Day! TRY to follow the rules. Wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Mary Ellen’s on Applerouth has become a top Key West bar. Funky like Key West. Dildo races on tuesday nights for example.

Mary Ellen’s also serves the best grilled cheese sandwich and cup of tomato soup on the island.

Applerouth gives the impression of a shady street. Probably because it runs off Duval at La Trattoria to Whitehead. Narrow. A bit dark in the evening.

I can recall 15 years ago where Mary Ellen’s sits today, a sex club existed. A swingers’ club.

Sex can be interesting. I opted to stop in and see what it was like. Management was delighted. I got a first class guided tour.

What my eyes beheld!

Not my place, however. I was at least 50 years older than anyone else in the place.

I always thought dengue fever required tropical weather. Not the case. Pennsylvania recently reported dengue fever a problem. Sixteen cases. One dead already.

Dangerous. Glad the lower Keys spray, etc.

Kentucky Derby great last night. Authentic and Tiz the Law were neck and neck in the final quarter mile. Authentic pulled ahead and won.

Mexico has significant coronavirus problems. They are #4 in the world as to number of cases.

Mexico recently suffered a surge. Deaths higher than anticipated. Deaths to date 66,000.

Problem: Mexico ran out of death certificates. A real problem. Bodies cannot be buried without a death certificate. Bodies are piling up.

Some say the death certificate shortage also the result of Mexico fudging the numbers. An attempt to keep them low. The number of deaths too many for the numbers submitted. Not enough blank death certificates had been ordered.

Wednesday will mark my 189th day of self quarantine. Twenty seven weeks!

I am impressed. Also getting buggy. It is beginning to affect me.

I am fearful of going out. My age and underlying maladies make me a perfect candidate for Covid-19. I am not ready to meet my parents and grandparents in the other life yet. Assuming there is one.

Enjoy your Sunday and Labor Day holiday!





  1. We have a serious problem with the police in this country, very serious and the only people doing anything about is the mostly peaceful BLM group and it’s left leaning followers. It is time the remaining decent people in the rest of the country stood up to this VERY real mess.

  2. Hey, makes ME want to become a cop. You get to f*ck the good looking ones and then shoot the ones you don’t like. Not only that but the President will approve and protect you.

    • Isn’t that the truth, and Republicans wonder why there are violent protests?

      Not only that, but it is these same Republicans are voting those same people who are creating and promoting police misconduct and brutality into office, because they promise to solve what they are actually creating.

      You can’t fix stupid.

      Some people need to look in the mirror.

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