I keep writing and talking about Key West having changed dramatically. It began with COVID.

I have experienced Key West for some 30 years. I concede things change with time. The Key West change has been rapid however.

Citizens’ Voice this morning had a comment from someone who only moved to Key West in 2021: “We moved here in 2021 for the weather and Keys lifestyle. We have discovered reality is we don’t like all the tourists, the high prices, poor service and the attitude of so many. Sadly, it is time to move already.”

Such does not mean everyone walks around with a long face. I saw the contrary yesterday. 

Stopped in Publix to pick up a prescription. It was not ready.

The store was crowded. Baskets full. Many with 2 baskets. Everyone smiling. Appeared holiday happy.

I have spoken of food expense. Not tomorrow. People are eating big Easter Sunday. Their attitude appeared to be what the hell, let’s enjoy for a day!

As it should be.

Can always save on groceries next week.

COVID our recent calamity. In 1833, it was cholera for the people of Key West.

On this day in 1833, the disease was rampant. People were fleeing the island. The military garrison, except for 1 officer and 3 men. Residents were escaping as fast as they could. Physicians included.

It was on this day in 1928 that Ernest Hemingway and wife Pauline arrived for the first time. They came on a steamship from Havana. Hemingway’s intent was to stay for a few days. He had ordered a new Ford and was waiting for its delivery. The Ford came. Hemingway stayed. For ten years.

The March job report is out. Another good month. The report showed continued signs of strength. Unemployment fell to 3.5 percent, the U.S. economy added 236,000 jobs.

Pope Francis spoke recently on sex. Some of his comments: Using dating apps… meet potential partners is “normal” / Catholic Church’s thinking on sex is “still in diapers” / “Sex is one of the beautiful things God gave to human beings” / Sex is “an expression of love” / Re abortion, he instructed priests ministering woman who have had such to “not ask many questions and be merciful, such as Jesus was” / Re transgender, nonbinary and LGBTQ, “the Church cannot close its doors on anybody…..My job is to receive, always.”

An unusual Masters. All kinds of strange things happening.

The weather not the best yesterday. Strong winds. Several trees fell in the spectator area near the 17th hole. No one was injured. Play was suspended till today. Today worse weather expected, including cold. In the 50’s. 

Bruce Koepka has been working on a comeback for several years. A round at a time. He may have finally made it. At the end of 2 days, he leads the Masters by 3 shots with a minus 12.

A few amateurs are permitted to play each year. Sam Bennett is one of them. He is in third place with a minus 8. Only 20 years old. A sophomore at Texas Tech. He could win. Would be a first.

Great Rory McIlroy did not make the cut. Shot a 77 yesterday. His game seemed to be off just a bit on each shot and putt. For two consecutive days. Played poorly in his last tournament also.

Except for a quick trip to Publix for a prescription pick up, today will be spent at home. Watching the Masters, of course. The reason I will be in is because I hurt. Chest pains earlier this morning. Woke also with left ankle giving me trouble and sciatica pains in right thigh.

I’m doing good! A joke, of course.

Enjoy your day!


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