I thought Clarence Thomas was a bad choice for the Supreme Court when approved in 1991. He has done nothing in his 30 plus years on the bench to change my thinking. I believed Anita Hill and thought Thomas was lying during the Judiciary Committee inquiry. He is the only Supreme Court Justice who basically failed to ask questions during his first 25 ears on the bench. Something I attribute to his lack of confidence in himself. His decisions far right. He supports the NRA, has been anti-abortion, and generally votes with corporate America as opposed to the little guy. His ethics increasingly questionable. He is a black man who wanted to be white. He has succeeded in that regard in every respect. 

No question. I consider him one of the poorest choices ever for the esteemed position he holds.

In the last 24 hours, another Clarence Thomas revelation. One where he again has overstepped the bounds of propriety. In this instance to the tune of $500,ooo. He and his wife accepted a luxury trip via private jet and a super yacht to Indonesia.

Not the first trip paid for by someone else. The someone else being billionaire and far right Republican megadonor Harlan Crow. Crow has made possible multiple big time trips for Thomas world wide over the past 20 years.

President Biden criticized the Indonesia trip yesterday. I expect Biden would. Strange at the same time. Strange from an historical perspective. In October 1991, then Senator Biden was Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Biden was very disrespectful to Anita Hill. Biden clearly showed it. Though anti-Hill and her position, he nevertheless voted against Thomas’ nomination. Strange in itself under the circumstances.

I believed Hill re the sexual claims she made against Thomas. I considered Biden’s treatment of her sad.

Thomas played it well. Responded to the charges as “sleaze…..gossip…..and lies.” Characterized the Committee’s hearing as a “circus” and “national disgrace.”

Thomas’ biggest bomb was when he referred to the televised hearing as “a high tech lynching for uppity Blacks.” The last comment made with all the emotion expected from a black man being felt put upon. From my perspective, he lied well to save his ass.

I repeat again that Biden over the years has acknowledged he was wrong in effect in how he treated Hill.

A simple solution is available. Pressure Thomas with his “wrongdoings” over the years. They are all true. Force him to resign. Replace him with Anita Hill who has distinguished herself over the years as a law professor.

It is time to correct the wrong done her and the nation.

I wrote briefly yesterday re the cost of eggs and increased use during Easter time. Andy is a blog reader. He commented: “On March 29, 2003 CNN (and others) published: Cal-Maine Foods, the largest egg producer in the United States, reposted revenue doubled and profit surged 718 percent this last quarter because of sharply higher egg prices.”

Another it’s nobody’s business Florida proposed law: No talking about menstruation in school until the 6th grade.

The bill passed the Florida House March 31.

If a female student askes questions about menstruation in the 4th or 5th grade, they are not to be answered.

DeSantis is expected to sign the bill into law.

What happened to the sanctity of the home in dealing with such matters?

In mine, we had 3 daughters. Their mother, sisters, and even Grandma, dealt with the issue. It was a personal female family thing. Government is not needed in every aspect of a person’s sexual life.

The Tennessee House of Representatives treated 3 members disgracefully yesterday. In doing so, showed what they are. A bunch of old white men acting as gun supported racists.


The conduct of the House will lead to its detraction as a Republican power base. Expect Democrats in the next 2-3 elections to take control. Today’s people will not tolerate such conduct. It’ s a new world in the making. Youngsters reaching voting age, Trump’s MAGA madness base eroding.

On this day in 1935, Joseph “Sloppy Joe” Russell moved his bar from 428 Greene Street to its present location on the corner of Duval and Greene Streets.

Ernest Hemingway helped his friend Joe Russell with the physical move.

A busy afternoon ahead. A pedicure and manicure  at noon. Followed by lunch at Hogfish. I have a craving for lobster bisque.

Enjoy your day!



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