New York drops the ball at midnight every New Year’s Eve. An American tradition. One to be proud of. 

Key West has its own dropping New Year’s Eve. Actually, five. A Key West tradition. Which we are equally proud of.

I list the five. To inform. If you are out and about at midnight, make plans to view one. A fun event!

—–The shoe drop with Christopher Peterson at the Bourbon St. Pub.

—–The gigantic conch shell drop at Sloppy Joe’s.

—–The Historic Seaport/Schooner Wharf Bar pirate wench drop. Schooner Wharf Bar owner Evalena Worthington the wench. She is dropped from the mast of the tall America 2.0 ship.

—–The landing of a replica Pan Am 1927 aircraft with a costumed flight attendant at First Flight Restaurant.

—–A key lime pie wedge splashing down into a larger than life margarita glass at Ocean Key’s Sunset Pier.

Today’s podcast a real oldie. Six or seven years. Concerns Trump, the Paris Accord and pollution. I was upset when I did the podcast. Trump really irritated me in this one.



Ukraine’s President Zelensky came to Washington with his hand out and returned home with it empty. He was here to convince Congress to approve the $64 billion Biden had recommended. Republicans have been stalling approval of the request. Acting un-American in so doing. Trump and his MAGA supporters opposing the need. Failure to provide the monies could vey well lead to a Putin victory.

If the U.S. fails in this instance, we will look extremely unreliable in the eyes of the world. It will be another example of “our word” no longer can be depended upon.

Italy’s record in World War II was dismal, with one exception. Italy’s treatment of Jews.

Mussolini and a majority of Italians rejected Hitler and Goebbels’s desire to destroy the Italian Jewish population. Italy protected those of the Jewish faith in Italy itself and in Tunis and occupied France. The Italians refused to draft Jews for work or compel them to wear the Star of David. Further, Italy refused to deport Jews from Italy or Italian occupied Croatia and France to Auschwitz.

Gender issues are moving in a somewhat radical and too swift manner.

An example is a Seattle high school student. In a recent quiz, two  true/false questions give credence to the statement. One query: “Only women can get pregnant.” The student answered “true.” The other, “All men have penises.” The student answered “true.’

Both answers were marked “incorrect” by the teacher. Such ultimately led to the student receiving an F grade on the quiz.

The student’s parents are upset. They feel politics is coming into the classroom. The gender issue affecting their son’s responses a perfect example.

Bad guys, dirty pool! What is going on? How far will Trump MAGA followers go in attempting to debase opposing candidates?

More than a step too far happened to Joe Biden at the Army-Navy football game saturday. A video posted on Instagram (direct link, archive link) shows spectators chanting: “Fuck Joe Biden!”

Fact checking proved the video had been altered. The anti-Biden statement was digitally added. The original video shows the crowd singing along to a song.

Enjoyed Happy Hour at the Grand Cafe yesterday. Packed! Steve, Cindy, Joe, Jean, Eddie, Christina and I can’t recall who else. Good company all!

I mentioned yesterday that as part of the Grand’s 21st year in business, entrées were free all day to everyone. I was wrong. Not everyone, only locals. The half price on drinks and appetizers continues however to all. Tourists as well as locals.

The weatherman said it was going to rain today. It is. Appears it will do so till this evening.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Fpr the entire time Trump was president, we were head over heals involved with helping Ukrane. You couldn’t swing a dead cat without bumping into Giuliani, Manafort, Flynn or anybody else on their way there “helping” out (interfering),’cause that was our friend and neighbor. Not anymore, at least with Republicans. What’s changed?

    What changed is Russia has now bought and paid for our Republican politicians and THEY now are beholden’ to what RUSSIA wants!

    Never thought I’d see that happen.

  2. MAGAetts, just want what THEY want, the details just don’t matter and neither does the cost.

    They are tired of not getting their way and will do ANYTHING to get results and don’t care what it takes.

    Funny how the Republicans are willing to go along with all of this, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, ’cause they want the power and all that goes with that. Don’t think so, just look at Trump, says anything, just to keep in power.

  3. Hey Lou, you have grandchildren, what is the correct grade your grandchildren should be in to be taught MEN can get pregnant? 1st grade? 3rd grade, 8th grade? I’m pretty sure you won’t answer but others will unnecessarily chime in. I genuinely want to know YOUR honest opinion!

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