Some consume alcohol in the evening, some in the afternoon into the evening, some in the evening. Some consume all day.

Drinking seems to be an All American sport. Definitely is in Key West.

Some require that early morning drink(s). Soothe the nerves, alcoholism, call it whatever you like. It is definitely needed!

I am aware of 2 Key West breakfast clubs. Schooner Wharf and Don’s Place. Both open at 7 in the morning. People arrive early and stand waiting for the 7 o’clock bell.

Schooner is open air. So people stand at the bar waiting. Don’s enclosed. They begin lining up outside at 6:45.

Never a mere handful at either place. A significant number of patrons waiting.

Schooner Wharf has an official club. Six hundred fifty two members.

I have been at both bars early morning.

Schooner Wharf several times years ago when my grandkids would visit me. Schooners has one of the best breakfasts in town and a terrific view of boats from dock side tables. I would take the grandkids for breakfast around 8. Nod hello to some of my friends at the bar as we were being seate.

Don’s Place is Key West icon Don Manaher’s place. Actually called Don’s Millionaire Bar. Don paid $1 million for the bar years ago.

This is where the customers line up outside waiting for the doors to open at 7. Don does a big breakfast club business.

I was at Don’s one morning at 7. Never again. Too early for me to drink. Actually, Don had arranged some sort of party. I went for the party phase. Knocked on my ass by the drinking phase.

A man’s word is his bond. So the saying goes. A nation’s word should be its bond also. Agreements between nations are reduced to writing. Makes the bond even stronger.

I have always respected Great Britain and France for declaring war on Germany immediately when Hitler attacked Poland. They had a mutual defense pact with each other.

The U.S. has many agreements between nations. Some for war, some for trade, whatever.

A nation sticks to its word. Most have. Till the past couple of years. The U.S. has failed to be a dependable partner since Trump’s election.

Syria has been an ongoing war for years. Never seems to get resolved. Many countries involved. Most want to control Syria for economic reasons.

Turkey is led by an authoritarian figure, Tayyip Erdogan. Though elected President, a dictator. He wants Syria for Turkey.

Trump and Erdogan are birds of a feather. Bullies, nationalists. The two perceive themselves to be tough guys. They get along well.

Last night, the 2 had a long distance call.  Erdogan wanted to invade the northeast border of Syria. The much respected Kurds have been defending the area. With the assistance of 1,000 American troops.

Trump agreed to withdraw the American troops immediately. The Americans have been withdrawing all day from the border. Turkey prepared to go in. Tough though the Kurds may be, it is highly questionable whether they can hold back the Turks.

The U.S. and Kurds have had a long standing agreement that U.S. forces would work with them. Trump did not care. He has no respect for agreements. Many Kurd friends and Syrian civilians will die because Trump wanted to impress a “political friend.”

Trump has justified his actions with the statement it is time to remove the U.S. from “ridiculous endless wars.”

Bullshit, of course. His intent is to show another national leader of the power he (Trump) has.

There is a shame factor involved. The U.S. by Trump’s actions have shamed itself. Trump stabbed the Kurds in the back.

Another area of the U.S. government reflects shame. The Republican members of the U.S. Senate. They blindly stand with Trump on most things. Things diabolical, non-legal, etc. And criticize not. They fear Trump. Amazing! Less than 3 years in office and he has them cowering.

Wisconsin’s Republican Senator Johnson guested on Meet the Press yesterday.

Some may think he did his duty by defending Trump. Others may view his performance as scary.

Johnson is not new to the political game. He is in his second term and is considered one of the Senate’s brighter members. Did not come over as such yesterday.

Rather than answer questions posed, he jumped in and started swiftly reading from a prepared document. He kept screwing it up. He frequently left the document which added to the confusion. He ranted and raved. Conducted himself abusively.

The man was the personification of fear. He feared. I have to assume he feared Trump. It appeared he sold his soul to the country store.

He reminded me of Sean Spicer. Spicer was Trump’s first Press Secretary. Recall inauguration day. Trump was upset with Sean’s description of the crowd. Trump wanted it to be the largest ever. Spicer spoke truth. It was much less than Obama’s.

Trump sent Spicer back before the TV cameras several times. Each time the pain and anger with that which he was being forced to do was obvious on his face.

Such is what I saw in Johnson’s conduct yesterday on Meet the Press.

To make the picture complete, friday evening Johnson was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal. He was upset with Trump. He thought Trump had created a quid pro quo by holding up military aid to the Ukraine.

Less than 48 hours later on sunday morning, he took an opposite position. I cannot say he was less upset sunday morning as he had been friday evening. No, he was more upset sunday morning.

It was obvious Johnson had been imposed upon and was preaching a line not to his liking.

An example of the pot calling the kettle black. Trump said this past week that Nancy Pelosi may be guilty of treason. Why? She knew of all the “many shifty Adam Schiff lies and massive frauds perpetrated upon Congress and the American people.” Trump twittered, “The knowledge constitutes High Crimes and Misdemeanors, and even treason.”

Today is Vladimir Putin’s birthday. He is 67 years old. I bet Trump will call and wish his “friend” a Happy Birthday!

I conclude with a question: Does Democracy have a future?

Mull the question over. Some may wish to comment with a response.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Why Rome Fell:
    1.Invasions by Barbarian tribes. …
    2.Economic troubles and overreliance on slave [robot] labor. …
    3.The rise of the Eastern Empire. …
    4.Overexpansion and military overspending. …
    5.Government corruption and political instability. …
    6.The arrival of the Huns and the migration of the Barbarian tribes. …

    • Yeah, I’d worry about barbarian tribes and the Huns.

      I’d also worry about people who’d compare us to Rome. We are but 250 years old and stumbling under an inept and corrupt government. The only thing that seems to be holding us together is our own arrogance. That and of course Lou’s blog.

      • The reference to the fall of the Roman Empire is appropriate here. Our country suffers from the same or similar maladies. And the average age of empires throughout history is 250 years. How old is our country now?

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