The mini series North and South that I watched on TV over the weekend got me back into the Civil War. Where did Key West stand during that time?

A strange situation. Florida seceded. After Lincoln’s election and before he was sworn in. Technically, Key West would have had to also. As a practical matter, Key West was in limbo. It had seceded as a part of Florida, yet remained in Union hands because of a U.S. military presence that already was in Key West.  The U.S. Navy.

The Navy had a fort to go with it. Fort Zachery Taylor. To protect Fort Zachery Taylor and discourage a Confederate attack, two mini forts were built . East Martello and West Martello. They were connected to Fort Zachery Taylor by railroad tracks needed to carry munitions.

The Civil War never made it to Key West. Fighting never occurred.

The people of Key West however were sympathetic to the Confederacy. Many flew Confederate flags over their homes. The two sides however were able to get along and live together.

I spent yesterday morning researching and writing. My afternoon was involved with two lengthy meetings followed by a visit to the Plantation Coffee House.

My blog talk radio show was last night at 9. The show was well prepared. Interesting topics. Like Pope Francis and my thought that he is a flaming liberal (a good thing), economic issues including the attempt to cut back on food stamps while the median household income has fallen in the past five years and a Senate give away occurred which was not proper from my perspective. I also hit on the Kenya mall attack and the fact that it included as terrorists two American and one British citizens. I talked about the toilet paper crisis in Venezuela, how there are too many arrests in the U.S. for minor crimes, and a stupid remark by a U.S. Senator.

A terrific show! Except no one heard any of it, except for the first five minutes! I did the whole show thinking everything was ok. It was only afterwards when the emails and telephone calls came that I realized I was off the air five minutes into the show! I still do not know why. Frustrating.

Theodore “Fats” Navarro was born in Key West. He left town as soon as he finished school. The world awaited him. He became a highly regarded jazz trumpet player. Perhaps the best of his era. He was paid mega dollars for his performances.

Drugs and tuberculosis did him in. He died in his 20s in New York City. He had a sister Delores who was born in 1932. I understand she still lives in Key West.

Earlier this week, a Jean Marie Lindor was sentenced to 24 years in prison. His crime was his involvement in fraudulent BP oil claims. Lindor lived in Homestead. There is always some one who attempts to take advantage of a sorrowful happening.

Enjoy your day!



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