Trump is one tough guy. If you are not with him, you are against him. Punishment in order. He has an I’ll teach you attitude.

The border problem is frustrating the hell out of him. Still working at getting the wall. Which will not be the cure all he believes.

The overflow at the borer is of his making. Migration from the south has been a U.S. problem for years. Most Presidents took steps to contain it. Trump thought he could solve it.

His efforts a dismal failure! U.S. border problems more serious than ever before.

Thousands clogging the southwestern entrances to the U.S. Trump has come up with a band aid solution. As with taking children from parents, it will backfire and have similar adverse consequences.

The President is vindictive. He must get even with those who do not support him.

Florida went with Trump in the 2016 election. He needs Florida to win again in 2020. Two Florida counties are Democratic strongholds. Palm Beach and Broward.

Note there are no sanctuary cities in Florida.

The President advised yesterday he is seriously considering  dumping some detained migrants in both counties. Deliver them. Drop them off. Leave. No pre-planning. No food, lodging or other necessary resources.

In Trump’s mind, that will be punishing those who did not support him.

Mara-a-Lago is in Palm Beach County. Why “punish” Palm Beach County? Did the County raise taxes on Mar-a-Lago? Maybe his neighbors dislike him and he doesn’t care.

Whatever, the plan a terrible one. The migrants and both Counties will be hurt.

Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. Trump forgets.

Eugene Robinson is a respected Washington Post columnist. Pulitzer Prize winner.

He and his wife repeat visitors to Key West. For a month early in the year.

While here, his wife paints. Spends time at the Studios of Key West. Robinson reads, wanders about town, and gives a lecture or two. I attended one earlier this year. The man speaks as well as he writes.

In a recent article, Robinson wrote there are many words to describe the Trump administration. One of the simplest is “dumb.”

An apt description.

Visited Dr. McIvor yesterday. My heart is good. Blood work and other tests fine. Not the cause of my tiredness.

It is back to my primary Doctor Norris monday. With the heart eliminated, now his problem.

In the meantime, my ass is dragging. It is only 9 in the morning and I am totally exhausted. Taking me longer to write than normal. Like digging ditches.

Showered, shaved and got out last night. Needed to get out no matter what. Can only spend so much time indoors.

I was tired when I left. Full of piss and vinegar when I returned. Amazing!

Stopped at the Chart Room before going to the movies. Did not drink. Can’t stand the taste of gin.

Chatted with my farmer friend from Illinois, Devin. He got his corn planted. Soy beans also. He has corn and soybeans stored on his farm from last year waiting for the China situation to be resolved. He hopes it will be before harvest time for the recent plantings. He is working on the come. No money till he sells what he grows.

Went to the movies! The new Regal.

First, the new theater. I liked it. The seats are terrific. You sit and the back reclines based on your weight. I went back about 6 inches. Comfortable. More leg room than is needed. I am tall. Leg room important.

The movie. Funny! Not heavy at all. Easy to watch and relaxing. The Long Shot. Starring Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen. I recommend it.

Trip Adviser reported the following. Though Key West is the top summer travel destination, Miami will save you money.

I have always suspected the same. I fear Key West at some point will lose the chicken that lays the golden egg.

Anniversary time. The USS Vanderbilt was flooded in Key West waters 10 years ago this month. Specifically, May 27.

A new reef created. Diving the big sport. Also utilized to hang underwater art, acts as a laboratory, and military training facility.

A new Key West museum. Sail to Rails. Sponsored by Historic Tours of America. Located at the Flagler Station, 901 Caroline Street.

This is PGA Week. The PGA. A major in the golf world.

Tiger Woods failed to make the cut. Played poorly. Surprising since he won the Masters 4 weeks ago.

Turns out Tiger intentionally did not play in those for weeks. Not at all, except 9 holes a few days before the PGA.

Everything was off.

I suspect Tiger may have been testing himself. To see how much he has really come back. The result no indication. Every golfer knows in order to maintain sharpness on the course you have to play and practice. Daily if you are a pro.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou, enjoy your ramblings.
    I have been writing a newsletter for 30 years, gave up the CPA work.
    Your OLD friend, Tony. ps, Betty and Pete are still going strong, must have been the Corn Hill air!

    BSS Bulldogs!

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