Busy day. Much on my plate. Got an early start.

Ordered groceries last night for early delivery this  morning. Groceries received, unpacked and stored.

Began researching today’s blog even before groceries delivered. Ten at the moment. I am beginning to write the blog.

Sloan due at 1:30. She took a trip last weekend so we never got together. Extra work to do today.

Syracuse/North Carolina State at 3:30. The best of the day! I am looking forward to it.

Sadness. So much of it in the world.

The worst the story of the 11 year old Ukraine boy who was buried for 6 hours under the rubble of an apartment house. A building Putin had bombed monday night in Mikolaiv.

TV was replete yesterday with video of the boy being extracted from the rubble. Sad. The opening small.

Even sadder, it was announced later that the boy died in the hospital of “heart failure…..cardiac arrest.”

Imagine the fear the 11 year old underwent during the 6 hours he was buried. His heart obviously could not handle the fear.

Putin, may you rot in Hell!

Syracuse a 4.5 point favorite over North Carolina State. Hope we win! Go ‘Cuse!

The Keys News ran its usual Cheers and Jeers weekly column today on its Editorial Page. A Jeer: On 10/1/22 the State of Florida implemented $.25.3 a gallon tax relief. Purpose: To provide price relief to consumers, not “pad the wallets of gas station owners.”

Fantasy Fest begins in 5 days. October 21. Will run through October 30. Curious to see how successful it will be. The “do gooders” are having their way this year. Their voices heard. A “cleaner” Fantasy Fest.

The “evangelicals” are happy. Will the visitors who come down to party be? It is sometimes forgotten that the purpose of Fantasy Fest from day one years ago has been to bring business to Key West during a slow time.

How quickly people forget. A few days ago, Aaron Judge hit homer #62 thereby breaking Roger Maris’ 61 home run record which had stood for more than 60 years.

Judge has had a top season otherwise with the Yankees, also.

Last night in a losing game at Yankee Stadium, Judge struck out 4 times. Some in the crowd booed him following his final strike out.

Following the game, Judge was interviewed by reporters. In all humility, he commented: “I have to play better.”

The man a class act. Not like those who booed him from the stands.

Love Hemingway! A perfectionist. Proof: ” I rewrote the ending to ‘Farewell to Arms,’ the last page of it, thirty-nine times before I was satisfied.”

Enjoy your day!


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