Greed! A big time motivating factor for many! Leads some to do secret things. Not necessarily proper. Believing their wrongs will never be discovered.

So it has been with FOX News.

News releases yesterday re FOX shocking!

Dominion Voting Systems filed a summary judgment motion in its defamation case against FOX News. The contents of Dominion’s paperwork buries FOX. FOX will never dig its way out of this one.

The motion papers clearly show via texts and emails that Rupert Murdoch and FOX’s 3 top newscasters, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, and others at FOX, knowingly lied about Dominion and Trump having won the election.

Dominion claims FOX so acted for ratings and share which were going down following FOX’s reporting of Arizona results election night.

The reason for a long series of falsehoods thereafter was money. Murdoch and his stars make a ton of money. As FOX’s stock values fell, so would there in pocket monies. The newscasters were making millions in salaries. Significant millions.

Dominion is a sure winner in the lawsuit based on the credible information in their papers. The facts are clear. FOX is going to take a big dollar hit when the case is finally concluded. Could be a billion dollar figure.

A Turkey/Syria quake update.

One million are homeless. The government is doing its best. Not enough, however.

Three persons were rescued after spending 13 days/296 hours buried under apartment rubble. A man, woman, and child.

Death toll exceeds 43,000.

A recent Bess Levin article was titled: Mitch McConnell One Day Away From Saying He’d Back Mussolini For President If The Italian Dictator Won The GOP Nomination.

Levin’s message to the effect McConnell would back any Republican nominated, even Trump, despite Trump’s recent attacks on McConnell’s wife.

Levin’s thrust included Republicans in general. Her position being party loyalty is fine. Not applicable however when a person of Trump’s background is the candidate. She believes it is time for McConnell and a ton of other Republicans to recognize what Trump is and do the right thing.

Drought accelerated by climate change has pushed the cost of cotton products higher than inflation.

Texas a big cotton growing state. Last year was a disaster for Texas cotton. Farmers abandoned 74 percent of their planted crops because of heat and parched soil. Cost of tampons, cotton diapers and cotton balls spiked. Tampons 13 percent, cloth diapers 21 percent, and cotton balls 9 percent.

Some local news.

The Key West Police Department horse Lou died.

Lou has been part of the Police team since 2018. He performed his horse service well.

The Department considers his passing “a true loss.”

Few are aware that 100 years ago in the early 1920’s Key West was a bastion of Klu Klux Klan power.

On this day in 1924, a gathering took place in Bayview Park: After a parade through Key West, the Key West chapter of the Klu Klux Klan held an induction ceremony at Bayview Park. General Nathan B. Forrest, grandson of the Confederate General, swore in 151 new inductee’s in the ritual. To this date, the local chapter had received 600 applications for membership.”

Cuban refugees seeking Keys shores are almost a daily occurrence. The problem not a recent one. As far back as 1869 a perfect example. At that time, 137 refugees fleeing Spanish oppression arrived in Key West.

Today’s Citizens’ Voice provides a food for thought item: “If voting is a fundamental right and owning a gun is a fundamental right, why do we have to jump through so many hoops just to vote and yet owning a killing machine comes with no strings attached?”

Syracuse/Duke tonight at 6. The teams evenly matched. Syracuse has won its last 3 games. Hope tonight is #4.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Only Republicans think FOX News is a News organization. Rich Jews see it as an effective way to manipulate ordinary people into voting for the people they want to be in power, i.e., Republicans.

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