Jim Boeheim retires/retired (?) after 47 years.

Whether voluntary or involuntary, there comes a time. Jim, you will always be remembered not only at Syracuse, but in the annals of basketball forever.

Syracuse would never have developed into the basketball program it did without you. The Carrier Dome would not have been a success without you.

Collegiate fans should realize universities are like major corporations. You fail to produce, you’re gone.

Enjoy retirement. As I well know, it takes time. However, it does grow on a person. After a while you will wonder how you maintained the pace you did all those years.

I would have preferred Garry McNamara as Boeheim’s successor. He has been Syracuse without interruption. He appears to have the Boeheim heart.

I am curious what will happen with the zone defense.

Some Trump.

He appeared before CPAC in Washington, D.C, over the weekend. Trump contended “you couldn’t get into the building” as he insisted seating for his speech was filled as his supporters flocked to see him.

Fact: Trump expressing his unhappiness afterward to CPAC organizers over the “half full crowd” which was present to hear him speak.

Netanyahu’s all systems crackdown on Israeli democracy disturbing, but not surprising. Authoritarianism to the core. In a democratic society born in opposition to Hitler’s authoritarianism.

I began to worry about Netanyahu when he and Trump became such birds of a feather. My concern was further fed by the American Jewish community who were thrilled by Trump’s generosity, etc.

The authoritarian seed was planted and is generating big time.

What is happening in Israel will occur in the U.S. if Trump is reelected.

Bess Levin writes an interesting and perceptive observation re Trump in a 3/6 Vanity Fair article titled “Report: Trump Spends His Days…..Workshopping Nicknames About DeSantis’ Height And Penis.”

Levin writes: “‘Tiny D’ is apparently under consideration for the Florida governor…..it’s pretty perfect, it’s pretty perfect, as it has the double meaning of both being about DeSantis’ height and his penis size.”

The penis portion would even be beyond Trump’s record of nasty remarks.

How would Trump know the size of DeSantis’ penis?

The first U.S. female President will not have a penis.

A real President. Harry S Truman.

This day in 1952 marked the last time Truman arrived in Key West as President. It was his 11th trip making for a total of 175 days as President that he enjoyed Key West.

Tom Brady worked hard and successfully more years than most in his profession. Will forever be remembered as the greatest professional quarterback of all time.

He was paid well for his efforts and the days of effort and preparation that made him the success he was. Now he is enjoying the fruits of his labors.

Brady has a new yacht. Not that big as yachts go. Big enough, however. Seventy seven feet.

He named the yacht “TW12VE Angels.” It is a Wajer 77.

It has been described as a hotel on wheels.” Sleeps 9 comfortably. Brady intends to primarily use it for weekend trips to the Bahamas.

A small business boomed last year. It is expected to boom considerably more this year.

“Commercial surrogacy” as an industry has seen a dramatic rise as demand for babies has risen and the promise of good earnings associated with it.

Note the father to be has no biological link to the child. The woman is pregnant by another or prepared to become pregnant by another for a fee. A significant one.

An increasing number of women in Georgia and Mexico participated as commercial surrogate mothers. in 2022. The industry rose to $14 billion last year. It is expected to skyrocket to $129 billion in 2023.

My health.

I report with caution. Believe I am on the mend. I said that monday or tuesaday morning this week. Then by late afternoon my problem moved from my big toe to the entire foot and ankle.

Again, I report that I believe I am 50 percent better. Swelling down considerably. Still visible. Very little pain/discomfort occasionally. Walking and handling the stairs better.

Still don’t know cause. I will be speaking with my doctor today.

I am supposed to have dinner tonight at Tavern ‘n Town with my Syracuse grad friends. Boeheim would be the center of discussion. Don’t think I am going to make it. I know from experience sitting that long will not be good.

Enjoy your day!



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