Opening: Comcast was down yesterday from 10 am till early evening. No way to get the blog done. TV down also. A horrible day without the computer and television.

Irma was a disaster. Wrought of a hurricane. Earlier this week, Acapulco suffered a 7.4 earthquake. Another natural disaster. Reminded me of an earthquake that happened some 30 years ago when my former wife and I were vacationing in Acapulco.

We were staying at the Acapulco Princess. A lovely resort. Its main building a huge pyramid. One or two other high rises nearby.

Everything about the Princess was top shelf. Inside and out. The grounds especially beautiful.

The Princess was constructed where the first Tarzan movies were filmed. The Johnny Weissmuller ones. In those first movies, there apparently was a series of ponds. Starting at the top, each fell into the pond below. Around 8 ponds. The distance between 5 feet. One could slide down all the ponds. The rock beds created were constructed for the sliding.

My wife and I were sitting on a rock in one of the ponds. The water chest high. Behind us, a 30 foot wide path where tourists and guests were walking. Behind them, one of the high rise buildings.

All of a sudden, the rock I was sitting on moved. How far? Who knows! I experienced what I thought was a 4-5 inch movement to the left and then a return of the same distance to where it originally was situated.

An eerie feeling.

I looked at my wife. Whispered, “The rock moved.” She nodded her head in agreement.

I looked at the people walking along the path between the ponds and tall hotel building. My concern was the building would topple over us.

Nothing happened.

The people walking kept walking. Nothing appeared to hae bothered them.

I told my wife not to say anything to anyone. They would think we were crazy saying the rock moved. There was also a language problem.

We had dinner that night in one of he resort restaurants with a Connecticut couple we had met at the resort. The wife asked what we thought of the earthquake? Before we could respond, she went on to say they were downtown when the road suddenly opened. A car fell into the opening. Totally.

She advised the earthquake had been a 6.4.

We then shared our story and all had a laugh.

This week’s 7.0 earthquake experienced more than 150 after shocks.

My wife and I experienced no aftershocks in the earthquake 30 years earlier. We were up in our room in bed with the sheet drawn over our heads.

Not really.

A serious and unusual operation took place this week at the  Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba, Israel. Twin boys were born conjoined at the back of their heads. They were now one year old. Surgery recommended. Life apparently is not long for those so attached. The twins had to wait till they were one years old to survive the surgery and then the operation had to be done post haste.

A team of 50 participated in the 12 hour surgery. All kinds of medical specialists. Neuro surgeons, plastic surgery experts, experts in pediatric intersive care, and brain imaging experts. Two experts from New York and London were included in the team. Both had experience with such operations.

The twins are expected to make a full recovery.

Following surgery, the babies were placed in the same crib. Back to back. They would not stop crying. One of the twins was turned around. They wee now facing each other. The twins immediately stopped crying and smiled at each other. Remember, they were already one year old at the time of the surgery.

Twins are strange. I have two male grandsons. Now adults pushing 30. I can recall many instances in their lives where they did or reacted to things at the same time as if they were of one mind.

The twins are beautiful! Soon to be terrors. They are late to crawling, climbing and walking. Imagine the joy and havoc they will be a part of in the coming months.

The surgery involved is extremely rare. Fifty twins are born each year cojoined at the head. Only 15 survive more than 30 days.

I cannot tell you the sex of the twins. I read the several articles published during the week. Not one mentioned boys, girls, or a boy and girl.

Ed Sullivan could make or break a rising show person. To be granted an appearance on his show meant success.

Elvis Presley appeared 3 times on the Sullivan show. A one hour TV sunday night event. Most of the nation tuned into Ed Sullivan.

Pressley singing involved hip gyrations. Big time. Considered by many to be sensual.

Sullivan would not permit Presley’s hip action to be televised. The cameras on Presley all began at his waist line and moved up.

The second and third shows were all of Presley. From the tips of his shoes to the top of his head. Sullivan had given in.

I recall watching the first show on TV. I was a senior in high school. Everyone watched Ed Sullivan back hen. I watched it with my parents.

“Bum Farto where are you?”

Farto a famous Key Wester. A man of ill repute.

Farto was Key West Fire Chief and pimp. Drove a big green car decorated in brass to look like gold. Drove the ladies around occasionally to where ever their next call was. He was a bootlegger and drug dealer. Brought drugs in from Havana.

All good things come to an end. Bum was indicted with 17 other persons in federal court on drug charges. Yesterday was the day in 1975 that Farto was arrested by federal agents following a lengthy investigation.

Farto was tried in Miami federal court and convicted. He disappeared the day he left his Key West home to dive to Miami for sentencing. Never to be heard from since.

We learn more and more about Ivermectin, the drug generally used to to deworm horses and cows. It is used to treat some human ailments. Must be done with caution. The CDC advises it is of no help in retiring coronavirus.

Came across a a short but interesting article yesterday. Three separate studies were done in Nigeria. Apparently men ingest Ivermectin for a number of reasons there.

The three  studies found 85 percent of the men were sterilized by Ivermectin’s use.

Not a strong recommendation for the drug’s use!

Tampa and Dallas played this week. Tampa won by 2 points 31-29.

It was a typical Tom Brady game. With 83 seconds left, Dallas was ahead by one point after scoring a 3 pointer.

Brady and his offensive team went in. It took all of 82 seconds for Brady to show his stuff. He moved the ball 57 yards to a point where a field goal could be kicked.

The field goal was good. Tampa won by 2 points.

I could not help but think that’s what Brady is payed to do. Amazing. In his 40’s and still doing it.

Syracuse plays Rutgers tomorrow afternoon. First home game for Syracuse in the relatively new Carrier Dome.

Syracuse beat Ohio 29-9 in last week’s opener. Rutgers won also. Blew out Temple 61-14.

Syracuse a 2.5 point underdog.

The game will be televised on ESPN.

Enjoy your day!


      • Please explain what you mean, George.

        After all, taking Ivermectin sure seems stupid, especially after those taking it are the ones refusing to be vaccinated because they feel that the Covid 19 vaccine hasn’t been tested enough. And now, in all cases requiring hospitalization for Covid are reportedly 95% unvaccinated.

        That makes those not taking the Covid vaccine are the stupid ones, making the statement by “Anon…” a twofer!

        Stupid is as stupid does and Covid 19 seems to be fixing that by those who are taking it are dying. Poof, one less stupid. What part of that don’t you get?

        I understand you may not like being called “stupid” – but if the shoe fits, own it fool!

  1. Gee Lou, I thought your blog today would address the attack against the Black candidate this week, where a white woman in a gorilla mask attacked her body guard and threw eggs at the black man, shouting racial slurs. Atrocius right?

    No comment? Just like the NYTimes and all other major outlets. Must not have happened.

    • Only a racist fool would think a political Stunt involving Larry Elder would be taken seriously on this blog.

      Go burn a church you idiot!

      • You do know that if Elder was a Democrat, the main stream media would have already revealed the identity, home address, job, etc. of the fool in the gorilla mask.

        If, as you infer, this was a stunt put on by Elder’s team, why hasn’t the MSM done their work and identified her?

        Either way, the media silence is disgusting.

    • You are nothing but a provocateur and a troll

      Your entire argument is a joke, untrue and only intended to for YOUR objective of creating false narrative.

      I personally heard a report about this incident on NPR, and had a popups from CNN and WAPO on my phone reporting this too. I don’t watch network news, but Rachel Maddow did a short segment on it, at least one night while I was watching.

      Googling I can easily see mentions listed including: ABC News,, CBS News,, You tube, International Business Times, Newsweek, USA News, Los Angeles Times, Azzociated Press, National Revies, and many many more.

      You coming on Lou’s blog with your hair on fire, screaming about how the MSM is ignoring this is both wrong and stupid, most of the people here know you are outright lying or are just clueless, and shouldn’t be posting anywhere.

      The actual facts are that it was fully reported, by the responsible press. Why it wet know further can be anyones guess, but if the media isn’t reporting more about it, that can be for several reasons, the biggest is that nobody really cares (didn’t poll well), it was shown not to be true or just a scam (highly likely), or it really wasn’t anything to begin with, also likely.

      Because YOU want to make a big deal about it now, is your choice, but then you blew that chance when you introduced it as a victim, lying about the facts.

      My recommendation is you GFYS, troll!

  2. No, it was just a stunt by a well known political crackpot. The responsible media was doing just what the should have done and your attempt to make it more than that is just part of your relentless effort to be a jerk.

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